jbl lsr310s review

I added it to a pair of 305's and the sound reproduction of music is amazing -- full, clean and tight...everything JBL is known for (it's no wonder radio stations have used JBL monitors for years). I'm still experimenting with the different configurations. These series provide impressive deep bass and smooth high-frequency response that goes beyond the range of human hearing because of its … Even my LBL monitors once plugged into this subwoofer have a lower volume output level. The JBL LSR310S just doesn't make the grade. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If one has not experienced the well balanced output of a subwoofer, make room on the bucket list. Hooked the sub up and could not get the volume I needed to hear the low end of a mix. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Power is listed as 200W, but this sub is way underpowered. I was very happy with it at first but then one day I noticed a rattling sound even when the tiniest amount of bass played in a video or a song, I opened the thing up and saw that the inside cover for the exhaust cone had actually fallen completely off down onto the driver and had significantly damaged the cone, ruining the speaker. I would recommend it to anyone! When i press play the isn't a low frequency i haven't heard this sub not be able to perform. This page works best with JavaScript. Learn More. In fact when attempting to use this with a professional balanced +4 setup is was so quiet you couldn't even tell it was active. Looked in box to find one foot had fallen right off. I've been producing for years and used many sets of monitors in my day. The best buy I have made in a long time. Well I was right. In our picks for best studio monitors, we presented the JBL LSR305 as another option besides those picked.. Just sitting there being used moderately it actually fell apart and destroyed itself. Keep in mind, these are supposed to be uncolored and designed to help you mix. I was ready to throw this thing out the window after initially setting it up. ManualSearcher. Expensive. The JBL LSR310 Studio Subwoofer is an active 10" Subwoofer that offers the perfect bass extension for studio monitors. Oh My! It is big, but when it comes to sound, sound itslef is the most important thing of all. The bass speaker was well worth the purchase. I hooked them up and knew within 30 seconds that they were all hype and would be going right back where they came from. Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2020. Thank XLF Extended Low Frequency and patented Slip Stream Port of the bass to be played back smoothly at any volume. I used this setup with the Yamaha psr-s 975 arranger keyboard and what an experience. Lire le résumé . If one can swing the cost, don't hesitate to add a subwoofer, and the JBL LSR310S 10" is, so far, a great choice, at a good price point. After the LSR305, I anticipated the LSR310S to be somewhat small and light. I like to do most of my editing at lower volume levels. A solid subwoofer for a good price. JBL LSR310S 10 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer Reviews. Avg. Good solid, well-defined bass just pours out of this thing. Instantly my mixes gained clarity, Decisions about low end, high pass filtering, levels, and compression became instantly clearer. View the JBL LSR310S manual for free or ask your question to other JBL LSR310S owners. Excellent box with a good low end. Have some patience. Mix translates well to other systems. *, Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2020. The JBL LSR305's have changed my mind about what constant directivity can do. Easy to hook up and delivers the power. I long put off getting a Sub, but then I moved and my new studio has a low end null that only a Sub could take care of. The monitors alone are great, but with the addition of the subwoofer the low end is much more present and clean, as well as powerful. Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2018. I have this paired with a set of 305's and 308's. Again, these are designed to help you mix a great overall accurate sound. I needed a sub to pair with my JBL LSR 305 pair. The LSR 310S was the obvious choice. And most recently for our C-19 driveway dance parties. I was pretty happy with them but could see how pulling the lowest frequencies out could help. The tone and clarity are wonderfully crisp, Got this a week ago hooking up to 12" JBL Speakers is blown away. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. This is a recessed switch on the LSR305 monitors that needs to be toggled with a small object, like the tip of a pen. The attenuation will drive you and your neighbors nuts. I already have a pair of JBL LSR305's that I love. I tried emailing Ericson, the Canadian company that handles servicing for JBL products in Canada, but I have yet to get any response. Very nice set. Development work on JBL’s flagship M2 monitor resulted in the Image Control Waveguide – and JBL has chosen to use it on the more affordable 3 Series designs. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. This guy is punchy, fast and fat. Immediately noticable difference! Again, from patented design to effective fine-tuning features, the LSR310S offers anything that you require for the ideal bass … Thanks guys, this thing was rattling my house today. This is actually one of the more impressive bang for the buck pieces of gear in my studio and I wished I would have purchased it two years prior to when I did. