old fashioned pineapple cake filling

I appreciate your visit today and I do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. I’m always looking for the next best homemade layer or icing. I make it from scratch using your exact recipe. Made this cake today for the first time. It’s not difficult, it just needs your undivided attention for a few minutes. Holiday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, I then added some of the simple syrup to the layer. You will probably do a much better job at frosting yours than I’ve done with mine, so go for it. And, you’ll get to brag a bit when you say, “I made it myself – from scratch.” Let your friends and family top that. I measured the pineapple juice and had exactly one cup. I’m glad you enjoyed the Pineapple Cake. google_ad_height = 600; https://www.southernliving.com/food/kitchen-assistant/coconut-cake-recipes We’ll show you step-by-step how to make the layers, then you can make the frosting below and assemble your Pineapple Cake. from scratch all the time, even pickles. Be Blessed!!! Even after being an adult and living far away, I would get this cake in the mail. You can skip this part if you like, entirely up to you. *Recipes and photos entered into the Family Cookbook Project are provided by the submitting contributors. Thanks so much for this recipe and the memories year to year at the fair and for my 75 year old father’s birthday this cake brings everytime i make it. Click the link here to take a look:  Basic Cake Layers. The sweetest of those might revolve around a slice of fudgey Texas sheet cake, or maybe spiced Tennessee jam cake, or even New … Parchment paper, aluminum foil, even copy paper would work. -Steve. your own personal family cookbook right now! Place the pot of ingredients on the stove top, turn the heat on to MEDIUM. https://www.old-fashion-recipe.com/pineapplecakerecipe.html Mix on low speed for at least 30 seconds to … Merry Christmas~Smile. Thank you in advance for sharing. We had small groups at church tonight. I think you’ll love the old fashioned frosting on this one. I think it has to do with the evaporated milk. May 4, 2014 - Old Fashion Pineapple Cake $35.00 Happy 28th Birthday to ME! over 1,500,000 in our family cookbooks! With your electric mix, mix the cake on medium speed for about a minute or two. Yes, we make our cake layers from scratch too, but they are just basic yellow cake layers. I also tore four small strips of waxed paper to place over the edges of the board. Just remember, all comments are moderated. Your Comments:  Have you ever made a Pineapple Cake from scratch? Sprinkle nuts and crushed pineapple on top of filling. Cream butter and sugar until creamy. -Steve, Steve,Thank you so much for posting this recipe. Can’t wait to make this cake! It’s the imperfections that prove this cake is truly homemade. Bridal Shower ideas and It took me the full 12 minutes to complete this step. The link to make the layers is just below. Pineapple Cake Layers, you’ll need these ingredients. Add the pineapple juice to the sugar in a small sauce pot. Add sugar and evaporated milk to melted butter and stir. This will help hold the layer in place and keep it from sliding around while adding the frosting. Add coconut. I didn’t really think it was necessary to repeat the steps to make our cake layers, so I’ll just direct you to that recipe here on Taste of Southern. In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients and sift three times. We make the layers from scratch, and the frosting from scratch. I do appreciate the visit and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. When I See recipes like this one I start singing the Hallelujah chorus: My family appreciates home cooking and I Love baking for them. Half of this was sufficient for my two thicker layers. I’m sure it’s not as good as what your Grandmother made, but glad it could bring back some good memories for you. My mother made this cake for every picnic, potluck or gathering and it was always a hit. Combine 1/2 cup reserved pineapple juice and soft drink. People brought other food l had to make dessert they loved it they they ate it all thanks for sharing your recipe God Bless Rodney. If you take this cake to a church homecoming or family reunion, everyone will go for it when they see it sitting on the table. My cake last year using your recipe sold for $30. Add vanilla flavoring. Couldn’t just let it go to waste you know. I really appreciate your visits and hope you’ll visit with us often. We had a corn side dish on a trip recently. Family Reunions! I used REAL pineapple and it’s juice for a REAL pineapple flavor in the filling but still this cake only has 8 net carbs per serving. While the layers are cooling make the filling. This will keep the edges of your plate clean as you frost the layers. Hi Ramona, You’ll find numerous recipes on the Internet for making frosting without milk and eggs. Add flour to butter mixture alternately with … To begin the frosting, we start by separating the egg yolks from three eggs. https://www.deepsouthdish.com/2008/12/mama-pineapple-filling.html I’m going to assemble this on a cake board. I made the cake layers one day, then made the frosting the next day and assembled the cake. I think I may have found a close contender! 