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The food of upper Assam is more simple and bland compared to that of lower Assam. Assam covers an area of 78,438 km 2 (30,285 sq mi). Moreover, the countries Bangladesh and Bhutan share the international borders with this state. Among spices there are ginger, garlic, onion, cumin seed, black cumin, black pepper, chilli, turmeric, coriander seed, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, fenugreek seed, white mustard seed, aniseed, Malabar leaf, Cumin, etc. This dish is the mix of the non-vegetarian ingredient, raw papaya, taro, and pulses. Red Lentil with Elephant Apple. Though still obscure, this cuisine has seen wider notice in recent times. The basic cooking methods include cooking, shallow and deep frying. The traditional way of cooking and the cuisine of Assam is very similar to other South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and others. Here the people are interested in eating the food as roasted more. 118,000. It was incorporated on 23 September, 2014 and is located in Kamrup, Assam. Accordingly, NFSA Scheme is being implemented in the State of Assam for the benefit of the poor section of the society. Fish eggs and innards are also cooked and consumed. The educational qualifications should be from a reputed institute/University duly recognized by the Government. Assam (/ æ s ˈ s æ m, ə ˈ s æ m /, Assamese: ()) is a state in northeastern India, situated south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys. Content Ownership Commissionerate of Food & Drugs Administration, Govt. Designed & Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Nodal Department Secretariat Administration Department,Govt. Update: In continuation of the advertisement No. Food of Assam, as of any other place, is largely influenced by its climate, soil and vegetation.This north-eastern state of India is mainly of agrarian nature. World’s Largest River Island “Majuli” Majuli is recognized as the largest river island in the world. This is the State Portal for Government of Assam to facilitate the Assam Ease of doing Business Act 2016. Khar Khoa Asomiya is first served for the guests. Most traditional rural households have their own ponds for pisciculture. Rice or `bhaat’ is the staple food of the people. The people of the enchanting state of Assam are an intermixture of various racial stocks such as Mongoloid, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan. 500,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. Learn how your comment data is processed. The meat cooked with Ash Gourd, this way of cooking gives extra taste. Aalu bengena pura pitika, pura maas pitika (mashed grilled fish), pura mankho etc. The wastage of perishables due to non availability of adequate processing infrastructure. There is a bewildering variety that is eaten and according to custom, one has to have 101 different xaak (greens) during Rongali Bihu. Unrelenting monsoon rains have triggered severe flooding in the Indian state of Assam is famous for the bhut jolokia or ghost pepper which was recognized as the hottest chili in the world. Although modern cuisine of Assam has been influenced to a minuscule extent by east and north Indian cuisine like the use of Dail which was never taken before, Assam is still rich in traditional dishes which are much more similar to East Asian and other South-East Asian nations. The procedure of the filtering the candidates will be finalized after the process of NHM Assam Food Safety Officer Application submission. It is and served with mustard oil, onion, chili, pickles, pitika (mashes), etc. View our Trusted International Suppliers. But the Assamese cuisine varies from region to region depending on the border shared in that area, the migrated population and the like. The khar is a signature class of preparations made with a key ingredient, also called khar. 