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. Whatsapp Mail Facebook Ask a question. I love the mid-drive in the 305s, but the lows were a bit lacking, so I decided to get the 310 to give me the detail I need to mix down low. Tech support could not find a fix for this issue. YES! ...But once I got it dialed in I was impressed. Thanks to Sweetwater, and Greg Savino for your first rate service and quality, it's what keeps me coming back. I never realized how badly I needed a better sub until I tried this guy. Now I can sit down and play and concentrate totally on the music. If you have a pair of JBL 308PMK2's and are on the fence, this is worth it. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Jbl patented slip stream port This patented JBL port design works in concert with the LSR310S Low frequency driver for Deep, dynamic Bass Response at all playback levels Xlf extended low frequency setting JBL first, the xlf setting Activates a specially-engineered tuning that emulates the ample bass tuning used in today's dance clubs I'm using this with the JBL LSR 305 speakers and the sub fills out the low end quite nicely. I can't help but think this thing is underpriced. The main features of the JBL LSR310 Studio Subwoofer include : Woofer : 250mm (10") High-Excursion, Down-Firing; Low Frequency Extension: 27 … Now I have to make some acoustic room changes. , JBL LSR310S - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . Reviews. Jbl LSR310 S Pdf User Manuals. I have a pretty large room i bought this for. No flutter, nice, clean deep bass. The bass is powerful and accurate. Lots of flexibility in settings to dial in your sound just right. I'm running these through my laptop with a DAC and amp. My monitors and the sub are both sitting on Auralex pads, and altogether sounds so smooth and clean. Review this product Prices & More Info Tools . Needed a little more oomph in my nicely tuned room with my self-aligning JBL 8" monitors. Read user reviews for JBL LSR310S Powered Studio Subwoofer and see over 325,000 product reviews at zZounds.com. I added it to a pair of 305's and the sound reproduction of music is amazing -- full, clean and tight...everything JBL is known for (it's no wonder radio stations have used JBL monitors for years). I had no idea this thing would produce the volume and quality of bass it does. As a matched set with the LSR 305's, you can't go wrong for the price. One of the best gear purchases I've ever made . Even if you have a kicking HiFi now you might want to pick up a pair of the JBL LSR305's as something to try out. JBL LSR305 Features. Once tuned up, this sub sounds amazing. You can also call us toll free at (800) 222-4700, Mon-Thu 9-9, Fri 9-8, and Sat 9-7 Eastern. Our options are to drive it 250 miles to the nearest service center, drop it off for repair and go back to get it 5 days later; mail it to the service center and pay for shipping both ways; or mail it to JBL at our expense and they will pay to mail it back. Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2017. Which I am happy with, BTW. MAJOR HEADACHE. I haven't worked with the KRK sub at all, but this thing dances circles around the Yamaha sub in EVERY regard. I mix in a room that is about 10 foot by 9 foot (not the best environment, but I've treated it as best as I can) and although I had concern the sub would be too big, it isn't. I purchased this subwoofer to compliment my JBL 306P MKll Studio Monitors. So I went out and got the JBL, and WOW, what a difference. Monitoring. First of all, placement in your room makes a huge difference. Years later I did a mix in the studio, which included EQ, and burned a CD. Have all speakers on Auralex isolators and it sounds fantastic. That's DEEP and crisp. Setup is easy. Un de membre le moin connu de cette famil . Great . Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2020. When I finally got this sub to go with my 8in jbl speakers I had to go back to just the speakers to really see how much of a difference it made. It's not a 'wow, what a difference', and that was not my expectation. This marvelous little beast from JBL has rounded out a new monitor system for my home studio, and It is worth every penny! You can buy more volume for the money, but you cannot buy more clarity or accuracy. Really adds a kick to the bass while also opening up the monitors for overall clarity. I am music engineer (hip-hop/rap/r&b), and I do a lot of my mixing work at my home studio where my ears are most comfortable. The rich sound that was achieved was amazing. 