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Welcome to English-Online . Read the article and find out. Why is Ireland's national day such a worldwide party? Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the United States and Canada. It is also called the Festival of Lights. Slang or informal words for  “toilet” are common and students have difficulty knowing which words are rude and which words are not. Can reading make us better people? Reading also provides repetition of vocabulary words you have already learned to help you remember them. Texts include articles, travel guides, emails, adverts and reviews. The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. The horrific crime of human trafficking may be closer to you than you realise. Yet in many cases these unusual foods are actually tasty delicacies. How to succeed in the IELTS Speaking Test part 3, Tips and Topics for the IELTS Speaking Test part 2: the ‘Long Turn’, Everything you need to know to prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test Part 1, What is IELTS? The dates change every year, but it is always celebrated in October or November and is now... World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13 November. Advanced English reading texts : while the majority of texts in this resource are at CEF levels C1, a few are harder (level C2) and a few are easier (level B2). We explore some of the reasons why there are fewer girls and women interested in working in science, technology,... On Safer Internet Day let's take a closer look at who uses our online data, what it's used for and what we can do to protect it. You will improve your reading comprehension and develop your vocabulary on a diverse range of international events, celebrations and topics. You will improve your reading comprehension and develop your vocabulary on a diverse range of international events, celebrations and topics. This has become known as ‘Brexit’, a combination of the words ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’. Every year, 20 November is Universal... Diwali is a festival of light which originated in South Asia and is celebrated over five days. Practise and improve your reading skills with these texts and exercises. October 31 is Halloween and is now celebrated in many countries around the world, but do you know anything about the origins of this scary special day? Practicing your comprehension of written English will both improve your vocabulary and understanding of grammar and word order. However, we can clearly see the importance of English when we look at our global economy and the key role that English plays, How to speak English fluently? If you make it fun and interesting it will become a habit! If you’re ever in the UK on the evening of 5 November, you might wonder why you can hear fireworks. Read our short articles to practice your English. Read more about the UN's World Day against Trafficking in Persons. A lot of students don’t do enough English listening practice and tend to focus too much on Grammar. The texts are long – up to 2,000 words each. Every year in November, people look for bargains on Black Friday. We know that learning to speak English can be tough. The stories in the Practice English and Reading course originally came from news reports. IELTS Writing Task 1 How to respond when given 2 data sources . Find out about... Vegans argue that animal farming is not only cruel but also bad for the environment. The articles are written for intermediate (CEFR level B1) and upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) learners. Finance; Articles for Discussion (many topics) Various articles from Todays-Talking-Topics.com; Short Reading Exercises Each article has a vocabulary list at the end. Each passage reads similar to a newspaper of journal article, and provides interesting information about some aspect of history, nature, mechanics, science, art, and more. We write news in three different levels of English. In these reading comprehension worksheets, students are asked questions about information they have read about a specific topic. IELTS Fears The five things about IELTS that people are most afraid of – and how to overcome them . Every autumn, Canadian and American families gather for a day centred around community, food and giving thanks – the day of Thanksgiving. World Refugee Day is a day when we can support and celebrate the strength and courage of... World Oceans Day is a day to think about the extremely important role that the oceans play in all our lives, the dangers that are facing our oceans and the actions we can take to protect... On World Environment Day people from countries all around the world come together to take action to defend our planet. ... Reading. Did you know that there's a World Emoji Day? Read the article to find out what it is. Tea is the world's second most popular drink (after water!). Let’s take a look at the world's top seven phobias, and also some interesting unusual fears people have. Only 14 countries and 176 athletes, all of them men, competed in the games, which were hosted in Athens. International Mother Language Day, on 21 February, is a day to... Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries, but what are the differences between today's celebration and in the past? How can we become happier by doing kind things for others? On this day, people in many countries around the world celebrate workers' achievements and march in the streets demanding fair pay and better working... English Language Day is celebrated on 23 April. On the night of 31 December and the morning of 1 January, people in many countries all over the world will celebrate the beginning of a new year. Nowruz is an important festival in Iran, Central Asia and beyond. The texts cover a variety of topics, fulfilling every students needs. Each article has interactive exercises to help you understand and use the language. But did you know that the same day is also Buy Nothing Day? We are all afraid of something, but a few things are more widely feared than others. Often, these foods can seem gross or weird to people who are not from the region. What is Brexit and What Does a Leave Vote Mean? In the UK, you can even celebrate drinking it on 21 April. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). Find out more by reading the article and answering the questions. World Water Day, 22 March, draws attention to the essential role of water in our lives, the difficulties people face in getting it and solutions to these problems. Liz Waid and Bruce Gulland look at how reading can help people understand each other. Read on to find out more about Lunar New Year and how it is celebrated in some places in Asia. This section offers reading practice to help you understand texts with everyday or job-related language. Just about every country, region, and culture has its own unusual foods. READING – PDF Everyday Conversations – Learning American English Reading English Reading Exercises – British Council English Reader Easy Reading – Career Planning Series Reading and Use of English Reading comprehension development in the English Reading and Writing Sample Paper Composition – Reading Comprehension Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation The Reading … NEW  The tradition ofChristmas cards. Newer articles or revised articles are listed in the first section below. Sample article: “‘Roaring Wind’ Examines Extreme Weather, and the Power of Air” Science and Technology Discover English News Lessons in 7 levels with graded multi-level listening and variable scrolled-reading, and all-skills activities. Unlike many other American holidays, Thanksgiving isn't about gifts, fireworks shows, or games, it’s about being with family, and giving thanks and celebrating your blessings. Our goal at Absolute English is to help you improve your level of English. We do this through our blogs with lessons and tips from English teachers, our English Articles with Exercises, our practice tests and our online school Absolute English Academy where you can find online English courses from professional English teachers to help you get fluent in English.