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I’d say that there is a little bit more of that internet savvy new school thinking on the West Coast – particularly in San Francisco where Facebook and Topspin are both based, for example – but it wouldn’t be enough to sway me one way or the other. And, get those that are interested at the gig to join your mailing list using the Aweber app! The people who can keep going when they are exhausted will win. And what can you learn to help you build your fanbase? This is the minimum and with your website what we call the 'Holy Fivinity' - the five things you must have online. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. ), whereas LA is a constant temperature and, to me, feels truly slacker – I often wonder how they ever get anything done. We’re glad to see musicians value the role of music blogs. Granted, not all of these ideas are genuinely recycling-oriented, but they can still save you a heck of a lot of money. People love to see musicians on video doing what they do in their musician life - rehearsing, writing, travelling etc. Thank you. What is it about his journey, learning and skills that has enabled him to use technology so effectively in building his fanbase? It is awesome and heavily focused on getting conversions (fan email sign ups or sales). As someone who isn’t terribly web savvy, I appreciate the recommendations for sites that make creating a website easier like Thesis  and Hostgator. I’d like to know more about how to set up the sign-up box. […], […] I know I’m hammering the point, perhaps a little too much! Play Live. Repurposing Fan Blade Craft Ideas you can DIY. It will only happen if you do it - start now. Indeed, a recent study from MusicWatch showed that 90% of users participate in a music- or artist-related activity on social platforms, and two-thirds agree that they discover new artists via socials. There are others that you might wish to add depending on what genre of music you make and the demographic that you're targeting, including SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Snapchat, bandcamp and more. He sells merch and has a massive live following. Chipboard (it’s like cardstock, only even thicker) – 1 piece per fan; Fan template (see links below!) But, to control your discovery you need to turn to advertising. Watch this video of legendary Island Records boss Chris Blackwell telling how a live show and word of mouth is all you need. You'll improve, you'll bond as a unit and you'll find champions who will tell everyone how good you are. Here are five cool DIY turkey taxidermy projects that are easy to make . No longer are you beholden on those live shows (but still do them), those blog reviews, that write up in the old school music press or that radio play, and certainly not that 'out of reach' record deal. Give people something really valuable in return for joining your mailing list. Simple Tail Fan Display. It will do more than any competing mailing list software and it will last you your whole career. -  Designed by That he actually gives his music away for free and monetizes the experience is, however, the real story and one that NO record comapny would have allowed. :$, […] following is what you should start with to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] following is what you should undertake to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] what you should undertake to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] is what you should undertake to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] is what you should do to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] following is what you should begin doing to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] is what you start with to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] what you should do to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] here’s what you should carry out to know how to build your fanbase – […], […] How to build your fanbase – and why the end of the traditional model is a good thing by Ian Clifford reminds artists of the fundamentals on how to build a fanbase – the key to any artist’s success. Recording is important and you need tracks to give away, but it is having great material that is going to make your fans talk about you to their friends and build that fanbase. I would also like to personally add that busking is another good way of getting noticed. In this overcrowded market, you need to give your fans a USP or a reason to invest in your music. Look at Arcade Fire - how did they do it? Right people, right look, right sound and BRILLIANT material all of which needs to be 'on brand' for the niche you've identified. Ian Clifford is the owner of Illicit Media, a music management and consulting company. You define yourself and your music by identifying your niche, your tribe, your fans - and... 2. I’m not originally from the US, but I’m moving there and I’ve been given two options: LA or New York. Now he makes more money from his music career than if he had signed to a major - by a factor of 20 or more. A build up to a release on download and streaming sites with physical sales if your demographic still buys physical music. I've just read it over and, in essence, that is all there is to it. It can be that. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If I knew any more about the music business than I already do, my head would explode. I’d also love to know what any other readers feel – I’ll tweet and see if we can get any other opinions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. That said, you can have some serious local success in the States and still not get a deal. Cheers. Send your fans updates maybe once or twice a month. Lina D. BoredPanda staff. Visual Composer (itself an add-on plug-in within themes,, which is specifically designed for collecting emails from fans at gigs, Tweets that mention How to build your fanbase | Make It In Music --, How to master the art of building your fanbase « Blogg. Musicians could never do this before, but you can now! Step: 1) … The key takeaways for building your fan base are to make the most of your socials, web media and word-of-mouth (i.e., the “marketing mix”), be a creative, audience-minded musician but also be strategic and think carefully about how you’re going to target the audience you want for your music. Try local and area blogs that have some kind of music features and then think laterally to places where your story might play well. Write much more than you record and rehearse as much as you write. Why should they be your fans compared to the big artists or other new acts? Right people, right look, right sound and BRILLIANT material all of which needs to be 'on... 3. The air will cool down as it passes around the bottles. Of course, you can plug your new releases from the stage or a stand at the venue. Facebook and Instagram are obviously very strong for video these days and some video works better uploaded to these as native video than it does as a YouTube video dropped on Facebook or Twitter.

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