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EasyDNNmailChimp Plus is a DNN module which you should certainly use if you wish to improve your marketing strategy. It can automatically sync registered users from your website with MailChimp lists and groups according to a set-up schedule. If you own more than one standard or professional license, you need to buy an upgrade for each of them. In combination with the EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator modules, the EasyDNNnews becomes the ultimate publishing platform that easily manages your articles, images, video and audio content. DNN Store. DNN Sharp is a leading provider with a proven track record in defining, designing and developing DNN Modules catering to a passionate community of thousands of users. You can use this WYSIWYG tool to change colors, fonts, borders, shading, backgrounds and much more, without having to manually edit CSS. All licenses are perpetual. Nightly Builds. EasyDNNsolutions.com Active Since 7/26/2010 While our core focus is on DNN modules, our mission is to provide top quality products. EasyDNNgallery 10.7 (Image gallery, video gallery and audio gallery), EasyDNNmailChimp Plus 10.4 (MailChimp integration, Newsletter, Email marketing, Pop-up forms), EDS Theme and Module Collection 13.8 (9 professional themes and powerful modules), EasyDNNnews 10.8.5 (Blog, News, Article, Events, Documents, Classifieds and RSS feeds), EasyDNNrotator 10.7 (Image, Video and HTML Slide Show), EasyDNNsimpleForum 3.6 (Community forum, Q&A, Helpdesk). Products . DNN STORE. Automate the sending of emails from articles added to the EasyDNNnews module. Synchronizes DNN users and user information with MailChimp lists and groups. Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNsolutions modules EasyDNNsolutions.com has produced several widely popular modules for DotNetNuke, such as EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery, EasyDNNrotator, and others. EasyDNNnews can be used for blogs, news websites, product catalogs, or you can run a complex newspaper website. Owners and editors of such web pages wish to push the content they publish to their subscribers, and the integration of EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNmailChimp Plus modules enables exactly that – the automatic sending of marketing emails generated from the new posts in the EasyDNNnews module. Also, you are entitled to all the new versions we publish within a year after your buying an upgrade, with the same license rights. LEARN MORE. Any Version09.00.0008.00.0408.00.0308.00.0208.00.0108.00.0007.04.0207.04.0107.04.0007.03.0407.03.0307.03.0207.03.0107.03.0007.02.0207.02.0107.02.0007.01.0207.01.0107.01.0007.00.0607.00.0507.00.0407.00.0307.00.0207.00.0107.00.0006.02.0906.02.0806.02.0706.02.0606.02.0506.02.0406.02.0306.02.0206.02.0106.02.0006.01.0506.01.0406.01.0306.01.0206.01.0106.01.0006.00.0206.00.0106.00.0005.06.0805.06.0705.06.0605.06.0505.06.0405.06.0305.06.0205.06.0105.06.0005.05.0105.05.0005.04.0405.04.0205.04.0105.04.0005.03.0105.02.0305.02.0205.02.0105.02.0005.01.0405.01.0305.01.0205.01.0105.01.0004.09.0504.09.0404.09.0304.09.0204.09.0104.09.0004.08.0404.08.0304.08.0204.08.0104.08.0004.07.0004.06.0204.06.0004.05.0504.05.0404.05.0304.05.0204.05.0104.05.0004.04.0104.04.00 04.03.07 04.03.06 04.03.05 04.03.04 04.03.03 04.03.02 04.03.01 04.03.00 04.00.03 04.00.02 04.00.01 03.03.07 03.03.06 03.03.05 03.03.04 03.03.03 03.03.02 03.03.01 03.03.00 03.02.02 03.02.01 03.02.00 03.01.01 03.01.00 03.00.13 02.01.02 Search. The upgrade can be purchased at any time for up to two years after buying a module. EDS Theme and Module Collection. DNN Store is a marketplace where you can buy all kinds of DNN modules and themes and extend your DNN with new functionalities. It has all the key features any forum has, but comments in discussions are Facebook comments, which means that any Facebook user may leave a comment without having to register and log in. Find out what features are included in the DNN platform, Evoq Content, and Evoq Engage today. Things like adding location marker, fine-tuning the map, filtering maps by categories, store locator, driving directions, routs and Street View are some of the main functionalities of this DNN module. The buyer is personally responsible for purchasing an upgrade for the version of that module he or she owns. Damit können sich Schüler optimal für die Prüfung … for your site and Customers. Both of these displays support responsive design. Buying an upgrade for a professional license entitles you to upgrade one module which has been activated and is used under professional license. Many ISPs limit the sending of a large number of emails, so sending bulk emails is impossible. Did you know that about 70% of visitors will never visit your website again? Easily organize, sort, and browse hundreds or thousands of assets, across multiple repositories. EasyDNNnews is a very powerful DotNetNuke module that enables non-technical users to publish and manage articles. This forum is a unique forum based on the possibility of choosing two kinds of comments. If you use MailChimp, it's hard to beat this DNN integration. A renewal can only be applied if you own the Standard, Professional or Enterprise licenses that are not older than 2 years. For modules having been bought in the period of time longer than two years, contact us at [email protected]. EASY DNN NEWS MODULE. Very prompt in responding to questions and issues.

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