engineered wood siding

Engineered wood siding can be purchased pre-primed, ready to paint, or pre-finished in any number of finish options, which reduces the field and labor time once installed. Manufactured by Collins, a family-owned business since 1855, TruWood® Siding and Trim is a high-quality, engineered wood product designed to … RusticSeries™ wood fiber siding, which captures the natural warmth and beauty of wood on durable fiber cement and engineered wood products. Engineered wood siding costs about half the price of real wood, and it’s easier and less costly to install. Also, note that engineered wood siding products tend to be backed by generous warranties. Shapes include round, fishscale, octagon, cove, diamond and craftsman staggered. Engineered wood siding is marketed as a lower-cost, easy-to-install alternative to solid wood siding. Cottage Lap siding, 16’ boards in 4”, 5”, 8” and 12” widths. Lap siding is installed horizontally while panel siding can be installed in any direction, though most gets a horizontal application. Failure to properly install fiber cement siding can lead to mold and rot in the sheathing or structural supports. With a legacy of excellence and products engineered to endure, TruWood leads the way in beautiful, sustainable, durable trim and siding. Engineered wood is a dimensionally stable wood product made from strands of wood that are treated to protect again rot and termite damage as well as water intrusion. Engineered Wood Siding. See more ideas about wood siding, engineered wood siding, house exterior. Aug 24, 2020 - Engineered wood siding is made by a number of companies but the most popular is LP SmartSide. Both straight and staggered edges are produced for the look you desire. Engineered Wood Siding. Engineered wood siding consists of wood strands or fibers bonded with a resin under heat and pressure. At least once a year the condition of the siding should be inspected and cleaned with mild detergent and water with a soft cloth or brush. Collins: TruWood is Collin’s engineered siding line. Moisture remains a common enemy, and the engineered wood siding industry has suffered a number of class-action lawsuits due to moisture-related problems stemming from product imperfections and installation errors. The overlay may be embossed to give it a woodgrain appearance or made smooth. The siding has either a smooth or cedar texture that looks just like real cedar boards. LP SmartSide engineered wood is made of treated wood strands and fibers combined with a resin binder for strength. With LP engineered wood siding, you’ll have the opportunity of revamping your home’s look thanks to the regular repainting and polishing it requires. Bob Vila, 11 Decorative Pillow Trends to Expect in 2021, All You Need to Know About Fiber Cement Siding, These Classic Vinyl Siding Colors Deliver Curb Appeal for Years, Roofing Roundup: 7 of Today's Most Popular Choices. You’ll also see this material referred to as engineered siding, manufactured wood siding, composite wood siding and synthetic wood siding. If you are considering siding materials and you love the authentic look of wood, your next step is to decide between traditional wood siding and engineered wood siding. In this video Tod & Todd discuss the many advantages of engineered wood siding. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. However, if you’re comfortable with your house maintaining its current look for a couple of more years, then traditional vinyl is the way to go. When properly maintained, engineered wood siding is warranted for 50 years. Take, for example, LP Building Products’ SmartSide line of siding and trim. Warranty. It is a type of composite made with sawdust and bonding agents that is coated with resin binders for strength and a moisture-resistant topcoat. It is factory painted which eliminates on site painting. Engineered wood siding is the best type of siding material in the market due to its advanced features. This resin helps make the material more resistant to rot and insect activity than real wood. Engineered wood siding typically has a natural wood-grain appearance and is often available in many different pre-finished colors. Lap siding costs $1.2 – 2.2 per square foot for engineered wood. This process is used to make lap siding, shake/shingle panels, full 4 x 8 (up to 4 x 12) panels for vertical siding applications, trim, and soffit products. This is due to several upgrades on them that make them more effective. No-groove option. Fiber-cement materials, for example, offer very long warranties and have zero flamespread. Installation: Engineered wood siding is lighter than fiber cement, and comes in 16-foot board lengths for fewer seams compared to fiber cement 12-foot boards. Both can give you a traditional clapboard or shingle-style exterior, but beyond this similarity, wood and engineered wood are surprisingly different from each other. With a legacy of excellence and products engineered to endure, TruWood leads the way in beautiful, sustainable, durable trim and siding. We choose an engineered wood siding product, GOODStyle by Goodfellow (a Canadian company), that comes with a 40-year guarantee and has 100% recycled content. Improper Installation This process is used to make lap siding, shake/shingle panels, full 4 x 8 (up to 4 x 12) panels for vertical siding applications, trim, and soffit products. It also possesses high aesthetic qualities which are not only flair but also give the illusion of natural wood. Maintenance: Engineered Wood is an easy product to maintain. Learn more about our engineered wood siding and trim. Engineered wood siding is extremely durable, lasting upwards of 30 years when properly maintained. 