mr sunshine ep 23 recap

That love has made him crazy.” Dong mae wears a serious look as she continues, “Still, I waited for that man.”. Mr. Sunshine: Episode 20 by dramallama. I love KMJ in New Heart and Merchant of Gaekju, the first two drama that introduces me to her. The maid corrects the carriage bearer and says that the elder can hear and speak clearly, and they wonder what his last words were. The hospital room with all of the period hospital equipment, beautiful attention to detail. Later on, Eugene dresses Ae-shin’s wound and she slowly comes around. He looks at himself in the mirror and a young Na Moo is visible behind him the reflection. Unrealistic. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 The mother starts to wail in horror as the nurse freezes in shock. Mr Haengrang finds this odd. Hotaru loves him and Hina loved him but he’s obsessed with Aeshin. Eun-san turns around and belatedly notices that they’re missing a few members. I think rather than patriotism, our core five minus Ae-shin are driven to fight by the startling scale of Japanese brutality. And there is a special place in hell for them, too. To me the people symbolize Joseon, not just Ae-Shin. II-sik asks if she is one of the righteous army. Putting aside the characters we have grown fond of these last 7 weeks, Mr. Sunshine episode 23 confirmed what we knew all along – Joseon is a minor state in the political landscape, and war is judged to be a higher priority. js.src = "//"; You have episode after episode of sometimes agonizingly slow moving "character development" with almost no plot advancement. He identifies them as Eun san and the bell ringer-Park Mu-geol. A bubbly toast to all! var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Grab your tissues and get ready for this emotional penultimate episode! Dong-mae gently caresses her face and says that Hina is still beautiful now. The Righteous Army comrades gather to pay respects to Seung-gu, and Eun-san smiles as he remembers young Seung-gu vowing to die a different death from his father. They try to act innocent but Hui Seung says that they should hide because Japanese police will open an investigation. At night, Ae-shin enters a hotel room from the window and finds the pawnshop duo covering the room with dynamite. I agree that the willingness of the Righteous Army to sacrifice themselves for a sovereign homeland they would not live to see is deeply moving. Deok mun tells Ito that Seung-gu’s hut is the mob’s base. Next, the performances because that's usually what I care about the most. That increased my expectation that she would live. who is buried by the nunnery where she died. He says if Deok mun’s list is useless, he will chop off Deok mun’s head and take it to Ito saying Deok mun is one of the rebels. Duk-moon dismisses this myth, but a worker confirms that Dong-mae just caused major bloodshed in Jingogae. Assassination is really good. But it felt like a fitting and meaningful way for her to die. I thought this drama was just sad, in that Hina never got to reach her mother's grave, and the servants never got to hold hands. She offers her hand to hold, and the servant shyly approaches her with his arm outstretched. At least Japan paid the price. Jung immediately says he will learn as soon as possible. The surviving Joseon soldiers are forced into hiding, and any accomplices are captured or killed for rebelling against the Japanese. Eugene walks into his room as Deok mun sends the man to call the police for protection. AS and DM both kneel to grab it. Eugene notices that Ae-shin is losing a lot of blood and asks the man to head to the pharmacy. Just as he was privy to her old scars, he knows only too well the implications of her request for opium. Eun-san looks up to Eugene on the roof, and they acknowledge each other with a silent nod. Some Japanese soldiers who are outside rush towards the hotel. The maid shares her last words for the servant and says that she enjoyed having him beside her. The old man says that they have gone into town and they plan to kill Hasegawa. As the cherry on top, Il-shik and Choon-shik also arrive with their guns, ready to fight alongside their fellow Joseon comrades. Covered in gunshot wounds, the servant still reaches for the maid, who lies still on the ground. The protesters in Gwangju were being killed. There’s one more thing she wants…explosives. // Load the SDK asynchronously She remembers the one snowy night that Dong-mae grabbed her hand from the trolley, and she tells him now to visit her when it snows. He asks if… That is democracy. Her dress softly rolls across his hand and everything stops. I’m with you, though I did make it through all the episodes (more because I was really interested in the historical background of it all), but the last 3 