is keh camera reputable

The Canon AE-1 was an unprecedented success from the moment it was released in 1976. Join in and write your own page! Is Abe's of Maine reputable? B&H is closer to actual condition, but either of the two are so close that you cannot go wrong with either. Many photographers trust them to give a fair price and you are able to input your gear for a quick quote on their website. Founded in 1979, KEH serves customers worldwide who are looking for the best value in new and used equipment, repair, and prompt, reliable service. 161 reviews of KEH Camera "Whether by phone or online, KEH Camera Brokers are a reliable and trust worthy place to purchase used camera gear. But after all of this, the camera will not make you a great photographer. KEH Camera Reviews - Ratings at ResellerRatings Contact: Fax: (770) 333-4242 posted Jul-07-2008 "I have heard a lot through the years about how reputable KEH is, and how the 'undergrade' their equipment, so you always get a better item than the grade, however it turned out that is not completely true. They also add new lenses regularly, upgrading previous models with adjusted zoom ranges or the image stabilization feature. KEH Camera Brokers is America’s largest dealer of used cameras and photographic products. Also, they do repairs on cameras, lenses, and other equipment that is pretty affordable and they do an excellent job on the repairs. KEH Camera is one of the world’s largest traders of pre-owned gear with a massive inventory of products. I've returned used stuff to Keh before with zero issue. Fear not! Categories Good Luck, Bruce Canon t3i Upgrade Canon Rebel t3i. The same goes for tripods, portable flashes and even camera bags. You can pass on taking chances on cameras on Ebay and go to a reputable dealer like and do very well on these cameras. When researching my options for my new DSLR back in 2014, I came upon this conversation on Reddit. Unlike a retail outlet, KEH only trades in used gear and provides an … Voice your opinion today and hear what 968 customers have already said. They offer up to 40% less than the retail price on a wide selection of digital and film cameras, lenses, and accessories. Here is a link … I also buy their "as is" stuff on occasion, but in this case obviously you have to assume that it is not in perfect working order and be … Although KEH is more conservative in their ratings over B&H. Even though KEH Camera is one of the lesser-known retailers, it has been around since the 1980s just B&H and Adorama. They are knowledgeable and ready to help. | Read 101-120 Reviews out of 968. It can only do what you tell it. Ken Hansen: The man, the myth, the legend. COVID update: KEH Camera has updated their hours and services. Actually, I prefer to shop with KEH for the used stuff… They have massive stock and they especially deal with pre-owned cameras. I have bought BGN lenses from KEH that looked brand new. Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera w/ 50mm 1:1.8 Lens. They specialize in used cameras… There are lots of slightly used Canon DSLRs out there, whether you look at ebay or even a highly reputable used camera specialist like KEH Camera. Do you agree with KEH Camera’s star rating? ... Only the most reputable brands and stores can be listed. Buying a gray market camera from a reputable retailer may be perfectly fine—it’s not illegal—just remember: buyer beware. They also have an eBay store that has gear that might not be listed on their actual website. Reputable, affordable camera repair shops (in fact, ANY repair shops) are hard to find in Hawaii, and I put my faith in a big established company like KEH to handle the repairs to my camera. I also bought one UG that well was not as ugly as I had expected. One old guy was raising a stink because they wouldn't send a refund for a damaged camera he received. A KEH representative has visited my local camera store, and I've stopped in two of the times attempting to sell. Otohp70, Jan 8, 2018 #6. kenbennett Premium Member. It gave me confidence to make my first purchase with KEH, and I haven’t looked back since. KEH grading system is respected as the industry standard, offering an option for every need and budget. I will be sure to post how it goes upon arrival Otohp. 4. Keh is the world’s largest pre-owned camera store with almost 40 years in the business. The secret, of course, is to buy from a reputable company that you can trust. 0 KEH Camera Coupons, promo codes, discounts, deals and special offers in November. Many photographers trust them to give a fair price and you are able to input your equipment for a quote on the spot. Let me know how you make out. KEH came back and said the camera and lens were wrapped in paper and packed in a Saltine box without filler material when it arrived. Find best deals for the coming Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Glazers Camera (Seattle Based): Sort of crappy online used section, but these guys rock, and are personal friends. Beach Camera: reputable? They have to evaluate, possibly repair, clean, and stock an item until it sells at what is determined to be its market value. This was not a good first experience with KEH repair service at all. Using KEH Camera’s search option, you could get an excellent plus copy for $2500. They use an eight-point grading system with a comparison chart against B&H, Amazon, and Adorama. An $800 saving on a pro level current model camera. They’ve been around since 1979 and have served millions of photographers. RELATED POST: Tips For Buying Used Photography Gear. KEH is a solid and reputable option. The grading system criteria are used whether buying or