hesperaloe parviflora varieties

Blooms nearly year-round in warm winter regions. Hesperaloe parviflora Red Yucca. Yellow Flowered Texas Red Yucca. Description: Hesperaloe parviflora is a beautiful dense, clumping plant with slender, fountain-like, blue-green foliage throughout the year, but stunning when in flower during the summer months. Don't let the name confuse you! May 23, 2019 - Explore World of Succulents's board "Hesperaloe", followed by 162597 people on Pinterest. Hesperaloe parviflora 'Yellow' Sku #3489. The leathery long, narrow blue-green leaves have deep grooves and white fraying fibers along the margins and winter temperatures sometimes turn the foliage slightly purple. And most of them really aren’t even red. Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca) - A stemless succulent with clumps of arching and spreading grass-like foliage to 3 to 4 feet tall and speading wider than tall. What is new about this beautiful plant has been the realization of its tolerance to sub-zero winter temperatures! This magnificent Southwestern native produces five-foot-tall wands of bright yellow, waxy, inch-long trumpet flowers in early spring. It's a pretty plant, but a bit much for smaller gardens and containers. parviflora : small flowered Click image to enlarge Hesperaloe parvifolia. “There’s a variety which has been on the market for a couple of years, actually probably about four years, called Brakelights (Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Perpa’ Brakelights® PP# 21729). Hesperaloe: from the Greek, hesperus, of the west, western (i.e., North America), and aloe, having a resemblance to plants in the genus Aloe. The Red Yucca has attractive red blossom in fall and spring. Pronounciation: Hes-per-AL-oo par-vi-FLOR-a Hardiness zones Sunset 10-16, 18-21 USDA 8-10 (arid and semi-arid regions). Hesperaloe parviflora “My first selection is a Hesperaloe parviflora, the red yucca,” Staddon says. It gets 2-3 feet tall and about as wide, with a flowering spike that can add an additional 2 to 3 feet in height. Clusters of rose-pink flowers bloom high above the foliage in late spring and summer. Leaves: long narrow blades (like rolled grass), arching form, curly threads along edge of blade margins. Email This BlogThis! For larger varieties allow enough room for growth generally a 8″ to a 16″ diameter, 10″ deep container will suffice to get started. I have it outside my kitchen window and watch the hummingbirds on it all summer. Order Red Yucca, Hesperaloe parviflora, at Naturehills.com. Posted by Shirley Fox at 2:36 PM. It looks superficially like a Yucca. Also called false yucca, red yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora) is not a true yucca. See more ideas about desert plants, planting succulents, plants. Item No. It’s easy to see why this carefree and easy plant is such a staple in many landscapes. Beautiful red flowering shrub. Use it as an accent or specimen, in mass plantings, in rock gardens, raised beds, or containers, and in streetscapes, medians, or low-water-use landscapes. Hesperaloe parviflora. The … ... You have done a post on all the hesperaloe varieties you have encountered and … An exceedingly tough plant, it tolerates extreme heat and cold and needs little attention or supplemental water once established. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Hesperaloe Species, Dwarf False Yucca, Dwarf Hesperaloe, Dwarf Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora subsp. Blooms tower above the mound of thick, sword-shaped, gray-green, succulent foliage, and persist until fall. Yucca is a huge plant, often growing as tall as ten feet (3 meters) with its flower spike. Buy now and save! An effective choice to add dramatic interest in a rock garden, as a landscape accent or in containers. 