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Wayne County. Although the building has always been in the center of the courthouse square and undeniably maintains its integrity of location, its surroundings have changed significantly since the building’s construction. bezeichnet mehrere gleichnamige, im NRHP gelistete, Objekte: Jeff Davis County Courthouse (Georgia), ID Nr. Comprehensive Plan Jeff Davis County FY 2021. The main parts of the exterior walls, which are recessed slightly from concrete block quoins, include alternating courses of concrete block and a rusticated, locally-quarried pink volcanic stone. The company proposed to use a combination of hollow tile and concrete in the fireproof construction. Box 429 HAZLEHURST, GA 31539. Camden County . In addition to natural landscaping, the site also includes a cylindrical, concrete block cistern (c. 1900, contributing) near its southwest corner and two monuments, one to Ft. Davis’ Confederate Veterans (1956, non-contributing) and one to Manuel S. Gonzales (1997, non-contributing), both near the site’s northeast corner (see Plan-21). County Maps. The 1911 Jeff Davis County Courthouse occupies the courthouse square in downtown Fort Davis, Texas, bounded by Court Street, Front Street, Woodward Avenue and State Street (SH 17). The outer shell walls of the original courthouse remain as a testament to the past. The courthouse was sited in the exact center of the newly squared block, with the jail on a separate site to the south. 80001098 Jeff Davis County Courthouse (Texas), ID Nr. The Classical Revival style was perhaps introduced in Texas with the construction of the new state capitol (1882-1888), and the 1893 world’s fair made it even more popular for public buildings throughout the country. Although Fort Davis had regained county seat status, it was further strained by the gradual abandonment of the military fort. As a mandated office, they are responsible for the maintenance of the records for civil actions and criminal felonies. Jury Duty, District and County Clerk of Court, Phone Number, and other Jeff Davis County info. English: Northeast corner of the Jeff Davis County Courthouse facing the intersection of State St. (SH 17 / SH 118) and Court Ave. in Fort Davis, Texas. It also represents the regained importance of the town of Fort Davis as the county seat and center of this new economy. The growth of Fort Davis has also defined the courthouse site. Surrounded by landscaping of primarily native county plants, this building exhibits features typical of governmental buildings constructed during the early 20th century. The building reflects a simplified classicism evident in projecting 2-story Doric porticoes that dominate the north and south elevations, an unadorned pediment, full entablature with strong cornice-line, and a symmetrical rectangular plan. Designed in the Neoclassical Revival style, the building is the county's first courthouse. In 1880, when the town’s population stood between 1000 and 1100, the county built its first courthouse, an adobe structure on land donated by local merchant Whittaker Keesey (Jacobson and Nored 1993: 54-113). Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch 205 W. Court Avenue Fort Davis, TX 79734 432-426-3077 The Atlas features nearly 300,000 site records, including markers, historic places, courthouses, cemeteries, museums, and sawmills across the state. It is nominated under Criterion A in the area of Government and Criterion C in the area of Architecture, both at the local level of significance. Recreation and Parks. After the relocation of the county seat to Marfa, Fort Davis residents no longer wanted to be associated with Presidio County and petitioned the legislature for county status of their own. Jeff davis county courthouse (Deutsch Deutsch Übersetzung). George McGuire offered to pay the county $50 to do the work and receive all salvageable material from the old building. Falls City Construction Company agreed to “furnish all material and labor, and erect complete the new County Court House and jail… in full accordance with the plans and specifications for these buildings as prepared by L. L. Thurmon and Co…. Box 446, Hazlehurst, GA, 31539 Jeff Davis County View the current year's court term calendar and motion hearing dates, and the current month's trial and motion settings for each Circuit Court judge in Jefferson Davis, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion, and Pearl River Counties. Définitions de jeff davis county courthouse hazlehurst georgia, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de jeff davis county courthouse hazlehurst georgia, dictionnaire analogique de jeff davis county courthouse hazlehurst georgia (anglais) The Jeff Davis County Courthouse is located in the town of Fort Davis, the seat of Jeff Davis County in the U.S. state of Texas. The build-up of commercial buildings around the square through the 1920s established the courthouse as the town-center it was intended to be. The building was also the site of other festivities, including the Fort Davis Study Club Quilt Show in 1932. The courtroom was also furnished with new floors, theater style seats, a plywood judge’s bench and a matching jury box and railing (Jacobson and Nored 1993: 349). 