🙂 Do you have a receipe for what I guess would be corn pudding? Add eggs. They will instantly know it’s homemade… and they’ll thank you for taking the time and effort to put it all together. It’s not a Seven Minute Frosting either, which is more like what Mama would have used when she made her’s. Sign Up For Our Free Newsletter:  While you’re here, be sure to sign up for our totally FREE NEWSLETTER.  That just means that I personally read each and everyone before they are approved for viewing on our family friendly website. Remove from heat when the mixture has thickened. Again, the simple syrup is totally optional. Hi Rodney, I’m really happy to hear that everyone enjoyed the Pineapple Cake. Please advise. © 2004-2020 Family Cookbook Project, LLC. Thank you! If not, just spoon it onto the layers. It does look like some of the old timey cakes I remember. All rights are retained by the contributor. Put the first 5 ingredients into the bowl of your mixer. Add eggs one at a time and mix after each addition. I’d love to hear your thoughts on our recipe. Pineapple Coconut Cake Recipe is an old fashioned recipe, made with pudding, pineapple, coconut, and nuts. Be sure to stop by again… real soon. Save the juice for later. Steve, I am looking for a pineapple frosting that does not have evaporated milk or eggs In it. I hope to see you soon as well. Here's to good eating! Search for more great recipes here from Preheat oven to 400�. So I have to make salad dressings, cakes, cookies, etc. Every year the community ladies and gents get together and make cakes for our church fair. Add flour. Pour mixture into 9 inch pie shell. These are basic yellow cake layers, and our recipe will make 2 of the 9 inch layers. Smile. So another year has passed away and wow, how quickly it has passed! I just wanted to emphasize that we’re not starting this over heat. You’ll just need to show some patience and take your time with this part. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. You don’t want to end up with scrambled eggs, so you have to stir this constantly. When you’re ready to frost the cake, let the frosting sit at room temperature to soften for about 15-20 minutes. Let’s get in the kitchen then, and… Let’s Get Cooking! In a heavy saucepan, melt butter. I’ll get to that part a little further down. I would like to try it for Thanksgiving.  Stir fairly vigorously until the butter fully melts.  The signup box is below and you’ll also find one in the top right hand corner of each page. I made the layers one day, then made the frosting and assembled the cake the next day. Just spread the frosting over the top, all the way to the outside edge of the layer. Be Blessed!!! Cookbooks are great for Be Blessed!!!  How cool is that? I think next time I will skip the walnuts and put maraschino cherries around the edges. You’d like to have a good layer of frosting in the middle of the cake, but take it easy so you have enough left to do the top and the sides. I know I’m not going to need this much with just two layers, but if you split your layers to make four, you might need more simple syrup. And behold the internet took me to taste of southern..thanks so much for preserving it and many more old family recipes. Preheat oven to 400º. Let it boil for a minute or two then remove from heat. The frosting is sort of thin and runs a bit, but if you work with it, it will adhere to the sides and cover them fairly well.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing you add your name to our list. If you just follow the steps for stirring the frosting while it’s cooking, you should be okay. Learn more about the process to create a cookbook -- or Thank you for trying the recipe and for sharing it with your friends at church. Again, it’s optional. Pineapple Cake Frosting, you’ll need these ingredients. It is baked in a sheet pan. You don’t want your layers to end up all soggy. I decided to use the leftover pineapple juice to make a simple syrup for the layers. Cook, stirring constantly to avoid making scrambled eggs, until thick, about 12 minutes. As you can probably tell by the photo above, this is not one of those overly sweet buttercream or cream cheese type of frosting’s you might typically find on a Pineapple Cake. It doesn’t have to be at room temperature for this particular frosting like most others might call for. This cake is wonderful served with coffee. You could use a boxed cake mix for the layers if you like. Pineapple upside down cake is an old fashioned classic that has been around as long as I can remember. I’m thankful you found us and I appreciate your visits. Start stirring immediately, and continue to stir vigorously as the mixture heats up. Drain remaining pineapple and measure 1 cup of drained crushed pineapple; set aside. That ain’t too bad. Please note that I’m doing this in my sink as opposed to on the stove. When it cools, place it in a small squeeze bottle if you have one.  