selling cameras or other equipment. Serving the camera community since 1979, KEH … You then send your gear to them and their staff will inspect your equipment which takes usually between 7-10 business days and then they give you a final quote. Cashbackbin helps you find the highest KEH Camera cashback rebate rates as well as KEH Camera Airline mileage rewards and KEH Camera Hotel Points by comparing reputable cashback vendor offers. This is a great option if you need to upgrade your camera or buy a new one without a high budget. I wasn't satisfied with what they quoted, and ended up selling them for a bit more through eBay. Taking the Nikon D810 for an example, new you would pay in the region of $3300 for a new model from a reputable store. All ratings are made by KEH Camera’s top-rated technicians. Wanted - Acquired: M42-K mount adapter for K5-iiS (or reputable 3rd party suggestions) zeebanker: Sold Items: 6: 09-03-2020 06:02 AM: So I'm buying the Pentax K-x. If you are looking for a camera or a lens to fill a particular need in your camera bag and want to control your budget, you should consider Preowned and Open Box opportunities. The Two Kinds of Reviews That Determine Who You Buy From Online: As an online shopper, you probably weren’t aware that there are two different kinds of merchant reviews collected online that are affecting your buying decisions - they are called ‘Passive’ reviews and ‘Active’ reviews. The camera and lens bounced around inside the box in its paper wrapping. anyone used? KEH and other retailers are in business to make profit. Precision Camera (Austin Tx): Ask for Robert Jagistsch….awesome resource 6. ... As a random example I looked at the number of used Nikon DSLR bodies that National Camera Exchange, Adorama, and KEH have in stock … You then send your gear in and their staff will inspect your gear, which takes anywhere from 7-10 business days and they give you a final quote. Another alternative to selling your old camera is to go through an online platform such as I feel comforted- sounds like they are reputable and respectable. Compared to most used camera equipment shops they are cheaper by far. Opting for a used camera in excellent condition can be a great way of acquiring a high-quality, high-performance machine at a very attractive price. I have not experienced any problem buying used gear from a reputable reseller like KEH or B&H. If you want to save money on quality used camera gear, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT KEH.COM the most reputable online source for used Camera’s and lenses. Joined: Jun 26, 2013 Messages: 3,323 Likes Received: 2,097 Location: North Carolina, USA-Return to Top-+1 on KEH being an excellent camera shop. Check the prices on eBay here. Keh has been the largest store for all used cameras and equipment for over 40 years. KEH has always envisioned a better way to support the passion and profession of photography. I didn't have a camera with me the first time, but inquired about a pair of SX70 cameras. If you buy from a reputable source, from Nikon’s official website, where they offer refurbished camera bodies and lenses, or from a reputable used camera store like KEH or UsedPhotoPro that have a ratings systems along with a warranty and money-back guarantee if something goes wrong, then you’re taking the safer path with your money. COVID update: KEH Camera has updated their hours and services. Ask for Mark Vercammen… 5. There are no aperture priority mode, shutter priority or auto modes. KEH Camera cashback may be combined with KEH Camera coupons. Check prices at KEH here!. All of these things cost money, so there is no profit in them paying "full price". KEH Camera is the smarter way to buy and sell photography equipment. Just like the other big boys, KEH checks each piece of equipment before listing them on the website. KEH Camera has been buying and selling used cameras since 1979. Summary. It's easy to do. Both are very reputable, and both for used are accurate. Click here to post comments. You might get the same results from a $400 used camera as you would a $4000 new camera. They are knowledgeable and ready to help. We use reliable and smart algorithm to filter untrusted and low rated products and brands. Do you agree with KEH Camera's TrustScore? If you have a low budget and you need a variety of products, this website is the place to be. Camera manufacturers release new versions of the same cameras, mostly point-and-shoot models, as frequently as Detroit's auto industry upgrades minivans. KEH's "Bargain" rating has always been equal to anyone else's "Excellent", and I have even gotten some pretty nice items that they had rated "Ugly". Compared to most used camera equipment shops they are cheaper by far. No doubt, e-bay is a reputable auction resource with many safeguards, but purchases made here are without warranty or service support in most cases. KEH Camera, Smyrna, Georgia. 162 reviews of KEH Camera "Whether by phone or online, KEH Camera Brokers are a reliable and trust worthy place to purchase used camera gear. 116K likes. Check out what 968 people have written so far, and share your own experience. To give you a heads-up on some of the best deals out there we’ve carefully selected 10 cameras—five digital and five analog—that will give you a substantial bang for your buck and also fit seamlessly into your present system. Their actual stock of gear rivals B&H. The tenth best online camera store is KEH. KEH is a reputable company that has been around for some time. As others have said, KEH is very reputable and their grading system is good.

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