30 inch whole house fan motor

The fan is in my main hallway in the attic and has never been an issue. Here are the pros and cons: Pros:1. I love the remote - Very convenient to be able to move 2800 or 1600 cfms of air into the house simply by opening a window and pushing a button.4. The Air Vent Belt Drive Whole House Fan Replacement Motor Only is correspondent only with the Air Vent Belt-Drive Whole House Fan. $22.99. Foam core board should also work. My gripe with whole house fans is that they keep promote it by saying stuff like:1. "Whole house cooling will reduce the temperature inside the house to the outdoor temperature"2. A whole-house fan offers a green alternative to central or window air conditioning, especially if ocean or bay breezes in the evening cool the exterior air. We have a two speed fan, and the noise is of course correlated to the speed setting. I'll likely need some grates to ensure the hot air can get out of the bedrooms. sonotube, but smooth elbows would be hard to fabricate.Casey. This 2.75 in. I figure itÂll take less than 3 years to re-coup my $700 + investement. Any feedback, or other solutions would be hugely appreciated. Thank you in advance.. ... TPI BD302WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan – 30”, 1/3 HP Motor, 5.5-6.9 Amps, 120 v Fans for House Ventilation. Save whole house fan motor to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. It worked well at high speed; it did not seem to want to run at low speed. By pulling in cooler air, a whole-house fan reduces or eliminates the need for air conditioning. That's about the noise level of a refrigerator. I will repeat what others have said. My home is 1572 sq ft with vaulted ceilings, I decided to try the Tamarack House Fans. The electricians showed little creativity and lacked knowledge about the various fans available and their respective benefits. So I took about 2/3 of that to conclude that I had 2,700 sq. we left the fan on until bedtime(we rarely spend much time in the house this time of year anyways) and at 1030 the temps were 75out,77in,83attic. I did NOT want to go through the wait and installation more than just 1 more time. feet, - including the basement. A word to the wise -- these fans move a lot of air, so make sure to install at least the recommended minimum amount of attic exhaust space (gable vents, soffit vents, roof vents, some combination thereof, whatever works for you) - if you don't have enough, the fan will operate at reduced capacity, and there will be a backpressure which will cause the shutters to rattle when the fan is in operation (any time you hear whole-house fan shutters rattling, you know there isn't enough exhaust space). The Master Flow unit costs about $300 including the automatic shutter; the Dayton unit is $440 without the shutter (I kept the existing shutter). I just put one of these in last week and am so taken with it that I'm evangelizing for Triangle now. Also, Triangle re-brands some of these as a private label for Dayton, which is the "store brand" of Grainger - so if you have a Grainger store near you (check your phone book or their website), you can buy one there. $262.32 $ 262. Electric Supplies. Brother found a motor locally and I have been a happy camper since. ie air outside is 68 air inside is 78 and temp inside drops just a few degrees. I had a whole house fan in a previous house and this unit is so much more quiet. Whole House Fan Switch - looks better and lasts longer, Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. ft. to evacuate. I was getting ready to purchase the Whisper Aire WHSP 2000 made by Air Vent Inc compact, twin motors, 5 speeds 26" x18" , fits btwn joists insulated (r25) 2200 CFM'sJust spoke to manufacturer and a nice sales rep told me these are VERY NOISY - like sitting on the runway 75 decibels on low 87 db on high -ANyone know what the db rating converts to in sones? I'll put the suction right at the peak of our cathedral ceiling, where it can blow straight out to the gable at the end of the house. According to MY calculations though - I wanted to try The Ghost instead. During the warmer months, using the Solatube Whole House Fan not only cools the air in your house, but also the structure and contents. This unit is amazing!. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 23. I have a house covering a little over a thousand square feet and am looking to put a whole house fan in to cut down on the AC costs. For my roof joists, I had vertical center joists going up to the center of the house, and 30 degree joists jutting out in both directions. A cover on the ceiling side would be possible, although perhaps hard to make it attractive. about 20 minutes later we returned and the temps were 77 out,83 in, and 96 in the attic. However, if you do not frame around the opening you need to seal off the area against airflow. The air 3 ft and more from the window is already only 5 degrees lower than the original 80 degrees. They told me after a long time of troubleshooting, that maybe I should try the HV1600. We have bad dust and pollen issues here, so I am also going to filter the incoming air through HEPA filters to help out our allergy-suffering friends. I live in California just inland from the coast range. But I'm skeptical of marketing and have no idea about noise and effectiveness. All. Vertical installation instructions. What it does for the house has it's own unique niche that is not covered by the stand-alone fans or the air-conditioning - so it has it's place here now. The Ghost is a lot louder, but not loud enough to be annoying, in fact, on low - it's hard to tell that it's on.6. My home is a split. In my case it would have been extremely difficult/impossible to install a conventional large diameter attic fan and the subject fan has performed well. $165.04 $143.44. In my case the fan is close to our bedrooms. More Info. The HV1000 did not draw any air that I could discern. Our installation is directly on ceiling joists. 