1 photograph : digital, col. In 1915 the district courtroom housed the first three grades of the local school. Jeff Davis County Courthouse in Hazlehurst, Georgia was constructed in 1906. Click the "CALENDAR" menu item at the top of the page to begin. Physical Description. The columns rest on pedestals that echo the building’s water table, raising the height of the column base to that of the first floor window sills. The twelve art glass windows that once opened onto the flat-roofed corner sections were covered by the added sloped roofs, and all but three have been removed. Jeff Davis County is a county located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Georgia. With prosperity returning, it is little wonder that the county began to think about a new courthouse. Hazlehurst, GA 31539 . The Fort Davis Commercial Club, a forerunner of today’s Chamber of Commerce, was established and began advertising the town’s new amenities throughout the region and beyond (Jacobson and Nored 1993: 173-178). Fort Davis did not give up without a fight, and an ex-Texas Ranger eventually had to persuade the county treasurer to give up the county’s fiscal records and funds (Jacobson and Nored 1993: 134-135). We do not have a date when we will be reopen. They did approve bids for additional rooms for the jail and clerk’s office, but only five jail cages appear to have ever been added. Over the next few decades the Texas legislature made several attempts to organize Presidio County, with little result. A little farther from the fort’s walls, the community of La Limpia was also emerging around a Gidding-Skillman stage stop founded in 1854 (Kohout 1996b: 3: 922; Jacobson and Nored 1993: 11-54). The town followed the fort’s decline, and from 1885 to 1896 the population fell from about 2000 to 500. The building’s simple, restrained detailing demonstrates how this style was modified to meet the fiscal constraints of smaller counties without sacrificing its grand presence or democratic symbolism. Interior work included upgrades to electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems, and accessibility improvements such as the installation of an elevator. Address. Although the county had swapped land to square the site, there was no clear visual distinction between it and the land surrounding it. The court issued county warrants backed by a special tax to pay for the new courthouse, which included purchasing narrow strips of land on the south and east sides of the lot from Whittaker Keesey to “square up” the courthouse property, and construction began (see Figure-17). 04/20/2020 . Jeff Davis County Georgia Superior Court Address: 14 Jeff Davis St # 105, Hazlehurst, GA 31539 Phone: 912-375-6615 More Several new commercial buildings were constructed in the courthouse’s immediate surroundings. By the turn of the century, however, the town and county had begun to recover. The east doors enter into the main stair hall, which is reflected on the exterior. Jeff Davis is one of the nine counties that compose the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. Large community dances were held in the courthouse though 1939. The Jeff Davis County Courthouse was built in 1905 at a cost of under $25,000. The stairs continue to a third floor that has lost a good deal of its purpose. Jeff Davis County Board of Commissioners . County Clerk Office Directory. The courthouse square today has a much different appearance and illustrates the evolution both of Fort Davis and the site itself. In 1994, the courthouse was renovated to accommodate the growing community's needs. As is intended for a county seat, development, growth, and change within the county have centered on Fort Davis ever since, and the courthouse building is both the ceremonial and practical location from which those changes have been overseen. The Jeff Davis County Health Department can issue Birth, Marriage and Death certificates while you wait. The district courtroom occupies the entire central part of the second floor’s H-plan, with offices and storage rooms in the outer wings (see Plan-23). This period of construction defined the Fort Davis commercial district, which was centering more and more on the courthouse square (see Figure-20). The mild summer climate and nearby rail access also made Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains a popular destination for gulf coast families. A domed clock tower rises above the structure. Thurmon, the building is also an excellent example of an early 20th-century Classical Revival courthouse, as adapted to the smaller and less wealthy counties of rural Texas. Restoration of unique faux wood and metal ceiling finishes, and the district courtroom original furnishings was included, along with the reconstruction of the 1910 balcony. Present Status: Existing. Marriage/Wedding. 14 Jeff Davis Street, Suite 105. Each sidewalk terminates at the building with a paved, semi-circular landing at the base of the steps leading to the entrance. In 1875, Presidio County completed organization, selecting Fort Davis as its seat. The entry is between the two inner pilasters, centered on the elevation, and varies slightly on the east and west sides. Jeff Davis County lies in the Davis Mountains of west Texas’ Trans-Pecos region. Jeff Davis County Courthouse ist der Name folgender im NRHP gelisteten Objekte: Jeff Davis County Courthouse (Georgia), ID-Nr. Jefferson Davis County Courthouse is a historic county courthouse built in 1907 in Prentiss, Mississippi, the county seat of Jefferson Davis County.The courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 10, 1994. Several ornamental features shown in Thurmon’s drawings, including carved marble inlays for the exterior recessed concrete panels and oak paneling in the interior, were also excluded. In 1875, Presidio County completed organization, selecting Fort Davis as its seat. The building is in fair condition and in need of numerous minor repairs, but it retains a high degree of integrity. With the outbreak of war in 1861, Fort Davis was surrendered to Confederate troops with no resistance, but hostile Mescalero Apaches forced the Confederate troops out, along with most of the area’s citizens and ranchers. The Jeff Davis County Courthouse is also an excellent surviving example of the Classical Revival courthouses built throughout Texas in the early part of the 20th Century. The outer shell walls of the original courthouse remain as a testament to the past. Phone: (912) 375-6615 Fax: (912) 375-6637 Some features of downtown Fort Davis and the courthouse square have undergone significant physical changes since the early 20th century while others remain relatively unchanged. Each is defined primarily by a set of four Doric concrete block engaged pilasters spanning the central part of the elevation. By 1880, the first courthouse was built, an adobe structure designed by Welsh stonemason William Jenkins. In the 