38 Series 3/8” lap siding, strand, 16’ boards in widths of 6”, 8” and 12”. Despite being a type of wood siding, Engineered wood siding does not experience wood-rotting nor insect damage as much as natural wood siding does. Engineered wood siding is considered to be a low maintenance material, in that it doesn’t peel or chip the way that real wood does, so it doesn’t require the same amount of scraping and painting. Superior quality and excellent dimensional stability Engineered Wood vs Wood Siding In this final section, we’re going to make an engineered wood vs actual wood comparison, so that you can once and for all decide if this is the right option for you. It is offered in about 60 styles spread over lap, panel and shake siding boards. Engineered wood siding consists of wood strands or fibers bonded with a resin under heat and pressure. Specialist in engineered Western Red Cedar siding & soffiting solutions for residential and commercial applications. Engineered siding price is 20% to 50% below natural wood siding price. Engineered wood products have the look and texture of read wood only stronger and more durable than real wood. Fiber cement: is roughly $10 to $12 per sq. Engineered wood siding has changed a lot over the years thanks to technological advancements in manufacturing, and as a result – installation, handling and storage procedures have changed as well. Hy Tek is a technical wood flooring for indoor areas with heavy traffic. Typically, traditional lap siding is the cheapest, while architectural panels are most expensive. Nova hardwood siding is an economical natural alternative to other siding options when the entire lifecycle of the project is considered. Shop wood siding panels and a variety of building supplies products online at View Fire Testing Reports. Westcoast Wood Distribution Ltd. is the leader in clear vertical grain tongue & groove engineered cedar and shingle panel systems for Canada and International Markets. Warranties. They represent your options. Manufacturers claim that the treatment are safe for people, pets and the environment. The lap boards are made in longer lengths (up to 16 feet) than natural wood boards to cut down on seams. Plywood siding features a rough-sawn textured face for a beautiful rustic appearance. Colonial Beaded 3/8” lap siding, fiber, 16” boards in widths of 8” and 9”, textured and smooth options. All KWP products include a 50-year warranty against cracking, denting and hail damage and 25-year on the finish. Available pre-finished in any color you desire. This engineered wood siding guide includes pros & cons, costs and additional details that will assist you in making an informed siding decision. The siding has either a smooth or cedar texture that looks just like real cedar boards. It’s comprised of wood strands that are coated with a resin binder and compressed to create a board. The increased density of the materials resists cracking and other deterioration. Affordable building products are defined by purchase price, installation costs, and maintenance. RenoCompare was setup to be an online library of home improvement, renovation and remodeling comparisons, ideas, pictures and much more. Engineered wood siding is designed to resist termite infestation. They are also a cost-effective option for homeowners. When made correctly, engineered wood is very strong and incredibly lightweight. Though durable, they also … Manufactured wood siding is usually treated with zinc borate to make the material resistant to fungal decay and insects such as termites. Features and Benefits: Proprietary hardwood with natural wood characteristics. The pros at Weather Tight can recommend a number of beautiful choices, including engineered wood siding products from LP® SmartSide® that … Fiber cement has been around for nearly a century and, like engineered wood siding, has certain advantages over natural wood. LP Building Products: LP SmartSide siding has huge market share and is produced in lap, panel and shake options plus an impressive range of trim products and style. Homes with more stories and complex architecture cost more to side. Each SmartSide piece is also treated using LP’s SmartGuard zinc-borate treatment system to protect against termites and rot. Look through engineered wood siding pictures in different colors and … Engineered wood siding, machined for easy installation. ft. Finish choices: If you plan to paint the siding yourself to reduce cost, then choose pre-primed/ready-to-paint siding.

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