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License Mobility through Software Assurance allows the reassignment of SQL Server to third-party servers and is available for licenses under both Per Core and Server+CAL license models. Keeping your systems and applications current, you protect your investment while providing your business with the latest communications tools to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, that helps to increase your bottom line. Contact our Microsoft team for support. Training vouchers entitle you to receive courses from Microsoft Learning Partners for a specific number of training days. For those of you that follow my articles, you will know that I often write about software licensing faux pas, and Software Assurance (SA) is an umbrella topic that encompasses so much misunderstanding. The culture cultivates the growth from there. Do you have additional questions about Windows 10 Enterprise E3, E5 or LTSB? of incidence and type of support available to you will depend on your agreement and the products covered with SA. Microsoft BitLocker administration and monitoring (MBAM), Access to future Long Term Servicing Branches (10 years of support). This is why your SA renewal will cost only a fraction of what you paid when you bought the license with SA. With Software Assurance you will receive the cutting-edge features that address the ever-changing busines… Remembering that you can sometimes get some great packages if you do bundle SA into the picture and if you choose not to purchase SA and change your mind later; you will have to repurchase the license all over again. Software Assurance cannot be added back in after the fact unless you make use of the 90-day window to add SA onto OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) purchases. But if the hardware is not supported, companies will be forced to purchase more recent versions. Leave a comment to let us know what you think about this topic! For more information, see our Cookie Policy. #softwareassetmanagement #softwareassurance #microsoftlicensing #SAM #licensingtips #EasySAM, This website uses cookies to improve service and provide tailored ads. License Mobility through Software Assurance gives Microsoft Volume Licensing customers the flexibility to deploy eligible server applications with active Software Assurance on Azure. Initially this may seem like a good thing. This procedure applies also to Office 365 ProPlus version. These can include: Go to Microsoft Software Assurance Support page and click on Submit Request; Select the product and problem for which you need support. Hopefully, just hopefully, this has helped shine a light on some murky waters. Type your Software Assurance Access ID and email address you use to access the VLSC and click continue. To use Licence Mobility, do one of the following: Create a BYOL SQL Server virtual machine from the Azure Gallery. When you buy a license with SA, it is important to remember that the license (usually) is perpetual but the SA will expire after two or three years. With regular security upgrades, you are protecting the life-blood of your business, your data, safeguarding your business operations, from external and internal threats. And fighting the urge to turn this topic into an essay, I leave you all here to digest the key tips provided for you above. A customer must have active (current) Software Assurance for the underlying qualifying product (the lower edition) to qualify for this benefit. SA is an option for a customer that's renewing SA … You can change your cookie choices and withdraw your consent in your settings at any time. SQL Server Enterprise Edition + Software Assurance. If you … One of the topics I get asked about quite a bit or see being asked about is around the topic of Software Assurance (SA). Power BI Report Server is available through two different licenses: Power BI Premium and SQL Server Enterprise Edition with Software Assurance. Your right to run the passive fail-over instances ends when your Software Assurance coverage ends. Microsoft's Software Assurance programme is now running. During Windows migration projects or license negotiations, companies repeatedly face the question of exactly how they will benefit from extending Software Assurance (SA) for Windows 10. Software Assurance benefits can only be renewed before their two-year term expires — not after. If you have virtualized these or any SQL Servers (where licensing nodes with SQL Server Enterprise with SA for unlimited virtualization has not been done), you WILL need software assurance to allow these virtual servers to move freely within the cluster. Any type of quality is controlled directly by the budgets and hiring. You still need to have Power BI pro account for content creators, but for on-premises sharing of Power BI content, then you can easily user Power BI report server. Among the many ways that Software Assurance helps you spend less and do more with your IT investments, Planning Services provide on-site consultants to collaborate with your IT staff and help you evaluate how you can efficiently deploy a range of on-premises Microsoft solutions. A base subscription that includes 8x5 access to technical support as well as software patch updates, hot fixes, and entitlement to major software releases. At the end of the 24-Month Software Assurance plan period, you can renew Software Assurance for a further period 24-Month period. How long does my Microsoft Software Assurance last? This would allow access by the primary user of a licensed device from a third-party device. Hundreds of hours of education, and an opportunity to listen to Amazon’s most prominent leaders – there’s a lot to like AWS re:Invent 2020. It is therefore easy to understand why Microsoft recommends using Windows 10 LTSB only for special systems, and not deploying it in the elevated role of a standard client. This would allow access by the primary user of a licensed device from a third-party device. In dedicated environments, the end customer DOES NOT need software assurance. So at the renewal, you are only paying for the SA: To do this, they need to uninstall their Windows 10 Enterprise (E3/ E5) version and then deploy Windows 10 LTSB. VDA (Virtual Desktop Access) is a software assurance benefit. Once Software Assurance for Windows 10 Enterprise (E3/E5) comes to an end, customers have a 90-day grace period to switch their current installation to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. Why AWS re:Invent is the Must-Attend Event of 2020. Once Software Assurance for Windows 10 Enterprise (E3/E5) comes to an end, customers have a 90-day grace period to switch their current installation to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. On the Create an incident - select a payment option page, select Use my Software Assurance Agreement. Both Software Assurance (SA) and License and Software Assurance (L&SA) are license options that grant rights to use Configuration Manager. We and third parties such as our customers, partners, and service providers use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") to provide and secure our Services, to understand and improve their performance, and to serve relevant ads (including job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Protect your software investment and ensure that you have access to the most current technology. Software assurance is defined as "the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner." * Disaster Recovery Rights - This is a SA benefit you will need if you want to make use of 'cold' disaster recovery (only allowed through SA purchase). Software Assurance (SA) is an optional set of benefits that you can purchase with a Volume License to enhance the value of the software purchase. This benefit is not available to Academic Select License, Select Plus for Academic, Campus Agreement, or School Agreement customers. I’ll use this article to take a look at Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB without active Software Assurance. LTSB stands for “Long Term Servicing Branch” and is equivalent to the LTS versions of Linux. I common misconception is that software assurance is required on products like Office, Project & Visio if you wish to stream them. With Software Assurance, the CALs are also usable on the upgraded product. The Software Engineering Institute’s Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance Professional Certificate Program enables participants to understand, identify, and manage cybersecurity risks in developing or acquiring software-reliant systems through activities such as threat modeling, security engineering risk analysis, and supply chain risk assessment. I’ll use this article to take a look at Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB without active Software Assurance. However; when considering whether to drop Software Assurance (SA) from your Microsoft licensing (or not buy it in the first place) it is important to make sure you have fully considered the implications. To do this, they need to uninstall their Windows 10 Enterprise (E3/ E5) version and then deploy Windows 10 LTSB. What’s more, companies tend to replace their hardware in rolling cycles and have defined a particular standard client. For instance, it doesn’t come with functions that may be important to quite a few companies: The following table illustrates the differences to Windows 10 E3/E5 in terms of the scope of features: Companies using Windows 10 with Software Assurance have the option to deploy Windows 10 LTSB with the latest LTSB version, instead of being stuck with just one version. When SA is discontinued, customers are only entitled to use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. Microsoft's general advice is that Software Assurance is now required to move SQL Server virtual machines (VMs) from one physical host to another more frequently than Microsoft's 90-day limit on license reassignment permits. This means that a new LTSB version must be deployed, i.e. If you haven't purchased SA on your Windows licenses, you will need to purchase Virtual Desktop Access Subscriptions for each one of the users to allow them access to their virtual desktops. From a compliance perspective, it is defined as the following: “Any hardware running an instance of Microsoft software (OS or application) must be dedicated to a single customer. See Microsoft Volume Licensing for details. Are my Microsoft product licenses still valid after Software Assurance expires? Riedenmatt 4 No, if you are using Dedicated Hosts to bring your own Windows Server licenses, you do not need to have Software Assurance (SA). What is Microsoft Software Assurance and how do I access it? Call us at 800-433-6326 with any questions about the Microsoft Software Assurance. Software Assurance can also be purchased on OEM licensed software within 90 days after purchase. CH-6370 Stans. The number of days granted varies by program and the number of qualifying Office and/or Windows licenses covered with Software Assurance. Compared to E3/E5 versions, Microsoft 10 Enterprise LTSB provides only a basic set of features. The aim is to implement plannable rollouts over a timeframe of years. and other versions. The company also launched Windows 10 Enterprise E5, Windows 10 LTSB and other versions. This has the following consequences: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB supports only the hardware available upon release. * Support - Another SA benefit is 24/7 Problem Resolution support for business-critical support as well as unlimited email support. In this case, though, Windows 10 LTSB (without SA) will not support future hardware. One “license pack” equals (or is good for) two cores.To run Windows Server 2016, you need to purchase licenses for a minimum of 16 cores, per two physical processors.This translates to you needing to purchase a minimum of 8x two-core packs for every two physical processors in your server. With this Software Assurance benefit, there is no need to purchase new licenses and no associated mobility fees so, you can easily deploy existing licenses on the Azure cloud platform. This procedure is necessitated by the very significant differences between this version and Windows E3/ E5, which make reinstallation unavoidable. * Step-Up Rights - A step-up is a license type that allows a customer to move from a lower level edition of selective products to a higher-level edition without having to repurchase the full license e.g. Apart from this, adopting and then abandoning Windows 10 LTSB will always necessitate reinstallation of the Windows version and the associated workload. A good place to start would be common misunderstandings when it comes to software assurance: (1) You do not need SA on your Windows Server Licensing to enable License Mobility across your server farm/cluster. The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) became an integral part of the Windows Enterprise SA benefits and is therefore no longer available as an add-on to purchase from this version on. Using Software Assurance benefits can help you take full advantage of your investments in IT. The classic Enterprise version was turned into. As organizations prepare to migrate to SAP S/4HANA, license management has become an even more pressing concern. Windows Server licenses can be brought to Dedicated Hosts if the licenses were purchased prior to 10/1/2019 or added as a true-up under an active Enterprise Enrollment that was effective prior to 10/1/2019. At the end of your two-year (Open Business/Open License) or three-year (Open Value) period, you own the license. Software Assurance provides you with the tools you need to do more with your Microsoft IT investments. With our monthly IT insights, you won’t lose the overview. I'm talking about Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business etc. Next, you will need to find out which Software Assurance benefits are being utilized, and determine whether your company is capable of ceasing to use those benefits. (4) You need software assurance on your Windows licenses if you want to use VDI. So now that you know some of the more common mistakes when it comes to selecting software assurance, let's look at some other reasons you might want to consider SA on your products: * Training Vouchers - If your company has a Software Assurance membership in the application or system pools, you are eligible for Microsoft SA training vouchers. Fail-over server rights do not apply in the case of software moved to shared third party servers under License Mobility through Software Assurance.” … Read about the latest vendor news and trending topics. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. I have several posts on the Blog about this topic; however, I thought it might be very helpful to package up some of the top questions, resources, answers, and posts into one to make it easier for everyone to find. (3) Software Assurance is required for SQL and Productivity Servers to enable mobility across your server cluster. The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) became an integral part of the Windows Enterprise SA benefits and is therefore no longer available as an add-on to purchase from this version on.

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