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It’s designed very well. They've been a little bit slow to get back to us because they say Viking was slow too. Let's … I got a Viking professional cooktop because I wanted induction. We needed something ultra dependable and something with great reviews. Chefs the world over are still found of the Viking … And 90% of the time, I didn't even bother to try to return what I bought because I knew the effort, the time, and the frustration that it'd take me to try and send it back, get a refund or an exchange. I thought it would be cute if they came in different colors but when I called in, they said there's another competitor that is known for certain colors. Here are the types of cooking products you can expect to find at your local dealer or showroom: Your Viking range’s life expectancy is heavily influenced by how often the stove is used and how well it’s cleaned and maintained. All you have is a dirty stovetop on the burner. I told them to come and change it right then. We're adaptable though. It would give me more peace of mind to have more of a warranty. We use that as a night light. We also spent $4,500 for a gas stovetop although we had one of the burners not working. That was not super nice. We live on a farm so we're not on natural gas and we had to adapt to propane. It happened a couple of times. Unsubscribe at any time. And then the guy figured out what we could do where it won't poof. I've noticed that the back cooks faster than the front but it performs beautifully. Their customer service is terrible. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I like the feature that you can control temperature in different compartments in the refrigerator, and there’s ample space in the freezer. Let’s give the Viking 30 Dual Fuel Range a thorough review. We had two units that had icemaker problems back-to-back and it turned out that it was a hose up in the thing that was not connected properly from the factory. I cook a lot and I use good quality pots and pans. They have the whole bottom piece. Was able to fix constant ignition clicking in range burners but not easily. GB. But as soon as I contacted Gygi and told them, "Hey, something's not getting handled here," they got involved and it that was resolved within a day. The market for pro-style ranges has been dominated for years by brands including Viking, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid, Dacor, GE Monogram, Kenmore Pro, Jenn-Air, Miele, and American Range. Everyone opens the fridge and I'm telling them not to open the door too wide. Another big factor for us is we did not want a display board. Viking Range is a good range and we haven't had any issues with it. So far, our Viking range has fantastic quality. If I put the two back burners on the simmer function, it’s really nice and low. I never received any paperwork, phone call or anything regarding a recall. It looks like a commercial oven on the outside and can indeed hold up to the abuse it would get in a commercial kitchen. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Everything has calmed down with the client. Size variety: He kept on insisting that it's the best and said that he has it in his own kitchen. And he just said, “That’s it. My old (non-high end) appliances lasted 20 years! One of my big worries when I got it is whether or not it would be easy to clean. But the performance of the refrigerator or how it’s cooling has been fine. I do have some concerns about the oven though. Thank You for your support. Our previous couple ranges had that kind of electronic stuff and we wanted dials we could turn. And when this home is all done, it’s probably a 15 to 17-million-dollar home. Since they were installed, all four appliances … I ended up calling customer support hotline because I couldn't get it to actually go through and the reps I talked to were great and very helpful. We have Viking products throughout the house. And when I opened the door up, it would not go all the way down. And then on the range, the glass in the oven door slid around a little bit. I did look at competitors but the Viking Range was my favorite. That's why we wanted something predictable. I went onto the Viking website a couple of times and looked at the different models as well as some of the specs. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Notably, Viking MIDD, -1.86%, which sells expensive, chef-grade appliances, came in last on the Consumer Reports ranking. I got a huge stockpot on a front burner. This sophisticated line of Italian Provincial ranges are sized and featured to meet the needs of American architecture and lifestyles. Also, the range doesn't have a timer but I'm okay with that. I know this sounds crazy but it is absolutely true. I’m happy with the way it’s performing. Find the best companies in Kitchen and Cooking category: Thermador and Viking Range, Thermador vs Miele, Viking Range vs Wolf Appliances The Viking brand is synonymous with the epicurean lifestyle, and since 1987 has brought … When you pull that door open, it's like pulling the bank vault door, so to speak. Read 1 more review about Viking Direct Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Jill Leach 1 review. It’s beautiful and it’s a work of art. It was installed and everything was good, but the screw started backing out and it chewed up like the porcelain on the inside of the door. Its products have luxurious styles and materials, so these ranges are more expensive than your typical stovetop. It's just something that had to get used to. I wrote them a very lengthy email saying, “I'm not happy. We were having issues with it taking too long to warm up, but that's now been resolved. We're super happy with it. I like the open range