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Plus, don't forget the intelligence level and how to train and tame your Pionus. One thing is for sure; the Pionus Parrot species is quieter than other parrot species. Available in pet stores or online, they must be of a high-quality brand only as they have no harmful additives. Is it Possible to Teach pet Parrots to Free Fly Outside? /*


<\/div><\/div>","timeout":"750"}; /* Error<\/strong>: This field is required","required_email":"Error<\/strong>: Please type your email address. A parrot’s life span in captivity is considerably shorter than his potential life span. Diet plays an important role in elongating the lifespan of any living being. Though not as famous as Amazons, Pionus have managed to make a name for themselves and parrot lovers are taking keen interest in them. The baby Pionus are fed store-bought formula with the help of a tube or syringe especially made for this purpose. Types of Pionus Parrots There are a couple of different types of Pinous Parrots that you’ll want to know about before making a decision on one in particular. Even though you do not have to give your daily bird attention, they do need a small element of interaction. If you want a talker, then you need to select a Blue-Headed or Maximilian Pionus. Do not forget to remove the seeds from fruits like apples. You can avoid these issues by meeting their dietary needs daily. Their life expectancy is between 50 and 80 years. The Blue Headed Pionus can live up to 40 years in captivity when it is properly taken care of. var EasyAzonPro_Components_Popovers = {"ajaxUrl":"https:\/\/www.macawland.com\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","ajaxAction":"easyazon_get_popover_markup","loading":"Loading product data. So is it possible to increase the lifespan of Pionus? These birds have been reported to live more than 3 years in captivity, with most pet cockatoo surviving between 40 and 70 years, depending on their care. Life Expectancy: 25 to 40 years with proper care. pionus lifespan, pionus parrot life span, pionus parrot lifespan, white capped pionus lifespan. Make sure the breeder is prepared and willing to answer all your questions. ","invalid_email":"Error<\/strong>: The email address isn’t correct. var tcb_post_lists=JSON.parse('[]'); Pionus Parrot Lifespan, Personality, Price Update In 2020. Pionus is a genus of medium-sized parrots native to Mexico, and Central and South America.Characteristic of the genus are the chunky body, bare eye ring (which can vary in color), and short square tail. This Pionus Parrot personality is not aggressive nor loud. Considered to be one of South America’s most unique birds, Maximilian’s parrot is a beautiful and intelligent pet with a whole arsenal of interesting traits. Many owners love making them feel closest to their habitat serving them insects every now and then. var EasyAzonPro_Localize_Links = {"ajaxAction":"easyazonpro_localize","ajaxUrl":"https:\/\/www.macawland.com\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php"}; Pionus Parrot for sale . Life Expectancy: 30 years But it is very common for Pionus to live up to 30 years and beyond courtesy love and care given by their owners. But that does not mean that this can not be stretched at all. One can also rotate by replacing one or two seeds from the mixture with quinoa, chia, or barley, etc., depending on his bird’s preference. And if there is any confusion, one can surely consult an expert or vet. Additionally, the orange and the dark-skinned vegetables fulfill their daily Vitamin A needs. Following kinds of foods keep these birds healthy: Seeds must form a small part of the Pionus diet and many owners prefer them fortified to cover up the calcium and other scarce mineral needs. Pionus Diet in the Wildeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'parrotquaker_com-leader-1','ezslot_5',110,'0','0'])); When in the wild, Pionus have a platter full of variety. The Pionus parrot lifespan is known to live at least 25 years. Email this Page. /* ]]> */ eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'parrotquaker_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_4',111,'0','0']));Additionally, the Pionus family also loves to feed on the insects and their larvae when in the wild to get their daily dose of minerals and proteins. The Pionus is a very active parrot and needs the largest space that your home can accommodate -- ideally, this parrot should be able to fly from perch to perch, especially so if the pionus is kept in the cage most of the day. Overcoming all these adversities, in addition to other things, can surely make a positive impact on their longevity. This is due to their susceptibility to stress and other diseases like Aspergillosis. Pionus are so much fun. How can Pionus lifespan be increased? This bird appreciates the time spent and deserves to have their owner spend time and shower attention on them. They tend to inhabit forested areas, savannas and mountainous regions. Pionus Parrots: 25 years: Maximum age of a parrot? This adorable and most quiet type of bird has a somewhat chunky body, bare eye ring, a short square tail, and hosts a scaly blue head. [CDATA[ */ Re: Pionus Life Span Pi's exact age isn't known, as they have only been in captivity regularly for 20 years, however it is said they live 40 years. You are searching for the perfect Pionus and you want to invest in the more expensive Bronze-Wing Pionus the price tag is upwards to $900.00. They are happy to play on their own and entertain themselves. They are gentle, quiet, and of very even disposition. Longevity of this bird has a lot to do with keeping the bird free from, Fungal Infections. There