'Bora' can also be prepared from fish eggs etc. The Assamese culture is a rich and exotic tapestry of all these races evolved through a long assimilative process. They eat 'bhaat’ with 'dal’ (lentils), with 'masor jul’ (fish curry), with 'mangso’ (meat curry) or 'xaak’ and 'bhaji’ (herbs and vegetables). Some other preparations in Assamese cuisine include Kahudi, Panitenga, Khorikatdiya, Tenga sorsoriya, Posola, etc. The naroxingho masor jul is another authentic dish from Assam.The fishes are cooked in a light gravy of curry leaves which is a common aromatic herb used in southern and some northern parts of India. MHRB/20/FSO/2019/311 dated Guwahati the 27th November, 2019 regarding recruitment to the 34 (thirty four) nos. They are also prepared in combination with fish, meat and eggs. The detailed information on Assam Food and Civil Supplies Department latest job notification 2020 has been given below and this Assam Food and Civil Supplies Department comes under the Government job. The ingredients are then pounded in a mortar to make a coarse paste and served with rice. The 'poitabhat' preparation is sometimes made alcoholic according to preference. Pura refers to various forms of grilled and roasted food. The households used commonly Mustard oil in every dish for its availability in a large range in the state. banana flower is very popular. of Assam has notified the creation of the Commissionerate of Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Assam by way of amalgamation of the proposed office of Commissionerate of Food Safety, Assam and the existing office of the Drug Controller, Assam. 338 likes. Bottle gourd can be added to it. Assam Food Habits: Assam is a northeastern state, the climate, and the people way of life is quite different from the rest of India. It is a style of cooking that is a confluence of cooking habits of the hills that favor fermentation and dryingas forms of preservation and those from the plains that provide fresh vegetables and an abundance of fish and meat. It has an area of 78,438 km² (30,285 mi²). Culture of Assam - Celebrating Assam's Dress, Art, Food, Festivals and More Assam is one of the Eight Sister states of northeastern India. Under the Scheme, approximately 55 lakh household are intended to be covered in the state. Assam Traditional Costumes: Assam traditional costumes have a long traditional history, the dresses of Assam are Silk Fiber or Muga and very famous for its design and style. This dish of Assamese cuisine is one of a kind. Search results for : Assam. It is made in other areas of East and South-East Asia and has similarities with them rather than any Mainland Indian cuisine form etc. They enjoy meat dishes with fresh green chillies whereas in many places of lower Assam dry red chilly paste or pepper paste is used. Govt of India as well Assam Government has set up target to doubling the farmers’ income by 2022 and Agro processing is one of its solution to double the farmers income. Production of tusser and other silks and weaving of fabrics is an important occupation for a number of people. The people follow different methods in different regions in making the Assam Food. Overal Information: The National Food Security Act has been notified by Government of India in 10th September, 2013. Assamese are not only known for the production of silk material but also for weaving. The most popular is aloo pitika - আলু পিটিকা (mashed potatoes) garnished with raw onions, mustard oil, green chillies and sometimes boiled eggs. Fish is also prepared by roasting or char-grilling. Onla, of the Bodos, is made with ground rice and special herbs and constitutes a complete meal in itself. Assam is the home of several types of silks, the most prominent and prestigious being Muga, the natural golden silk is exclusive only to Assam. List of vegetables used in Assamese cuisine, "Population by religion community – 2011", "Hot Like Fire: Asia's 5 Spiciest Cuisines 4.Assamese", "Assamese food and the politics of taste", List of fishes in Kaziranga National Park,, Who needs butter chicken? Rice is the staple food to the Assamese and their food does not contain spicy. Calorie and Nutrition information for popular products from Assam: Tea: Find Assam Products: Search . The ASAM election process is important, and we encourage all eligible members to exercise their right to vote for their candidates for the 2021 - 2023 Board of Directors. Food database and calorie counter: Brand Type: Food Manufacturer. Govt. Assam” and is located at Agriculture Campus, Khanapara, Guwahati-22. Overal Information: The National Food Security Act has been notified by Government of India in 10th September, 2013. The wastage of perishables due to non availability of adequate processing infrastructure. Assam tea is a variety of black tea made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis var. ASSAM FOOD AND CIVIL SUPPLIES CORPORATION LIMITED (A Govt. Beef is occasionally consumed by Assamese Muslims, although they traditionally refrain from consuming pork. Tea (Saah in Assamese) is an indispensable part of Assamese cuisine. Assamese cuisine (Assamese: অসমীয়া ৰন্ধন-শৈলী) is the cuisine of Assam. 