episodes made it worth all the rest. The juxtaposition of the servants’ cheery sacrifice and the ruthless killing spree of the Japanese soldiers made me jump in my seat and let out a little yelp when I heard the gunshots. Deok mun recognises Ae-shin in the poster and adds her name to the list. Dong-mae and Eugene search through the burning rubble for our two heroines, and they find Hina under a door. Eugene tells the nurse that another scuffle broke out everyone killed each other. It looks clean as if it has been maintained (by Hina who had bought it). Meanwhile, Hui Seung asks Choon-sik and Ii-sik in their shop if they provided the bomb for the hotel’s explosion. So the basic gist of what I get from the comments online in the K-community is that Ae-Shin “symbolises” Joseon, and the sacrifices all the other characters make “for” her reflect the many, many choices and acts of bravery by people all over Joseon, from the soldiers, commoners, and to of course, the wealthy, made to keep her alive and safe. I remember, while watching this episode, I cried all the way till the end. Certainly a different picture of Hoace Allen from the one in Mr. Sunshine. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Duk-moon recognizes the sketch of Ae-shin and adds her name to the hitlist. She looked out for her people even in her death by sending the letter to former king Gojong. Mr Sunshine Episode 24 Recap (Series Finale). She laughs and they ask her for which room the painting is for. I seriously thought that she did everything for him out of friendship. What a cruel way to go. For that reason, I have enclosed my statement written in Japanese. Poor woman who actually waited for Dong Mae since the very beginning yet the man already crazy in someone else. He says he doesn’t recognise the other two. Eugene asks him to take the wounded cadet who worked for Seung gu. But come to think about it, the Japanese were really brutal during those times. Dong mae runs on the streets but all the people run inside and shut their doors seeing him. Dong mae is grief-stricken as he stands in his room. And when Dong-mae called her Yang-hwa, oh, it hit me right in the heart. Wow, what an unremarkable end for Hina - it would have been so much better to have let Hina die in the explosion! Eugene arrives at the ward, and a soldier fearlessly walks up to him. She blocks the door with a chair and shoots the fuses as the soldiers run upstairs toward the gunshot. Dongmae found her first and carried her to safety. The Japanese soldiers spot him and shoot at him. }; This is the Kim Hee-sung that I was waiting for — the determined photojournalist who documents history and uses his powerful name to neutralize threats from the Japanese enemies. In the streets, Joseon soldiers hide as the Japanese soldiers hunt them down. One of their men brings in an old man who was hiding behind the bushes. Many times they ran to help each other and were protective. At the Glory Hotel, Hina puts the bracelet that she bought on Su-mi’s hand and says that it makes wishes come true. Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 23 (Jumped the gun posting this last week. He returns to his homeland later as a U.S. marine officer. She asks if he also thinks so. Eugene says he will not get killed and that’s all he plans to do in Joseon. Dong mae says that he didn’t know this. Dong mae smiles and says that the tailor has gone to get the acupuncturist. This review of Mr. Sunshine Episode 1 contains spoilers. She stops being one on her own terms. Love it! Choon-sik and ll-Sik put up a mourning sign outside their shop. The nurse says she will give him bandages and disinfectants too. Thank you Ana for letting us know that it actually would not air until this week!) Every character in this show matters. He even says Hui Seung is pro-Japanese and Hui Seung gives a wry smile. We return to events before the hotel explosion, as we see Hina visit the pawnshop seeking an ordinary painting. I too wondered if the Righteous Army flag and those kept under the ground by HS are found in some museum somewhere. The Japanese soldiers rush upstairs. I enjoyed the whole drama and looking forward to the last get together of Ae Shin's fan club (Eugene, Dong Mae & Hue Seong) and was really wishing that everyone will make it and alive till the end. This Netflix Original series is sold as a melodrama/romance. The scenes showing the consequences of Hina’s retaliation (Glory Hotel blast) were depicted well. He gives a separate bottle for Eun san. Eugene comments from behind him that Gwan su thinks he is already dead. She asks to hold hands with him. I will live as if it is a year. Also, thank God for the Internet. He takes it and he says that he hopes they stay safe. Dong mae unsheathes his sword and starts killing the