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There are many tracks for you to choose from, and most allow you to book them out for a group of people whenever you wish. It’s a good event to hold if you’re not too sure of the weather, too, as it doesn’t matter whether it’s dry or not. This is an event that has been around for a long time, and many charities have made the most of this in order to raise funds. Many people who knit do so as a hobby, so you should find that as long as you’re able to provide them with the wool that they need, they will donate their services to you for free. Chocolates, sweets and oth... Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. With everything added up together, you should find that you raise a fair amount of money. . You should charge for entry, and this should include the cheese, biscuits and a glass of wine. This type of event is great for raising the profile of your organisation, as you’re able to chat to people and find out whether there are any ways in which they could help you with fundraising in the future. New Zealand is a beautiful country, so you might as well make the most of the scenery and walk dogs that have busy owners. Refreshments should be served, and you could take small breaks to play some little games to keep minds fresh. All you need is some water and sponges, a space to set up, and a banner advertising what you’re doing, and you should find that there are many cars who would be willing to let you wash them. Beat the goalie is a small event that would work well as a part of a bigger event. You could sell food and drinks, and hold a raffle or other small games, meaning that plenty of money would be raised for the cause. You could do lots of things, from physical games such as hopscotch, to board games, to party games – no matter who is attending, you’re sure to be able to find something that would suit them down to the ground. The best part is that you’re sure to get lots of donations for things to sell, as people will most likely be happy to have the excuse to clean out their houses. A professional visual record of each child's development which can be displayed all year. The Fundraise Factory is able to source a huge range of … If you want a way to show off your strength and raise money at the same time, then a tug of war is definitely the best thing to do. When it comes to easy fundraising The House of Fundraising … Friends and family often get involved and come to watch, meaning that you can make extra money on the day by serving refreshments. If you don’t have your own premises then you could hire a hall (or ask whether the use of the hall could be donated to you) and invite people to pay a small amount of money for a table. Do you usually go to work, college or school in the car? On the other hand, you could ask everybody to bring second hand books that they had finished with, and display them so that people could buy them. Each scratch booklet raises $80, of which $64 is pure profit for you to keep! Ask your supporters to donate prizes, and also try to get the small businesses in your local area involved. View our full fundraising ideas directory. You could see who is able to play an instrument, and ask whether they would be happy to play a solo for the audience. Fast Fundraising Bookmarks, bus... A new and profitable way of generating funds at an event. You can charge an entry fee plus a small amount for refreshments during the course of the evening, too. If you have the time for a bit of organising, then a treasure hunt can be very fun to do. If you’re trying to find a way to entertain your guests at an event whilst also being able to raise a little more money, then limbo dancing can be a great thing to put on the programme. It’s easy – you find a nice, big open space, get in contact with lots of people with dogs, and get them all together for an afternoon. This is an event that people would more than likely be willing to come and watch, so you would raise plenty of money. If there’s one chore that many people hate more than anything else, it’s dog walking, but this gives you the chance to charge for a service that you could provide. Put the fun in fundraising by having a bingo evening for your members and supporters. Virtual Event, School Fun Run or Colour Run? Boost your fundraising profits with an extra 2 free Scratch and Help Sponsorship Booklets with every 10 that you order! Easter is a season that many children enjoy, so why not plan an Easter egg hunt as part of a brilliant family day out to raise money for your organisation? If this is the case, then a sponsored silence could be a great way to raise money for your organisation. The best advice to give when it comes to fundraising is that you always have to be as organised as possible. Everybody buys a duck with a number written on the bottom of it (in pen that won’t wash off) and then they are raced down a river. If you’ve always fancied yourself as the next big thing in the music business, then a karaoke night could be right up your street. The more people you get entering from outside of your organisation, the more money you’re likely to raise, as they are sure to bring friends and family along to watch for support. Everybody likes the chance to win a little bit of money whilst having fun at the same time, and a horse racing night is perfect for this. There are many different pantomimes that you can perform, meaning that no matter how many people you have to work with, you will be able to find something that fits. SEEDY SCHOOLS FUNDRAISER PROGRAMME! Fundraising Works – it’s who we are and it’s what we believe. By having a collecting tin by the cash register of a shop, you can be sure that people will add a little spare change to it, particularly if they have just been handed some by the shopkeeper. School fundraising or Charity/Club Fundraising? You should also make sure that you advertise your event outside of your organisation, too, as many people enjoy going to these types of sales as a hobby. At this event, a group of people will aim to dance for a certain amount of time, or to a certain number