design element of it. We apologize for the issue you have experienced in the delivery and setup of your new refrigerator. It was a personal recommendation from a family member who had one as well, and we purchased it through a local affiliate of a Best Buy. Hopefully, we're gonna get many years of enjoyment out of the appliances that we got and if we have a problem with them, we should be able to get them repaired. You can bet they will not be Viking. The temperature seems to be off from what you set it to. Whether you’re shopping for a range or a warming drawer, Viking products are known for their reliability, functionality, professional quality and attractive designs. That should have never happened.” The service technicians that they contracted out to, not so much. We already had a major issue with the door, that little hook thing in the bottom. But then, I had a little bit of an issue in trying to submit the rebate information on Viking's website. Sometimes if it didn't have that little red light on, I would never even know it's on so it's wonderful. I figure the likelihood that it breaks again is extremely, and it will cost us $350 to resolve it. As long as I know that it's 25 degrees off, I can deal with that. But otherwise, it was good and I was very happy with what they did. The front door is new now without a scratch and that’s what is important for me. Plus, there was some kind of a rebate going on which I found somewhat attractive. So, I decided to buy Viking appliances and I ended up going with a company out of New York City called AJ Madison, who I found out is a major appliance distributor for all kinds of different appliances places like Home Depot and Lowe's. So it’s a little bit hard because you gotta take the thing apart to clean it, at least with the way my kitchen is set up. Then they told me that there was some circuit that was broken so they needed to order a part. We understand there are electronics in there but I don't need a pizza setting or anything like that. When the item was delivered, the protective tape was cut in the factory and it scratched the surface of the refrigerator. I sold my sister-in-law on Viking (a 48", 6-burner stove) and friends, too. But with COVID, they couldn't do it. I love the quality. Viking Range, LLC. And when they were supposed to be delivered, the refrigerator was missing or it was damaged, and they couldn’t deliver it and the range top also. The freezer light also went out. Once I turned the convection oven on, I could not turn itself off. The other thing was, two units had the same problem with the icemaker where the hoses didn't reach. I love that there’s a little tray basket top. However, I'm trying to buy a griddle cover and it's an older model so it's not super easy to tell if the griddle cover they sell now kind of will work on it. The second issue is the knobs. I love that it's built with such quality and such simplicity. I appreciated that. Also, we spotted that on the inside bottom part of the insulation strip, like the O-ring of sorts that goes around the glass at the face of the oven, the rubber was sticking out and that was fixed. We like the quality of Viking. So, that's pretty awesome too. I remember seeing the Miele factory in 2004. One small and one very large. It's one of those free-standing ranges. It's an affordable model for its tier and boasts all the professional capabilities a serious foodie could ever want. Share. I had paid for installation and delivery because that was part of the whole package. Then he had it sent straight to the house. 111 W Front St. ... reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Reply. Dishonest and disgraceful customer service. Bought a 6 yo condo wirth original Viking appliances (refrigerator/freezer and range/oven). The fridge had deep scratches in it and we hadn’t made them but I didn’t notice until the 30 or 90 days so they wouldn’t do anything about that. We've used it for about two weeks now and we've been very pleased. Viking is a luxury appliance manufacturer that offers high-performance ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and more. We lived in military housing for so long and we had an electric stove and all my pots would hit each other. We've also had some of the plastic breaks in the refrigerator already which Viking wouldn't cover even though it was within the first year. I've kept my relationship with John, too. But we had to have a guy come out and check it because some of the igniters weren't igniting right away on the stove. They were less than purchasing these other products. Appliances. The gentleman was very good. I was just really worried about what would happen once we were out of warranty. It's also a death trap issue because if you have a small child then that gigantic door opens up and that thing is broken off and does not protect your child and they get stuck between a counter, which can be a liability. Viking electric ranges or induction ranges have fewer size or configuration options, but these models are still feature-rich and can be customized by color. It was not great. They ended up resolving it, but there were these little rubber feet on the bottom that would fall off. I've sent him quite a bit of business and I'll continue to do so. I needed to call and ask them for some of those new feet. I do like the knobs too. Both are lemons. What's most upsetting is Vikings attitude. It looks commercial grade but for residential. Unsubscribe at any time. We bought the backsplash and that generates the heat up and out, forward, so our hood catches everything very nice. I like the quality and it cooks well. The whole kitchen is Viking. It was still under warranty so I did call Viking.

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