is an all-around sweet and attentive bird. When scared these sweet birds either stand still, try to flee, or may nip at their 'attacker.' Just as no food intake can starve any being to death, the unbalanced ones can reduce its longevity by at least a few years. When considering a Pionus Parrot for sale from a breeder you must consider a lot of information. Also the personality of the species and how big of a cage you need to buy. This baby-food has all the nutrients in an optimum balance that a juvenile needs to stay healthy and grow naturally. African grey parrot lifespan has an extremely long lifespan they live an average of 60 years the Longevity depends on many parameters (food, hygiene, genetics, health …). The diet and care provided will affect it's lifespan. Even if it did die the next year (highly unlikely), the bird would pass knowing that you helped him in … Contrary to this Amazons have green under-tail coverts. Look at breeder records and discuss medical treatment and vaccinations. Pionus Parrot Lifespan This parrot has a total lifespan of around 25 years if it is properly taken care of. Pionus Lifespan in the Wildeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'parrotquaker_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',106,'0','0'])); The surroundings in which the Pionus is being raised is capable of shortening or lengthening his lifespan. If your choice of bird is not ready to leave the breeder, make a weekly or bi-weekly appointment to interact with your bird through playing and talking. Featured Photo Credit: Jessie Terwilliger CC, A phlegmatic character ready to captivate with his exotic blue-colored head atop an olive green body seems to be crafted by, Dwelling the subtropical and tropical areas of Central and South America, the Pionus family is a collective of 11 species and. Bird Breeder by Species (sorted by bird species with breeders listed below each species) Colorado: Rocky Mtn. They like interaction and are happy to share their home with you. The Pionus parrot is capable of talking if you work with your bird. They don’t particularly like being cuddled, but they do have a very laid back overall nature. Pionus Parrot Name: Bill Kalichman - user reviews Posted: 6/4/2019 Aviary: Bills birds Website: Bills birds.blog Phone: 954-791-3720 E-mail: Email this seller Location: Ft lauderdale , Florida Super tame Pionus parrot, perfect condition Awesome bird best pet quality Call 954-791-3720 Ready to ship Fully guaranteed. Unlike numerous species of the Amazon, they do not love you today and bite you tomorrow. Their living arrangements are best when given ample room, more substantial than a medium-sized parrot cage allows for more roaming room. Switch to Threaded Mode. Altogether there are a group of seven Pionus species, all with different colorings. Be sure to ask about the age of the bird. But with a little bit of patience and care, you c… Their overall color shimmers with brilliance. Any fruit bowl left uneaten by the bird for more than 4-5 hours might have become a breeding ground for bacteria. They should be offered a formulated main diet, such as Lafeber’s Premium Daily Pellets or Nutri-Berries,as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. In spite of this, the Pionus makes a beautiful family pet. It has been averaged at around 22 years with sometimes going up to 25 years. Copyright © 2018 Macaw Land.All Rights Reserved. I say go for it, and don't let the circle of life steer you away. Spent time bonding with the bird; three visits minimum. Keep both the dishes filled all the time. Birds may not be handled until you have completed at least one of your required classes, and only with a staff person present. If any of the usual sign of illness are observed, get your White Capped Pionus to an avian veterinary immediately. The highest age of a parrot is considered to be 118 years old. It all depends on the bird owners how long they want their Pionus to live. Found in subtropical and tropical forests of Central and South America and Mexico, Pionus live a comparatively shorter life than those bred in captivity. Just like in the wild, Pionus can live on an average for 22 years with a maximum limit stretching to 25 years or so. Pionus Parrot The Pionus parrot is the best kept secret of the bird world. their overall color shimmers with brilliance. The eight species of Pionusparrot are found in a wide range of South and Central America. Physique: Medium size bird. Calcium is necessary for Pionus’ healthy and strong bones. Adult Size: 11 to 12 inches in length and 7 to 9 ounces in weight on average. A Pionus housed in too small a cage might become sedentary and overweight. Les plumes blanches à la pôle position lui donnent une allure de petit faucon ! Common Names: White-capped pionus, white-cap pionus, white-crowned pionus, white-crowned parrot. But they all share certain similarities like a characteristic square short tail, chunky body, and bare eye-ring. To those in the know, the Blue-headed Pionus is one of the most highly regarded pet parrots available. If you buy through a breeder make sure you review any consumer complaints about mistreatment, sickness or unresponsiveness of the birds. We have removed many pages on the site. The first thing to consider is your budget and how much you feel you can spend, then stick to your budget and do not overspend. Wing Span: Narrow. No more than a tablespoon or two of the store-mix must be fed for a single meal. Blue, Green; Size. The Maximilian is the quietest of all the Pionus species and the most sociable. Display Modes: Linear Mode. Many owners have claimed their Blue-headed living by 43-45 years of age and that too, healthy and heartily.