of songs, in return for sponsorship. Hire a coach, sell the seats including entry fee where needed for your destination, and make sure that you set the price to ensure that you make a profit from the event. Everybody buys a balloon and attaches a label to it, fills it with helium and then lets go. Ask for help from other people in the organisation, and ensure that you’re not trying to do too much on your own. If you want to be sponsored for something, you’ll always raise more if you do something daring, so why not go for a sponsored haircut? Everybody loves cake, and to make the most of this fact you could organise a bake sale as one of your fundraising ideas. Nothing is better than being able to make money from things that you don’t need anymore, and a bring and buy sale is one of the best fundraising ideas in this respect. Do you have any budding artists in your organisation or in the local community? There’s nothing like feeling the air on your face as you ride along the open road, and this idea gives you the chance to get paid for doing exactly that. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a great beard, then coming up with fundraising ideas is easy, because you can use your asset to your advantage. Nothing is better than being able to relax at the end of a long day, so why not incorporate this into your fundraising ideas and organise a film night? Fundraise for us SPCA helps thousands of sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals every year. At the end of the event, everybody buys their portrait to take home. Often, book companies like coming into schools and organisations to sell their products, and they would be willing to make a donation to your charity if you gave them somewhere to go to sell their books. You can sell refreshments while you’re there, and pass on information about your organisation, meaning that you can spread the word to people who you might not normally be able to come into contact with. Art Library; Shop. If so, you could make the most of the facilities that they have on offer by running an aerobics marathon. This is an event that is always popular, and people are likely to come in groups of friends, which means that you will raise even more money. If you’re a music group, or have a few musicians in your number, then it is great to make use of your instruments by planning a sponsored play. You could even aim to write your organisation’s name in coins at a specific event that you hold – and then keep the coins that were used – or try to make a mile of pennies laid side to side. An annual event for thousands of Schools - translating into a consistent way to raise funds… Scratch and Help fundraising booklets have been a huge success in the USA and are proving just as popular here in New Zealand. Best placed on a stall at a summer fair, games such as guess the name of the teddy or guess the weight of the cake are always popular, with the thing that you’re guessing the name/weight of being the prize in the end. There is also great scope to do other things here, such as sell other refreshments, run a raffle, sell merchandise if you have any from your organisation, and hand out information about any other events that might be happening in the future. Sponsored walks are incredibly popular, and they’re easy to sponsor thanks to the fact that you can simply be sponsored per mile, and it is very easy to work out how much people need to pay based on this basis. This could be a local celebrity, or even a singer or comedian. You should find that somebody will be willing to donate their time for free, particularly if they’re trying to boost their own career and take their first tentative steps into the industry. We are here to help you raise money. Reading is one of the best things that a child can learn to do at an early age, and for this reason it can be a great idea to hold a book fair to try and encourage them to do this. We work … You will need to find somewhere to hold the event, preferably somewhere where you can serve refreshments, and spread the word so that people will sign up to sing. Sowing the Seeds of Love is a one-day fundraisers forum loaded with inspiration and practical examples of fundraising that works in New Zealand. If you enjoy getting a rush of endorphins, and would like to raise a lot of money for your organisation, then you could book yourself onto a parachute jump. You could ask for people to sponsor you, and also charge entry for the event itself – plus selling refreshments to those who are watching. They will raise your fundraising group the money you need. Simply invite a group of people to your event – the more the merrier – and put them in pairs and ask them to paint each other’s portraits. This is a good option for … You often find that people will buy multiple straws in an attempt to win, so this is a stall that is well worth having at your event. Beforehand, you could even run a little competition for who can come up with the best clues – which can add even more excitement to the event. Understanding how fundraising works can help make your fundraising more efficient and more effective. You can buy specialist DVDs that have races on them, and then those who attend can buy tickets based on which horse they think is going to win. Use technology to host your fundraising event online, or to expand your event beyond the day-of with these virtual fundraising ideas. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Are you a group that has a lot to do with the local community? We make it easy and profitable. Our customers constantly tell us it’s the best and easiest fundraiser they have ever done! A Directory of Fundraising Ideas for Kiwi. It’s up to you what you do for prizes – some people like to use money, and others have specific things to win. Simply fill up a bath with beans (a supermarket should be willing to donate these for you; don’t try to buy them yourself, as you will need an awful lot) and state that participants must spend a set amount of time in the beans in order to qualify for sponsorship.

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