36 Companies. Rice and fish are the staple food and are the main ingredients in Assamese cuisine. Later filtered through banana leaves, this made refreshing flavor to the dish. Also Read: Delicious Dishes of Jharkhand Food. This is a very stapled food of Assam and the people eat this food regularly. Small fish, asiatic pennywort, matikaduri, tengamora leaves, heartleaf, dôrôn (Leucus longifolia), etc. This dish is unique and exotic non-vegetarian food of Assam, which made with total pupa of the eri silkworm. A traditional meal in Assam begins with a khar, a class of dishes named after the main ingredient, and ends with a tenga, a sour dish. eaten in combination with hot milk, curd, jaggery, yogurt or seasonal ripe fruits. At first, the pieces of non-vegetarian, other vegetarian combination boiled for some time. The vegetable dishes are ‘xaak’ and bhaji’. Both are centered on the main ingredient — rice. The entire PFA wing and the Analytical Laboratories under the control of Director of Health Services, Dail was not earlier eaten by indigenous people of Assam but now slowly due to external influences Dail is also eaten with their own traditional style of cooking it. Rice is a part of all meals in Assam. They are eaten as light meals between main meals and widely served during Bihu, weddings, Assamese shraadhs or any other kind of special occasions and gatherings. Known for its rich culture and diverse population, the culture of Assam is a fusion of Indo Burmese, Mongolian and Aryan influences. Assamese cuisine (Assamese: অসমীয়া ৰন্ধন-শৈলী) is the cuisine of Assam. Some flavors add to enrich the taste of the dish. It operates from Guwahati for the entire state of Assam with its officials under the Directorate of Agriculture at village, subdivision and District levels. Assamese people have been eating them mainly as breakfast for many centuries. MHRB Assam Food Safety Officer Online Form. Content Ownership Directorate of Horticulture & Food Processing, Govt. For other major meals, rice could be boiled, steamed or wrapped in leaves and roasted. Less spicy and less oily is the speciality. Eating aloo pitika with rice and dal makes good taste. Andhra Pradesh Food - Combination Of Varieties - India the Destiny, Indian Street Food Famous for Taste, Healthy and Quality, Velu Nachiyar – The First Freedom Fighter in India, Virupaksha Temple – History and Architecture, Rani Mangammal – The Courageous Queen of Tamilnadu, Bhavabhuti – The Great Dramatist in Sanskrit, Delhi Traditional Costumes, Unity in Diversity. Tea in Assam took more than a century to shed its ‘orthodoxy’ and take a granular form. Another interesting dish is Bamboo shoots chutney and pickles, this is the Best food of Assam. … 'Sewa diya Bhaat' is another preparation where sticky rice is steamed over boiling water. kumol saul is rice that is precooked, dried and then husked; it can be simply soaked in warm water and eaten as a light meal. The state is surrounded by land. Snacks are xandoh, kumol saul or bora saul, sticky rice, which can be eaten with sweet or salty accompaniments. The mas tenga (sour fish ), which is commonly eaten by most communities of Assam, has lately turned into a signature dish of Assamese cuisine. Khorisa tenga is mashed fermented bamboo shoot, sometimes pickled in mustard oil and spices. Assam is rightly known for its excellent tea which is one of the major cash crops. The registered office of the company is at DIRECTORATE OF FOOD,CIVIL … A special class of rice preparations, called pithas are generally made only on special occasions like the Bihu. The souring ingredient could be mangosteen, lemon, tomatoes, roselle leaves, Outenga, Manimuni, Tengesi, etc. Designed & Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Nodal Department Secretariat Administration Department,Govt. Buy this Company list. At first, potatoes mashed with mustard oil, coriander, and onion and finally sprinkle salt on the mashed potatoes. Food can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Various types of food processing units. Some herbs peculiar to Assam are maan dhaniya, moran Ada, madhuhuleng, bhedai lota, manimuni, masundari, tengesi, thekera, kordoi, outenga, tengamora': etc. The cuisines mix with ginger, cinnamon, onions, garlic and add sometimes lemon to the dishes. They are generally served with meat or fish. The next