men as they fight him. Dong Mae has gone 1-on-20 TWICE and won both times." She gives Hui Seung a look before taking the girl and her brother away in. They wonder who Hui Seung is. "The emperor desperately asks if there is a single line about Joseon" Mr. Sunshine: Episode 1 by dramallama. He says that the Righteous Army fights to protect their country with their lives. To read that Hina and the servants died breaks my heart. I think she is far better in mr sunshine compared to MxM. Eugene points his gun toward them as the Japanese soldiers slowly approach the rickshaw, but they’re shot by another ally — the mechanic who dissembled the gun that Seung-gu stole from the American freight. As long as I’m alive, I will go like the wind.”. Gwan-soo writes a letter to Kyle, updating him about Domi and asking whether Eugene is alive. As Eugene discovers more about his parents’ deaths, he finds more enemies and struggles to reconcile his painful memories with the nation that exploited his family. I agree. The small contributions of the nurse, the rickshaw runner, Eugene’s military academy student, and the elderly man collectively power the movement and drive it forward in the face of their monstrous enemies. All they wanted to do was hold hands, and it’s so sad to see them just barely in reach of each other in death. Then the waves washed in and I'm like, "Pull it into the ocean! Hasegawa is now furious at Deok mun who told him that the man is deaf and mute. The scene with Dong mae and Hina at the beach was deep-seated and one of my favourite scenes in today’s episode. Ae-shin asks what she is up to and Hina says that it is something similar to what Ae-shin is here to do. Eugene says that it’s not possible because he just met with Gu Dong mae. The nurse moves over to one of the Japanese soldiers to ask him to move but the soldier standing guard shoots the boy dead. Then, Hina asks if they can also provide bombs for her, as she wants to destroy her hotel — the second floor of her hotel is basically the Japanese army’s headquarters. Nooooooo, we had no ideaaaaaaaaa *cries* Dong-mae’s next stop is the dojo, where he confronts the Musin warriors to reclaim what was his. Mr. Sunshine Korean TV Shows A young boy who ends up in the U.S. after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo incident returns to Korea at a historical turning point and falls for a noblewoman. I was glad he was able to at last move on from Ae-shin even as he became increasingly involved in resisting the selling out of Joseon. Eugene says that he is the one who contacted Eun san. DM's crying and denial were devastating as well. Kim Min Jung stole the show and I could. Later at night, Dong mae meets Eugene. He shares that Ae-shin expressed relief about Dong-mae’s return, and Dong-mae excuses himself to attend to important matters, as it’s almost mid-month (the promised meeting date with Ae-shin). At the station, the colonel says that he had gone for a leak and the hotel exploded at that time. he says that he misses the old days. The Japanese interpreter puts the sketches on the table and Deok mun sits across him. Both of them run out. At the palace, the former King Gojong burns Hina’s letter as Gwan Su (dressed in formal western wear) comes to meet him. At sunset, Eugene goes and pays his respects at Seung Gu’s grave at the hilltop. Yang Hwa was in love with Dong Mae. Ae-shin realises that Hina doesn’t plan to leave. I am planning to prepare a splendid party that goes beyond their imagination. The mother screams in horror, and the Japanese guard tells the nurse comrade to do her job. We saw a lot of righteous deaths in this episode and  I guess there are more to follow in the next episode which is the Series Finale. He puts medicine on her and she worries that it will leave a scar. yes I expected them to pick up the guns of the dead soldiers. So many heartbreaking moments and hearing the OSTs cued in, there is no way I can hold the tears. They hear footsteps and II-sik tries to light it in haste but the matches don’t light up. Both Kim Min-jung and Yeo Yeon Sook have given a skilful performance in that scene as the emotions run high while watching it. she drops her hat and she is out of there. the floodgate is wide OPEN!!! The emperor follows the request, and the prime minister agrees to halt the unsolicited searches. Eugene realises that Hina is dead as he takes Dong mae’s hand. He tells the rickshaw puller to stay still. It took me 1.5 years to get over Chilbong. He looks up to the heavens and yells for Eugene, who surprises him from behind. Her servant admits that he regrets not holding the maid’s hand before they go, and the carriage bearers lightheartedly tease them to hold hands now before it’s too late.

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