Â. English Reading Practice – an article about Fruit and Vegetables. What are the essential elements of Christmas in the UK? If you read a lot or watch English-language television then you will surely have come across at least some of these. The best way to master a new language is to practice it regularly, and the following Business English sections will help anyone interested in becoming fluent do so, all while mastering terms and phrases commonly used in business today. In fact, when measured per mile, flying is actually far safer than driving, or travelling by train. English Texts for Beginners. Read the article... Pancake Day is on a different date every year and is a celebration unique to the UK. Stepping into this city is like stepping back in time. Knowing how to read and write is a very important factor in most people’s lives. Find out more about this very special springtime festival in this article. All Articles in English have Reading Comprehension Exercises with Answers, Why Learning English is Essential in Today’s Globalised World, Ten Ways to Say Someone is Beautiful or Sexy in English. Read these texts and do the comprehension questions. October 5 is World Teachers' Day. Did you know that every minute of the day 20 people leave their homes to escape war or terror? These are really simple stories with illustrations. 11 different ways to Say ‘Toilet’ in English, The importance of English: 7 great reasons to learn English today!​, ​How to speak English fluently: 7 teacher tips to improve your English. Speaking. March 8 is International Women's Day, but the global campaigns for equal rights for women continue all year round. All Articles in English have Reading Comprehension Exercises with Answers A Brief History of the Olympics The modern Olympics began in 1896, but the first one was drastically different than the Olympics we know today. International Mother Earth Day, on 22 April, promotes harmony with nature and reminds us of the importance of protecting all the different ecosystems and species on our planet. Every year, millions of people around the world switch off their lights for one hour to draw attention to the environment. IELTS Articles General. Yoga is becoming more and more popular around the world. Are you an advanced (CEFR level C1) learner of English? How can we make sure that everybody gets the opportunity to... What risks do people face when they are in countries at war? They’ve become more of a joke than a real conversation starter. There are dozens of ways to say someone is beautiful in English, and they all have subtly different meanings. April Fool's Day is a special day for jokes and tricks in many countries. Read on to find out how people celebrate the Persian New Year. ICP#: 10044692, LearnEnglish Subscription: self-access courses, English Online: 100% online teacher-led course, EnglishScore Tutors: personal online English tutors, International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, International Day of Women and Girls in Science. … Advertisements Each lesson has a preparation task, a reading text and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of reading skills. Read two news articles every day. Each article has interactive exercises to help you understand and use the language. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. Each lesson has a preparation task, a reading text and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of reading skills. This section offers reading practice to help you understand texts with a wide vocabulary where you may need to consider the writer's opinion. On the 23rd of June 2016, British people voted to leave the European Union. English reading materials for EFL and ESL students . Learn fascinating facts about the culture and history that surrounds the English language for free. Reading is a very active process. We’ve put together some advice from English teachers to help you to do just that! Get ready for green lights, green hats, even green beer! Academic Writing: Part 2 Introductions and Conclusions Answering the Question . This website is specially designed for learners of English.The articles are carefully chosen and rewritten, so that they can be more easily understood. Easy English news in Level 1 are for beginners. When you understand all words in Level 1, you know 1000 words in easy English and it is time to go to Level 2. Business English Texts and Articles. Boy Runs Away from Homework from Free-English-Study.com; No Vacation Nation: CNN article and commentary submitted by Dale Gwak; Ten Steps to Retire a Millionaire from Yahoo! Holi is sometimes called the festival of colours. Develop your reading skills. It's the time of year for Santa Claus, fairy lights and all the best pop songs. On World Wildlife Day, 3 March, people all around the world hold events to celebrate the natural world and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting wildlife. It is true that the writer does a lot of work, but the reader also has to work hard. Four people watched an online talk by Sherry Turkle about how technology is changing the way we … Do you want to practise your reading and learn about global issues, special days and festivals? In this, the first of two articles for TeachingEnglish, Alan Maley considers the benefits extensive reading can bring to English language learners and teachers. But some people never learn these skills. Many people are afraid of flying in airplanes, but they shouldn't be. English might not be the most widely spoken language in the world (that honour goes to Chinese), but it is the world’s second most spoken language. It’s spoken as a foreign language by a massive 603 million people - more than double Arabic, in third place. Time for Kids is a great online news site with an emphasis on young K-6 students. Right now you are reading English. The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples on 9 August is a day to promote indigenous peoples' rights and celebrate indigenous communities, from the Inuit in the Arctic... July 30 is the United Nations International Day of Friendship. Free Business English lessons with texts, articles and exercises to practice English for work. Well, there is ... and it's on July 17! Find out which famous people want to say thank you to their school teachers for