most important ingredient is fish, harvested from the many rivers, ponds and lakes in the region. One person to another used the spices in different methods. Mostly farmers eat cooked rice soaked overnight (poita) simply accompanied with salt, mustard oil, onions, etc. The search for (and the finding of) a proud Assamese tradition of food, "Fermented foods and beverages of the North-East India", "Traditional knowledge of biopreservation of perishable vegetables and bamboo shoots in Northeast India as food resources",, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles containing Assamese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 10:51. Assam, the enchanting state of North East India, is the perfect tourist destination not only for its lush green natural beauties but also for its delicious cuisine. Hukoti is a special fish dish prepared from dried small fish like (puthi maas) pounded with arum stem and dried and stored in bamboo tubes. The cuisine is characterized by very little use of spices, little cooking over fire and strong flavors due mainly to the use of endemic exotic fruits and vegetables that are either fresh, dried or fermented. As a staple, rice is eaten either steam boiled (ukhua) or sundried (aaroi). Applications in format prescribed … Setting up of Mega Food Park at Tihu in Nalbari district and the Food Processing Industrial park at Chaygaon is a milestone in Food Processing sector. They used bamboo shoots, jackfruits, olives and bananas used during their taking food. Rice is a primary ingredient for the many rice beers (Nam-lao - নাম-লাও) or (Laopani/Xaaj) and liquors made in Assam by different ethnic communities: zou (Bodo), Aapong (Mishing),mod(মদ) (Sonowal Kacharis), Chuje (Chutia), Nam-lao -নাম-লাও (Tai-Ahom), Haj (Tiwa), Hor (Karbi), Photika - ফটিকা (Kachari), etc. The most popular class of rice is the joha or scented rice. Herbs, greens, and vegetables are commonly eaten by simply cooking in water and salt, lightly frying, as a thick soup or by adding to varieties of lentils. There is a huge variety of 'bora' preparations in Assamese cuisine. One can savor the fish curries in and around Guwahati at cheap rates. Some of them are grown while others like the dhekia (fern) grows wild. The cuisine of upper Assam has the oriental influence whereas lower Assam has the influence of near west places like Bengal and Bihar. Mainly, the Assamese are traditionally non-vegetarians. There are also industries for food and wood products. The Directorate is known as “Directorate of Horticulture & Food Processing. of Assam. The neighboring states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya were once part of Assam. Rice is eaten as snack in many forms: roasted and ground (xandoh), boiled in its husk and flattened (chira), puffed (akhoi). Pickles are made of mango, indian gooseberry, hog plum, Indian olive, Tamarind, star fruit, mangosteen, radish, carrot, elephant apple, Indian jujube, chili, lime, garlic, etc. These are probably some of the earliest forms of "cereals". Information is also provided on the famous tourist destinations, population, business etc. Assam for special Assam Packages: Some very fine quality of rice namely, Karaballam or kauribadam etc., are available in Assam only. Assam is a northeastern state, the climate, and the people way of life is quite different from the rest of India. Get Assam latest information and updates. On the special occasions, the Assamese prepare variety of Assam food items. It is a mixture of indigenous styles with considerable regional variations and some external influences. The most common way of eating fish in traditional Assamese homes is by preparing a stew with herbs, vegetables, and greens as per preference and availability. Another tenga dish is prepared with matimah (urad bean) and outenga (elephant apple). a simple dish made with potatoes, onion, coriander, and salt. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Shillong. It lends a … Content Ownership Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Assam, Govt. Kharoli is fermented mashed mustard (Brassica campestris var. Both the indica as well as the japonica varieties are grown in Assam. The environs of Assam are rich in vegetation, and green leafy vegetables, called xaak, are an important part of the cuisine. Assam state information. 