And, should you ever decide that you are no longer interested, it’s even quicker to unsubscribe. Yes, you could just use a box mix if you really need too, but I hope you’ll make your layers from scratch if at all possible. An offset spatula comes in real handy when trying to frost the sides of the cake. Your step by step instructions are great. I Have several of my best cakes I’ll Be taking to church and in-laws and of Course Mom’s for Christmas. I think most modern icings are way too sweet, too. Growing up I used to have a cake that was filled with pineapple filling. ★☆ This pineapple upside down cake is made in an iron skillet but you could make it in a 9 x 13 baking dish. I think you’ll love the old fashioned frosting on this one. Printable Recipe Included. Beat for 2 minutes. Hi Brenda, Thank you for sharing your comments. I love the pineapple cake, it looks delicious, and I will make a cake from your recipe from scratch. Ready to give it a try? Mix in the eggs, one at a time, and vanilla. Follow our complete, step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions to make this homemade, Old Fashioned Pineapple Cake Recipe. Stir in egg yolks and cook over medium heat until mixture thickens-- about 5 minutes. pineapple nut cake with cream cheese frosting In a large mixing bowl, stir flour with all remaining ingredients until well mixed. Typically, I would have turned this one bottom up also, but it didn’t have a big dome from baking that I needed to remove, so I just put it topside up. Boxed mixes put things in it to thicken it up (gums) and my husband is allergic to the “natural Flavors” that manufacturers put in virtually everything now. : Grandmother Middleton's Old Fashioned Pineapple Cake Recipe, 1 (20 oz.) Hi Andrea, Hopefully your comments will help someone else decide to try the recipe. We absolutely loved it! Place the first layer on the cake board. southern cakes. Add alternately with buttermilk, mixing after each addition. Cook until thick; stir often. Please contact us if you believe copyright violations have occurred. This Is Sure to Be A Hit..Again thank you so much. Your email address will not be published. If I made your simple syrup recipe, and added the drained pineapple, would that work? Smile. You’re going to love this old fashion cake with a twist. What type of frosting did you use or do you prefer? I didn't care if it came in pieces. You’ll need our Basic Cake Layers for this cake. Since you posted this cake ..this is my special cake asked for each year. I think it may have been made with a simple syrup . Unfortunately, she passed away before I could get her recipe. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This recipe for Grandmother Middleton's Old Fashioned Pineapple Cake is from Grandmommy's Kitchen, one of the cookbooks created at FamilyCookbookProject.com. Add enough frosting to cover the top of the cake, spreading it to the outside edge. In a medium bowl, sift flour, baking powder and salt. I don’t really know where this little gadget came from, but I’ve had it for years. I’ve got a complete step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe for making Basic Cake Layers on Taste of Southern that will make this cake truly homemade from scratch. -Steve. Follow our complete, step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions to make this homemade, Old Fashioned Pineapple Cake Recipe. Set aside to cool. So many new changes have happened; the birth of our first born, me leaving work and our family living on one income, becoming a … Continue to stir slowly until the mixture begins to bubble slightly and thickens. I didn’t even go through all the steps of baking the layers in this post because I have a full step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe for how to make those elsewhere here on Taste of Southern. I’ve placed the board on a turntable to help with frosting the cake. Don’t be afraid, the results will be worth the little extra time and love you place in it. In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients and sift three times. I made this one using the leftover pineapple juice instead of water. I am making this cake for the second time for my mom’s birthday. Add butter. Tell me what you think after you try it. Since simple syrup is half water and half sugar, you’ll get the benefit of more pineapple flavor by using the juice as part of the amount of water you need. In a separate bowl, beat the butter and Crisco. It will only take a minute or two for you to leave your comments in the section below. //-->. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it and happy to hear you’ve made it your own with some additions and changes. Thank you for giving it a try. Place sauce pot on a COLD burner, then turn heat on to medium. ★☆. Combine the egg yolks, 1/4 cup sugar, cornstarch, and pineapple juice in the top of a double boiler. In a medium sized sauce pot, add the canned milk. Heat this mixture of juice and sugar over Medium heat to let the sugar dissolve. Grease or spray with baking spray a 13 x 9 -inch baking dish. 🙌 It will be the perfect dessert for your Easter family gathering! Please share your results if you get the chance to try it.