their success. We want to help you understand English more. Choose your level to practise your reading That means that you are using your brain in a very active way. The event recognises black people's achievements and educates people about black history. The texts below are designed to help you develop while giving you an instant evaluation of your progress. Read the news articles from the day before and check if you remember all new words. An introduction to the most popular English Test, 25 Essential Business English Vocabulary Words You Need to Know. World Vegan Day, on 1 November, puts the focus on the vegan way of life. There’s still probably a magazine for you. Some stories contain a “Full Story” which uses a higher reading level, close to the original language. What happens during Ramadan and what does it mean to millions of Muslims worldwide? Listen and read along, or read and then listen, to make sure you got things right. And how can we help the world by doing kind things for ourselves? In fact, the reading level of most English magazines is around 6th grade, making them ideal for English learners. Carnival is an annual festival celebrated in many different ways in many countries around the world. The articles (called “lessons” on this site) are published regularly and cover news from countries all over the world. Chat up lines are usually intended for men to start talking to women in bars, although they’re famous for being completely useless. Read about where English came from, how it came to be spoken all over the world and how it is changing. Did you know that slavery still exists today and is probably much closer to you than you realise? 10 Common Business English Idioms you can start using today. Read about the importance of friendship and find out why the UN decided to give it a special day. Practise and improve your reading skills with these texts and exercises. You can easily combine improving your English listening skills with other fun and enjoyable tasks. Find out about some of the things people are doing to celebrate... May 1 is International Workers' Day. Do you know what the Rights of the Child are? Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that is celebrated for eight days, usually in December. Each article is written specifically for ESL learners and has key vocabulary words with definitions and various types of reading comprehension exercises. Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary! Here are our 7 top tips to improve your English speaking skills. English texts for beginners to practice reading and comprehension online and for free. Were you born in the year of the Dog, the Monkey or maybe the Rooster? World News for Students of English. Take our free online English test to find out which level to choose. ‘Mindfulness’ is a word we hear a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean? Read more about #IWD in this article. Many Europeans see the Eurovision Song Contest as the best show on Earth. © British Council Advertising on the Internet Like broadcast or print, the Internet is an advertising medium. English Articles for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Students. In this section, read articles about a wide variety of topics. Writing. December 2 is the United Nation's International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Many articles also include an audio clip as well as a written transcript of the audio file, which makes it perfect for English reading practice. This section offers reading practice to help you understand long, complex texts about a wide variety of topics, some of which may be unfamiliar. English magazines are great for learning English because they are portable (you can carry them around with you), have short articles and are usually written in easy-to-understand language. Reading to Learn English Vocabulary. Now all students can enjoy reading and listening to news. What is so special about this annual song... One of the world's most important inventions was 'born' in March 1989 and celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019. The articles are written for intermediate (CEFR level B1) and upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) learners. Texts include specialised articles, biographies and summaries. If yes, the stories in the Practice English and Reading course are a good way for you to practice English listening, vocabulary, and reading skills. English Reading Practice – an article about Cats. The best short articles and essays, long reads and journalism to read online - examples of interesting nonfiction writing by famous authors tetw Home 150 Great Articles & Essays Best of 2019 100 Great Books By Subject By Author Bruges is packed with people exploring its narrow lanes and ancient buildings, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. In this level, we use only 1000 most important words in English. 37. Read on to find out more. And now, the rest of the world is starting to discover it too. There's more behind the International Day of Happiness than you might think. World Mental Health Day, on 10 October, is a day to raise awareness of the effects mental illness has on millions of people’s lives across the world, and to help educate and inform us... October is Black History Month in the UK. Read on to find out more about it. Older articles (presented with the older website styling) are listed in the archive section further down this page. Companies and organizations working to promote their products and services must consider this medium as they would television, magazines, outdoor, and so on. Learn about the history of chocolate and the interesting journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. Time for Kids. Where did this holiday come from and how is it... Children all around the world need adults to help them, to protect them and to teach them their rights. Read the text to find out some curious facts about the most... February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Texts include articles, reports, messages, short stories and reviews. Find out what it is, what the benefits of mindfulness are and how you can start to practise it. And why are humanitarian workers a target for attacks? Flying is actually one of the safest ways to travel. Improve your English through Reading. Upper intermediate B2 reading Are you an upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) learner of English? There are about 6,500 languages in the world, but did you know that a language disappears and dies every two weeks? Select your level, from beginner (CEFR level A1) to advanced (CEFR level C1), and improve your reading skills at your own speed, whenever it's convenient for you. For a list of their articles specifically related to business, go here. This is a collection of articles written by Fullspate and intended to be interesting to read and equally interesting to discuss. The modern Olympics began in 1896, but the first one was drastically different than the Olympics we know today. An English teacher’s 7 tips to improve your English listening skills. Read the text and find out why British people celebrate with pancakes.

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