6 • Patented Slip Stream Port – The patented JBL low frequency port design works in concert with the 3 Series woofer for accurate bass response at all playback levels. Huw Price checks them out. First - it took three of these to be shipped and returned (huge hassle) because JBL's packaging is thin and offers no protection. First things first. Very crisp. It was so refreshing to have the addition of clear, confident and effective low end added to my home studio setup. Definitely check out the physical dimensions before purchasing if that's a concern for you - fortunately it wasn't a problem for me. I ordered these speakers from Sweetwater with a pair of LSR 308 monitors. Luckily it worked out cause I have a giant room to mix in. Phone Hours | I personally didn't need to turn this up too much; but the little bit DEFINTELY helped bring more bass clarity to my mixes especially in the kick drum and bass guitar clarity. It produces the kind of bass you will feel as well as hear..Its well worth the money, especially if you work in home studios or smaller "professional" studios. The 3 series, with the use of JBL’s new technology and high-performance transducers, produces precise, accurate and detail sound.The sound is said to have depth and dimension because its stereo panorama extends beyond the speakers. Now that the dance parties are on hold, and my studio is back together, I started a project that reminded me that I'm not in the recording studio at work anymore; I began to miss the lowest octave. JBL's LSR305 boast a lot of fancy tech, especially for a set of monitors under $300. Monde De La Guitare. I quickly became accustomed to the un-hyped nature of this sub and it definitely forces you to make informed decisions, but I was not astonished with its chest thumping abilities. System flat out rocks. Overall, good buy for the price point. I already had JBL 305's and I added this in. While the 308PMK2's sound amazing, this completes the sound profile. When I learned about putting a home studio together, the only conversation about speakers was to get the best near field monitors I could afford; I did. The series includes two models, the LSR305 and LSR308. Don't know how I went this long without one! This thing is a beast. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Bought this sub to replace my gen1 version and the sound quality is night and day. If I knew what it could have done for my mixes I would have gladly paid twice as much as the current sticker price! JBL LSR310s. It turned out to be huge - the 10" driver at the bottom has a good margin around it before the edge of the enclosure. I have a pair of JBL LSR 305's and had been putting off adding the subwoofer because it seemed a little pricey in comparison. This sub is specifically designed for my monitors so it was an easy choice. That's nice! Not everyone likes their sub frequencies set that high. The system is very sweet and cohesive sounding. 1 is deffinately all you need and i had to cut power in half on back to keep under control. Always get my stuff within 3 days, free shipping, great service, candy in the box. You may prefer your sub to be strong and in your face. I can barely hear the subwoofer at maximum volume. After 40+ years in the business I have used a number of monitoring setups with subwoofers. I couldn't find the matching sub for the original tops, so I went with the latest JBL studio sub offering. However, once I got all my treatment up, paired it with a couple of Auralex propad decouplers and sub dude decoupler the set up I have rocks. Active Monitors . Lowest price found: $298. But buzz words aside, these speakers offer a serious wallup of quality performance for the money. The down firing aspect of this sub makes all the difference in my opinion in making the bass frequencies very tight sounding. To start, It says selectable crossover. The only downside is they are a little steep in terms of cost. Recently, I just got fed up with the Yamaha sub's inability to reach the deep low end (below 80 Hz), it would almost flutter in regions below that. They sound amazing together. I highly recommend this sub AND Sweetwater. Plus, the service I received from Ian was excellent, as is always the case with Sweetwater. This is my third completley different "project studio" setup. Bad leg installation, but fantastic sound quality, Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2018, Sub sounds fantastic. News. I am very happy and am considering adding a second for just a little added punch. Sweetwater is the best. I tried the XLF setting for the crossover but I prefer the 80hz. I always intended to add this to my JBL SR305's but held off because of price and to see how they worked without the sub. Great bang for the buck. At first I was a little disappointed in the sound of this sub, but I think I was getting a little to hasty with setting it up as moving into a new room I had not set up any of my acoustic treatment and it just sounded muddy in a giant room with no treatment. The entire mixing process is easier, more beneficial, and clearer. I have other jbl subs in my theater and living room but this thing is a couple levels above them. I thought this would be a nice compliment to my JBL LSR 5'' but not. My spot was directly under my console and closer to my right side stereo speaker. JBL - LSR310S. Yup let's do that on all 3 speakers. I cant believe i was listening to everything without a sub and thought it was ok hahahaha. Takes out the lower lows from the smaller speakers, making both the mids and bass a lot cleaner, deeper and most importantly, honest. You have to be a good 5-10' back from the sub for the sub bass to fully bloom, but boy can it pump out a lot of CLEAN bass for a 10" speaker. No unwanted sounds that I can detect. Excellent! Now I'm more than happy with the setup. I actually thought it might have been damaged in shipping. JBL LSR310S Review - Une centrale électrique furtive. THAT"S 100% TRUTH!!! I am quite happy with my LSR310S and use it with a pair of Equator D8 monitors and a Radial MC3 passive controller crossed over at 80Hz. Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2015, *For those of you complaining that this sub does not work, or has insufficient gain, be sure that your monitors are configured for +4dBu sources. I thought the exact same thing while testing it till a friend and I figured out what we were doing wrong. Guides en ligne. As stated sub sounds amazing. JBL LSR310S; JBL LSR310S manual (2) give review - + Owners Manual. But, Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2017. Especially when you find your sweet spot in your room. I'm very happy I got this! It is much bigger than I thought. Reviews; JBL LSR305 & LSR308. Punchy and plenty for any office studio. 5" Powered. JBL LSR310S . Thank you for your request. I recently started doing mixes for more modern music in my studio and decided I needed a sub to pair up with my JBL LSR 4326p's. Not quite as much bass as I would have hoped but great sound nevertheless. Got the LSR305's, loved the look and sound, figured it made sense to go with the matching(in more ways than one) sub. Studio Monitor. My 4 month old JBL LSR310S has no sound, but the power is on and the sound signal does go through the JBL subwoofer to my JBL speakers (305P MkII) without any issues. When I pulled it out of the box and set it down I noticed it didnt sit flat. Popular . This unit is much bigger than I expected. I use this paired up with two JBL 308P MKII 8" Powered Studio Monitors, for both recording and watching movies/ tv shows. I run it with a pair of JBL LSR4326's and it keeps up with no problems. I had to disable the RMC (room mode correction) on the tops, because they ended up being delayed from the sub, and it caused some phasing in some of the lower notes. LSR 305. Some seem to think this doesn't hit hard enough. Consumer Score . JBL LSR310s When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Excellent sub woofer, replaced a Yamaha sub that I thought was pretty good until I came across this one. It sits perfect nestled behind my desk in between my monitors. The JBL 310S is everything they say about it and more. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Day one - today. Paired with the LSR305 5" monitors it really is an all around great sounding setup. If you are in an apartment these would be fine but if you have a professional studio or nice sound room in a home I could not recommend these or their counterparts. Plus, the service I received from Ian was excellent, as is always the case with Sweetwater. First time i had it cranked up and fired up a movie 1 of our dogs and our cat launched out of the room and the pictures on the walls started moving. I am not super knowledgable about all of the technical specs of this sub, but I will say that it sounds great in my bedroom studio set up. The downfacing subwoofer cone isn't protected and two arrived damage. Learned from mistakes from before, been two years of no studio, so this time I'm doint it right. Have it paired with the JBL 308 monitors. With that said, I love the sound that comes from this subwoofer. It was a Christmas present for my son and the first time it happened was mid-January when he went back to school after Christmas break. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for JBL Professional LSR310S -Channel Studio Subwoofer, 10-Inch at Amazon.com. Studio Monitor. For the price you get an absolutely stellar product. I use Yamahas HS8 primarily for my mid and high range, and I was using a Yamaha sub HS10 with my setup (trying to keep same brand). It integrated seamlessly with my LSR 305's, and I feel my investment was justified. It does an amazing job. In my professional opinion I feel that there are better choices available when it comes to selecting a subwoofer for your studio. It’s under a 3 year warranty which is almost worthless. I also wanted to note that one of the lsr305 monitors was dead on arrival with the power light not ever coming on as well. Paired this with the LSR308s. I chose this to match my JBL LSR305 monitors and couldn't be more pleased, it's an extremely detailed, accurate and responsive solution to add bass to your monitors, the built in crossover works wonderfully with JBL's LSR monitors. The custom-designed driver in the LSR310S exemplifies JBL engineering prowess, delivering deep low frequency response into the 20 Hz region, and 113 dB peak output, for long periods at full rated power with no risk of failure. Within 1 hour I had this thing performing as I had hoped it would. So I bought this subwoofer to finish the set. I am disappointed in this sub and JBL becouse I had such High hopes for this product. But, they were/are weak on the bass for my taste. Those two also arrived "opened" because JBL's retail package does not use adequate tape on the bottom. La érie de haut-parleur JBL LR n’a pa beoin d’être préentée. It is in the top 10%. This sub is great for the price. JBL's new LSR3 series brings technology from the company's premium monitor range within reach of the home studio. This is a beefy unit with some nice control. In comparison: JBL LSR310S ranks #49 out of 127. Let me say this, nothing but pure disappointment.

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