10-year limited warranty - parts; 5-year limited warranty - labor. Emerson WH30PRO00 household fan parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! It has 2 speeds - low 1600, high 2800 cfms. SCE is offering a $100.00 rebate upon verified installation of these (and other qualified) whole house fans, so that helped with the cost.2. RE Williams customer service - even though they are not "horrible", they are not what I would consider "good" either. Wrong. we used to have a 2 story home with a single zone gas forced hot air and a/c, and the a/c on the second floor was far far less than ideal. Amazon.com: whole house fan motor. If no duct existed, the fan would be pulling air from the attic, not the floor below. If any other whole house fan owners care to share their method of ventilating their attic, that would be a useful addition to this discussion, as whole house fans requires plenty of attic ventilation to work well. Grainger's got your back. Expensive. They suggest installing one fan for each bedroom which would give you 4500 cfm in a 3 bedroom house. 60 dB and up is unacceptable, in a residence. cai - dayton 24" Whole House Fan Economy Ceiling Shutter / Ceiling Shutter, 24" x 24" Opening Required ... TPI Corporation TPI BD302WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan 30? This whole house fan option has a lower price than most others on this list, but Amazon users are very enthusiastic about it. It took me a lot longer to like my whole house fan than it should have. The quality of the shutter was particularly poor compared to the Grainger/Dayton Premium. In terms of fan construction, everyone should be aware that larger and more blades is better (more efficient, quieter) than smaller/fewer blades for a given airflow. I live in San Francisco bay area. My furnace isn't on when the fan is running. Ask the rep. about the noise at the lowest setting. These complications and let downs up front really damage the trust in a product and company. Fan motor is attached to blade with a … Best of all, whole-house fans use only one-tenth of the energy that air conditioning does. I'm in southern California so the fan will come in real handy. I'll also install an air-to-air heat exchanger so I can use the same system in the winter to bring in fresh air without losing all the heat. We have a 1,600 sf house with soffit vents in the attic that provide about 4 sf of NFA when they're clean. Otherwise, it's wonderful. Mine is ceiling mounted - and we get very good drafts when running. Only $ 132.54 /Each. Fan motor is attached to blade with a pulley for quieter operation than direct-drive models; ... 36-1/2 inch. The powder … The noise is not overpowering, louder than a loud dishwasher but not as bad as a washing machine on spin cycle. whole house fans and 48 in. Even though the HV1000 can be installed with a timer, The Ghost can not (per RE Williams). we did have a whole house fan mounted in the ceiling of the second floor hall, so we could quickly pump the worst of the hot air to the attic and out on the worst days. I've had mine installed for about a month now, but I haven't had too much chance to use it yet, due to the state of all of our other remodeling and the weather. C $392.46. Rough Opening Width. What is the square footage of your home? See All . and 30 in. Installation manual link: http://www.industrialfansdirect.com/Merchant2/PDF/CC_Manual.pdf. Commercial Refrigeration Fan Motor Parts and Accessories; Nor-Lake 915 Replacement Motor Kit (Fan) Nor-Lake 915 Replacement Motor Kit (Fan) Item #: HP915. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Optimally, a whole house fan is employed to draw cooler air from the exterior, off of a shaded landscaped area of the yard, thru the house, pressurizing the attic, venting the accumulated hot attic air from the house. So I get this Triangle fan delivered off an 18-wheeler near my house. pulley quickly and easily attaches to your fan's motor shaft via set screw. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. I replaced it with a Dayton 30" whole house fan, Model 5NRT2, sold by Granger. Knowing I had to cut a joist, then at least I would have walls close by to support the Âbroken joist. In this video, I will show you how to replace the starter capacitor in a whole house fan. Wow...I've really rambled on about this - I'll shut up now! There would have to be a duct between the attic floor and the baseplate of the fan. Well, in 3 hours, the inside temp will be around 72 degrees - still not the 50 degrees that it is outside. I would further recommend adding a strip of 1/2" or so hard rubber between the fan mounting flange and the framing which might further decrease the noise level. My issues were that my wife was against the idea of a whole house fan being installed in our new house, so based on my experience with my old houses whole house belt-driven fan (still) being too noisy, I went with the biggest fan I needed (42" Triangle Fan, and the Dayton shutters) to keep it as quiet as possible. We just had all the old double hung windows refurbished so that will help with ventilation. If you can locate the fan away from the bedroom area the noise would be substantially diminished.2. Using the fan: Be sure several windows are open before you turn on the fan. I have read the posts above as well as info on the Internet with avid interest. We always look at this first before installing the quietcool systems. Ventamatic CX302DDWT 30-Inch Direct Drive Whole House Fan with White Shutter. With a 2ksqft., ceiling height of 8'=16k cubic feet of air.A fan with a rated volume of 1600 CFM has the potential of giving you a complete air change every 10min. The MOTOR30BD is the motor for the GAF Master Flow 30 in. Which one makes more sense? Thanks to a motor mounted just above and to the side of the fan, a belt-drive whole-house fan provides for smooth, quiet operation. Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. I thought the FAQ's on the atticfan site addressed many of these concerns well. There is a recent design whole house fan called "the ghost" that has a properly shaped duct, with the fan located at the top. Please feel free to email me directly too. item #: CC3022 With a duct inserted , the CFM capacity of the fan is diminished. They can be loud but they are extremely effective if you have an interior and exterior temperature differential. Whole House Fans . I mounted the fan above the existing rafters and sealed between the rafters with plastic and Duct Tape. Has anyone tried mounting a whole house fan directly in the gable and then ducting it to the intake vent? Need sink advice. Cons:1. The big belt driven fans are much quieter and draw huge amounts of air because of the huge blades. Bottom Line - I think the pros outweigh the cons. If you are up to wiring to code (that is, If you can do home wiring SAFELY) then go for it, otherwise hire an electrician. Luckily, they're sold separately -- so buy a Triangle fan and Dayton shutters; money can't buy better products. It is UL Listed with thermal overload protection. The QC system that allows you to install a system in individual rooms seems like the answer. I install about 15 of these a year and when I'm confronted with your set of conditions, I recommend installing in the attic, direct venting through the roof or to the exterior with the fan mounted in the window, a louvered vent mounted in the ceiling/floor of the attic. Because even though the outside temp is 50 degrees, by the time it moves 1 foot into the room, it has mixed with the warmer inside air. Categories. But it went really well. Actually, I may install small removable custom-made screens all along the soffit area. We do not carry a ceiling shutter for vertical installation. 4.2 out of 5 stars 606. Evaporative Humidifier for 2700 sq. HD only has one option, the Master Flow 24 In. Raising the fan unit 6 inches off the floor of the attic might help, if the duct was built of heavy plywood, not light sheet metal. I recommend either unit if you live in this climate, but the Dayton unit is clearly better if you can afford it. WHICH DO I CHOOSE?Whisper aire - noisy ,but more effective - frame it away from floor 4-6"ORTamarack - less effective but quieter. List price: Previous Price C $491.27. The HV1000 is around $500.00, HV1600 is around $700.00, The Ghost around $1000.00 (total cost after tax/shipping). On low in the next room over the noise level is about equal to the sound of the air coming out of our ducts when the central air is on. standard 2 wire into an existing junction box.-heres the bad. I like the QuietCool ducted fan idea, but why not take it a step further? It worked well at high speed; it did not seem to want to run at low speed. As for ventilation at the top of the roof, I haven't decided between a gable fan, rooftop power ventilator or passive O'Hagin vents. Item# 255332 Quick Info. 32. Cool a 500 sq. Shop Air Vent 30-in Aluminum Single Belt Drive Whole House Fan in the Whole House Fans department at Lowe's.com. our house is a 1200ft brink rancher, and this fan is installed almost in the center of the house in the only hall way. I have the smaller Tamarack, and I feel like I wasted my money. Not being funny--just wondering. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! Bottom Line - the HV1000 did not do it's job at all in my house. I'm beginning to lose my bitterness over the initial let downs of this project and the price of the unit - and just appreciating the unit for what it *can* do for house instead of what I think it *should* be doing. The concerns:- Still need to insulate the register for winter, relatively mild though they may be here. You generally run these fans before bedtime in order to cool down the house and especially the attic. Miles,The disadvantage is twofold: It will do nothing to get the heat out of the attic. Much cheaper than running the air conditioning and you get a very nice breeze without it being too loud. A rubber belt drive would be used on this type of unit, to match the power and rpm of the electric motor to the fan. IÂd say about 24 hours hands on. I've done so much research on this in the past now have to come down hard on the decision -We have 2000 sq ft Dutch Colonial revival (1930) no central air - during remodel project I would like to include a whole house fan. An inch to spare on all sides. Overall Height. FREE Shipping by Amazon. If you open the drain you can't just remove hot water. They use a very solid motor made by Emerson, the best of the top three motor-making companies (the other two being Fasco and A.O. Here is a link that might be useful: A website that has useful information on attic fans in their FAQ's. Product designed for over joist installation; no need to cut ceiling joists. direct drive 2-speed whole house fan is designed for houses with 1, 800 sq. Unclip them, hose them off and clip them back into place. It was a labor-of-love which took me about 4 days to complete. ft. commercial building with the fans found here. I am wondering - is this the experience you are getting with a whole house fan? it is indeed loud. The whole house belt drive pulley allows quieter operation and includes a 2 speed wall switch. I had some unique circumstances and was curious to see how the various vendors would solve my problems. doesnt matter to me, as even when it gets way hot, it will be worth it to vent the attic before turning on AC in evening.was the price right? So the majority of the main path of air from the window to the fan is only 2-5 degrees lower than the original temperature. Considering the real estate in the attic, and the floor lay-out for the upper floor, I decided to install the fan in the main bathroom. 120V; 4.4A; 1100RPM; 1/3HP That could have been installed in another closet ceiling without cutting joists. 4.2 out of 5 stars 606. Cover all the bases now to ensure many years of satisfaction with your full renovation, second-story addition or bump-out, Extensive renovations, including additions, update a 1918 Georgia home for modern life while respecting its history, Don't be daunted. Replacement Parts Available. Very useful and not biased toward a specific manufacturer. we did not run it at bedtime last night even though its about as loud as the dishwasher in the b/rs.heres the good of it and why im not complaining- at about 730 last night the temps were 79 outside, 87 inside, and the attic was 105. we turned the fan on high, and went to a neighbors for a minute. When the outside temp is lower than inside - the fan is wonderful and affordable to run.2. I live in a 1400 square foot house near the beach in San Clemente, Ca where the climate is so mild I don't need Air Conditioning. He was highly rated on AngiesList and came up with brilliant solutions to apply to my circumstances. Don't buy one of those Tamarack fans and similar unless you like noise. They are installed in a central hallway to pull fresh air through open windows. The motor is easy to install with the whole house fan in place, no need to remove the entire unit. *** the rep did mention that the quality of the fan & what it does is excellent and engineering is actually doing some installs w/getting the fan off the attic floor framed up 4-6" which significantly cuts down on noise.- She agreed it probably cut down on some of the efficiency of the fan but did not know to what degree. I have a recommendation for whole-house fans, and that is to go with the ones made by Triangle Engineering of Arkansas (made in the USA!). We have had a Master Flow 30" whole house fan for the last 12 years, Model 30BWHFS. So with the work complete, the fan runs about as quiet as a dryer with no clothes on low. ... Save whole house fan motor to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. if not - what do we need to do? I did some research on sound levels, although I don't own a sound meter. The house ventilation system will have to be re-configured for winter, to prevent loss of heat. ft. Aircare White Adjustable Whole, - 2.5W SOLAR VENT FAN DC MOTOR Max 60CFM VENTILATION FOR BOAT GREEN HOUSE SHED, - 4500 CFM White Galvanized Steel 2 Speed Control Attic Vent 24" Whole House Fan, - AK150LS AIRKING DELUXE QUIET SERIES 150CFM FAN, - Master Flow Green Machine ERVSOLAR 500 CFM Solar Powered Roof Mount Attic Fan, - BROAN Wall Exhaust Fan Ventilator 70 cfm Quiet Bath Kitchen Laundry Ventilation. This motor includes the capacitor and is ready for installation. But when the fan isn't working the way it should, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem. We often open windows in the area we are sitting in and run the fan for 20 minutes or so then go open up the rest of the house. Fan Belt for 24 In. I think I shot myself in the foot a bit by putting it in a hallway where there was only direct access to one window rather than in a the living room where there are 6 windows to draw cold air from, but I didn't want to look up at a fan in my living room. Sold by ErgodE. We can leave the unit on low at night and still sleep (the bedroom is about 25' from the fan). it won't be simple but using a variety of options (including having full screens so second floor windows can be open at the top to better bleed hot air out of the house), you can make your second floor comfortable most days of the year.

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