1880s, the importance of Fort Davis began to fade. Active The first set, signed by Thurmon, do not include the name of the project and may be somewhat generic “courthouse” plans. Fort Davis, Jeff Davis County seat, has actually served as center of government for two counties since its establishment. The main stair at the east end of the building consists of two divided stairways that meet at a central landing and continue up on a much wider stair. Both also include a pair of hollow metal doors typical of the existing exterior. Clerk of Court. By 1880, the first courthouse was built, an adobe structure designed by Welsh stonemason William Jenkins. Jeff Davis County Magistrate Court in Hazlehurst, Georgia. In order to allow for handicapped accessibility, a larger gate was added adjacent to the south turnstile, and a ramp was added to the south entrance in 1988. It originally provided access to the courtroom’s balcony, which was also removed in 1956. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service to you. A wide set of concrete steps, flanked by concrete walls approximately half the height of the column pedestals, extends across the width of the four central columns and leads to the recessed entry. In 1875, Presidio County completed organization, selecting Fort Davis as its seat. "Fort Davis, Jeff Davis County seat, has actually served as center of government for two counties since its establishment. In litigation that lasted from 1889 to 1899, the two counties sought to resolve the issue. It is therefore nominated under Criterion A in the area of Government at the local level of significance. Fax: (912) 375-0378 Office Hours. The Jeff Davis County Courthouse was rapidly assuming its appropriate role in the civic and social life of Fort Davis and the whole county. In 1871 the Texas legislature split Presidio County, creating Pecos County to the north and east. “Or if the weather is nice, pull up a lawn chair or a tailgate. Present Status: Gone Besides the pilasters and quoins, the walls are built with alternating courses of block and stone. By 1910, however, the adobe courthouse was nearly unusable. The county seat, Fort Davis, is at the base of the mountains, at the intersection of State Highways 17 and 118 in the southeast part of the county. Only a few other buildings, including the 1-story concrete block jail with a crenellated parapet built at the same time were in the immediate vicinity, and the courthouse was a dominant edifice (see Figure-18 and Figure-19). Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Offering court related information and resources from the Clerk of Court office in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. My Staff and myself are in the office everyday to answer any questions and to help any way possible. Welcome to the Jefferson Davis County Chancery Clerk web page! An unadorned pediment projects slightly out from the wall above the pilasters on both the east and west elevations. Photo: Wayne Wendel. The county is named after Mississippi Senator and Confederate President Jefferson Davis.The county was carved out of Covington and Lawrence counties … Although Presidio del Norte was designated as the county seat in 1858, most of the county’s business was conducted in El Paso until Presidio County was officially organized in 1875 (Kohout 1996b: 3: 922; Jacobson and Nored 1993: 11-34, 91-94; Gournay 1995: 61). In 1848, the legislature created Santa Fe County, stretching from the Pecos River west to the Rio Grande, in present day New Mexico, and extending as far north as present day Wyoming. Jeff Davis County Courthouse in Hazlehurst, Georgia was constructed in 1906. Indian hostilities made the protection of the Military Road even more important than it had been before the Civil War, and Fort Davis became the center of operations against the Apaches (Kohout 1996b: 3: 923; Jacobson and Nored 1993: 11-54). Despite limited Spanish exploration in the 16th and 17th centuries, the remote area was primarily inhabited by nomadic Native Americans, especially Mescalero Apaches, until the middle of the 19th century (Kohout 1996b: 3:922; Jacobson and Nored 1993: 1-10). Abundant old-growth trees now cover the courthouse square, largely the result of a 1938 WPA project to improve the courthouse yard. Beginning in 1934, the county initiated a program to replace the courthouse yard’s dying poplar trees with native species. Exterior view of the Jeff Davis County Courthouse. Jury Duty, District and County Clerk of Court, Phone Number, and other Jeff Davis County info. Before being commissioned by Jeff Davis County, Thurmon had already designed courthouses for Mason (1909-10) and Kinney (1910) counties, and he went on to design courthouses for Floyd County (1911), and Franklin County (1912). The building’s most prominent unifying feature is its octagonal cupola, with an identical round clock face set in the dome above each of the building’s four elevations. The Civil War brought a good deal of dislocation to the Trans-Pecos region. Here you will find information about our office and descriptions of our duties, plus our office address, telephone numbers, and email address. The building’s continued use as a courthouse maintains its integrity of association. As early as 1883, the Presidio County Commissioners had considered building a new courthouse, but bids for a new two-story building were rejected. Jeff Davis County Clerk's Office Texas. Court System Type: Division: Contact Information: Phone Number: 601-792-5120 Fax: 601-792-5980 . The heads of these windows, which are taller than the second-story windows on the outer ends, are hidden behind the building’s entablature. At least three blacksmith shops and an auto garage with gas pumps were also built near the courthouse in the early part of the 20th century. The Texas Historical Commission has also designated the building as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark since 2000 and, along with the surrounding courthouse square, as a State Antiquities Landmark since 2003.

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