21,729) is a noticeably compact grower that forms an upright clump of narrow, blue-green leaves about 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide and blooms on short, 3 to 4-foot tall flower spikes bearing semi-double, vivid, red flowers with the petals having the same red color inside and out. Hesperaloe parviflora Family: Asparagaceae (Formerly:Agavaceae / Amaryllidaceae) Subfamily: Agavoideae Red Yucca Origin: Mexico, Texas. Botanical Name: Hesperaloe parviflora. How to Grow a Red Yucca From Its Own Seed Pods. Red Flame Yucca Plant (hesperaloe parviflora) – BEST SELLING Xeriscape Plant! Hesperaloe parviflora, commonly known as red yucca, coral yucca, hummingbird yucca, redflower false yucca, and samandoque, is a yucca-like evergreen perennial succulent.It is native to the Chihuahuan desert in western Texas south into northeastern Mexico where it is typically found growing in desert areas, prairies, rocky slopes, and mesquite groves. New Varieties 2020 ; New Varieties 2019 ; New Varieties 2018 ; New Varieties 2017 ; New Varieties 2016 ; New Varieties 2015 ; New Varieties 2014 ; New Varieties 2013 ; ... HESPERALOE parviflora (YUCCA, ALOE) Print Article Sheet; recommend; Please login to access Wish List. Graceful green foliage turns maroon in winter. Peanut Cactus. Nature Hills Nursery, America's largest online plant nursery. Red Yucca falls in the likes of every succulent lover for its red-pink flowers that bloom throughout the summer season. This is why growing dwarf yucca is a great option for many … Botanical Name: Echinopsis chamaecereus ‘Westfield Alba’ resources Red Yucca. Sku #4040. Hesperaloe parviflora (Texas Red Yucca), a very showy native succulent from southern TX and northeastern Mexico, is not a new plant to cultivation. Mixing different varieties of the red and yellow yucca plants together produce a showy color combination in spring. Sold in 2.5 inch pot. It is definitely the hummingbirds' favorite food source. HA169. Tall spikes hold deep rose-pink flowers atop clumps of slender, green, drought tolerant foliage. The tubular coral-red flowers are on graceful 4-5 foot high stems from early June through September! Interesting when massed into groups; strongly attracts … 21,729) is a noticeably compact grower that forms an upright clump of narrow, blue-green leaves about 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide and blooms on short, 3 to 4-foot tall flower spikes bearing semi-double, vivid, red flowers with the petals having the same red color inside and out. Blue-green sword-like leaves have deep groves and charming white fibers along the margins. Hesperaloe parviflora is a great landscape plant for those hot, dry spots. Yellow cultivars are also available. This plant is very similar to the red form but with soft yellow flowers from June-Oct! It is drought tolerant and one of the best flowering succulents. Hesperaloe parviflora Brakelights ['Perpa'] PP21,729 (Mountain States Red Yucca) - A stemless succulent with rosettes of arching and spreading grass-like foliage to 2 feet tall with vibrant red colored bell shaped flowers rising on arching wands to about 3 feet high from early spring until late summer. Noteworthy Characteristics. 1. Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Perpa’ Brakelights® (U.S. Plant Pat. New Varieties . Landscape Use: Accent, desert plantings, container plant. The red yucca plant (Hesperaloe parviflora) is native to Central America and is the perfect choice for an outdoor ornamental garden. The long, arching foliage grows … 5. Hesperaloe parviflora. Reddish pink flowers bloom almost all summer. https://www.plant-world-seeds.com/store/view_seed_item/6522 The Texas Red Yucca is a favorite in our garden. No. Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Perpa’ Brakelights® (U.S. Plant Pat. Hesperaloe parviflora (Texas Red Yucca--not a true yucca) has long spikes of bell-shaped flowers that last from May through October in shades of pink, red or coral. No. It produces pink flowers atop tall, skinny spikes. Unlike its common name, Red Yucca is not really a yucca, it’s in the lily family. Scientific: Hesperaloe parviflora Common: red hesperaloe Family: Agavaceae Origin: Chihuahuan desert from New Mexico and Texas south into old Mexico. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. With striking colors, it can create a vivid aesthetic in your garden. Evergreen perennial.  30"H X 36"W. Zone 5. ... All Yucca varieties grow very well in containers, indoors or on the patio. Thick, fleshy, grass-like foliage grows upright with slight arching. Red Yucca is a Southwest native with a wonderful color and texture that makes it look right at home in a wide variety of landscapes! Types of Yucca Plants (With Pictures) - Identification Guide

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