'Sunga Saul' is a special preparation in which (sticky) rice (bora saul) is cooked in bamboo hollows called 'sunga'. Rice is the most important ingredient in this cuisine. Preparations are rarely elaborate. Assam Tourism Information, Noida. It is prepared with dry jute leaf, urad bean and khar. vide Notification No. The Christians, many indigenous Assamese communities, and the non religious sections consume all types of meat. An Assamese meal is generally concluded with the chewing of Tamul (Assamese: তামোল). [8][9] The discerning gourmet can tell which region of Assam is known for which variety of fish. The large varieties of rice found in the region has led to speculation that the grain was first domesticated in the Assam-Yunnan region. Links are provided for acts, rules, various recruitment and results notifications, reports, application forms, advertisements etc. [5]) The preferred oil for cooking is the pungent mustard oil. The confluence of varied cultural influences in the Assam Valley has led to the staggering variety and flavours in the Assamese food. Another important ingredient is kokum. Designed & Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Nodal Department Secretariat Administration Department,Govt. They used bamboo shoots, jackfruits, olives and bananas used during their taking food. toria) seed to which a khar has been added, and kahudi to which an acidic agent (lemon juice, dried mangosteen) has been added. In the online mode, the academic details, contact details, and application fees will be accepted from the job seekers until the last date 15th Dec 2019. view all assam products. Find detailed information on Food Manufacturing companies in Assam, India, including financial statements, sales and marketing contacts, top competitors, and firmographic insights. Chicken, Venison, Squab, Mutton, Duck and Pork is very popular among the indigenous ethnic Assamese communities like Sonowals, Bodo, Rabha, Keot (Kaibarta), Ahom, Moran, Sutiya etc. The state lies on the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a new style of cooking somewhat having external influences. Assam Food And Civil Supplies Corporation Limited is an unlisted public company. Generally, ginger, garlic and onions used to prepare Xaak aru Bhaji. It is bigger than Panama but smaller than the Czech Republic. It is a very delicious curry, prefer to eat with rice during lunch. Food in Assam: Assam food habits are mostly non-vegetarian, rice with fish curry is the main food item to the Assamese. Fish is fried in mustard oil or stewed with bottle gourd or spinach or boiled simply. Papayas also another part of making ‘Khar Anja’ cuisine. Govt. Variations of this exist among the ethnic communities of northeast India in general and Assam in particular. After the Anglo-Burmese War of 1824-26, the British occupied the region of … A traditional breakfast consists of chira with yogurt and jaggery. Among them, the special dish is ‘Pitha’, which is one type of paper-thin pancake stuffed with sesame seed paste or with coconut paste. Assam’s Entry Into India! Designed & Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Nodal Department Secretariat Administration Department,Govt. Elephant apple is one of the most popular fruit in Assam. Interestingly, fermented food is preferred in the state. Cooked rice is soaked overnight and left to ferment. There is no traditional ethnic community in Assam that does not eat fish. The base ingredients include greens, vegetables, fruits, flowers, skin, and shoots of various plants. Side dishes called pitika - পিটিকা (mashes) is a signature characteristic of this cuisine. Refine my search: Return. Food of Assam. The belief is that when food and water is served in such utensils its good for health and boost up immunity. But what are the 50 best dishes -- those so delicious you should factor them into your travel ... Penang assam laksa, Malaysia. Xukan masor chutney (chutney made of dried fish) is popular among the tribal communities. Designed & Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Nodal Department Secretariat Administration Department,Govt. There is one major river (Brahamputra) that flows through the length of the state. Meat is generally stewed using limited spices as well as a choice of herbs and vegetables. One of … Some dishes in this category include, fresh bamboo shoot, cooked or lightly fried, cane shoot, Neem leaves fried, titabhekuri, bitter gourd, Xukuta, Titaphool, Sewali Phool etc. Read latest Assam articles, watch Assam videos and much more at NDTV Food

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