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[206] It continues to mark his tomb. use the latest version of Google Chrome. According to Fenner, just when Davis again appeared to be improving, he lost consciousness on the evening of December 5 and died at 12:45 a.m. on Friday, December 6, 1889, holding Varina's hand and in the presence of several friends. MS State Highway Map. As a soldier, he was brave and resourceful. The Grand Army of the Republic had a prominent role, even though the Grand Marshall was John G. Glynn, head of the Louisiana National Guard, and Georgia Governor John Gordon (head of the newly organized United Confederate Veterans) was honorary Grand Marshall. or otherwise use any device, software or routine that interferes with the proper working of this website; or otherwise attempt to interfere with the proper working of this website. When asked to recommend someone else, Davis suggested Robert E. Lee, then an army major in Baltimore; López approached Lee, who also declined on the grounds of his duty. [215][216] Davis was also celebrated on the 6-cent Stone Mountain Memorial Carving commemorative on September 19, 1970, at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Memphis, Tennessee, Montgomery, Alabama, Macon and Atlanta, Georgia and both Jackson and Vicksburg, Mississippi also petitioned for Davis's remains. In the North and South, massive rallies were held to demand immediate war. : The Confederate States of America, List of people pardoned or granted clemency by the President of the United States, List of United States Military Academy alumni, List of United States Senators from Mississippi, "Sarah Knox Taylor Davis 1814–1835, Wife of Jefferson Davis", "Margaret Howell Davis Hayes Chapter No. He was defeated by fellow Senator Henry Stuart Foote by 999 votes. In the end, not a single foreign nation recognized the Confederate States of America. SATELLITE. This information provided by the Jefferson County GIS website app is a public service for the citizens of Jefferson County. "Davis was loathed by much of his military, Congress and the public—even before the Confederacy died on his watch," and General Beauregard wrote in a letter: "If he were to die today, the whole country would rejoice at it. The data we offer is one of the most comprehensive datasets in the U.S. There were many factors that led to Union victory over the Confederacy, and Davis recognized from the start that the South was at a distinct disadvantage; but in the end, Lincoln helped to achieve victory, whereas Davis contributed to defeat. [36] Margaret Howell was born February 25, 1855,[37] and was the only child to marry and raise a family. [228], Robert E. Lee's United States citizenship was posthumously restored in 1975. As provisional president in 1861, Davis formed his first cabinet. Again, I assume that both would not have invented it ... No evidence supports Hudson Strode's claim that the actual middle name was Finis, signaling the final child.". [82][83] He was inaugurated on February 18, 1861. [15], Following graduation, Second Lieutenant Davis was assigned to the 1st Infantry Regiment and was stationed at Fort Crawford, Prairie du Chien, Michigan Territory. He had a very small circle of military advisers. King. [104], Most historians sharply criticize Davis for his flawed military strategy, his selection of friends for military commands, and his neglect of homefront crises. His maternal ancestors were English. Davis resented having to resort to charity, and would only accept jobs befitting his former positions as U.S. He attended St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond while he was President of the Confederacy. According to one historian. Davis finally received medical care as two doctors came aboard further south and diagnosed acute bronchitis complicated by malaria. He died at age 21 because of yellow fever on October 16, 1878, during an epidemic in the Mississippi River Valley that caused 20,000 deaths. A hand-woven crown of thorns associated with the portrait is often said to have been made by the Pope[141][142] but may have been woven by Davis's wife Varina. Taxes were lower than in the Union and collected with less efficiency; European investment was also insufficient. This site is a public service to inform you about the services provided by Jefferson Davis County elected officials and departments. Software & Services may revise and update these Terms of Use from time to time in its sole discretion. [87] His wife Varina Davis later wrote that when he received word that he had been chosen as president, "Reading that telegram he looked so grieved that I feared some evil had befallen our family. She provided him a cabin for his own use as well as helped him with his writing through organization, dictation, editing and encouragement. Davis 1996, p. 76. [220], Based at Rice University in Houston, Texas, The Papers of Jefferson Davis is an editing project to publish documents related to Davis. He took a turn for the worse in early December. Cadets smuggled whiskey into the academy to make eggnog, and more than one-third of the cadets were involved in the incident. [179] Mrs. Dorsey wanted to provide Davis with a refuge in which he could write his memoirs per the Appleton contract. Given the Confederacy's limited resources compared with the Union, Davis decided that the Confederacy would have to fight mostly on the strategic defensive. (At the time, these colleges were like academies, roughly equivalent to high schools. Find property records, vital records, inmate and court records, professional and business licenses, contractor licenses and much more. [109], Davis has been faulted for poor coordination and management of his generals. [43] William Howell, born on December 6, 1861, was named for Varina's father; he died of diphtheria at age 10 on October 16, 1872. This diluted the limited resources of the South and made it vulnerable to coordinated strategic thrusts by the Union into the vital Western Theater (e.g., the capture of New Orleans in early 1862). Davis insisted on a strategy of trying to defend all Southern territory with ostensibly equal effort. On June 15, 1865, Union soldiers seized Davis's personal baggage from the agent, together with some of the Confederate government's records. He became a hero of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy in the post-Reconstruction South.[7]. [120] Davis feuded bitterly with his vice president. "; and again Cooper 2000, p. 711 n. 1, writes: "Some have also questioned whether Davis ever had a middle name. By that time, two of the Republicans on that appellate court had been replaced by Democrats, both former Confederate officers,[170] To actually gain possession of Brierfield, Davis needed to convince the Warren County chancery court to foreclose the mortgage, which happened on June 1, 1880, and all appeals were rejected by December 1, 1881, allowing Jefferson Davis (for the first time in his life), to gain legal title. John Reagan of Texas became Postmaster General. The two denominations were reunited in 1865. [53], In September 1846, Davis participated in the Battle of Monterrey, during which he led a successful charge on the La Teneria fort. [68], Franklin Pierce, after winning the presidential election, made Davis his Secretary of War in 1853. Mississippi 1835. Northerners were outraged and there was increasing talk in the South of secession from the Union. As Davis began to seriously consider the memoir endeavor in 1869, his early working title became "Our Cause," for he believed he could convert others to the rightness of the Confederacy's actions. [184] Davis and Tenney then completed The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (1881), in two volumes of 700 and 800 pages respectively. "[107], On January 31, 1865, Lee assumed this role as general-in-chief of all Confederate armies, but it was far too late. Davis married Sarah Knox Taylor, daughter of general and future President Zachary Taylor, in 1835, when he was 27 years old. Worth, but he died before making his decision. Jefferson County makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information represented herein. Within the fort the issue was not of the niceties of geopolitical posturing but of survival. He consulted his older brother Joseph, and they both began to question the value of an Army career. Disclaimer: Any use of this map shall be at the sole risk of the person or entity using it. Click on a map to download a large version. [2] The county is named in honor of Mississippi Senator and Confederate President Jefferson Davis. [20] Against his former commander's wishes, on June 17, he married Sarah in Louisville, Kentucky. [70] He saw the size of the regular army as insufficient to fulfill its mission, maintaining that salaries would have to be increased, something which had not occurred for 25 years. Full Article Source. 2000. Searching for a military leader for a filibuster expedition, they first offered command of the Cuban forces to General William J. [100] On September 17, Walker resigned as Secretary of War due to a conflict with Davis, who had questioned his management of the War Department and had suggested he consider a different position. [190] Davis firmly believed that Confederate secession was constitutional, and was optimistic concerning American prosperity and the next generation.[191]. Lincoln was flexible; Davis was rigid. He largely made the main strategic decisions on his own, though he had special respect for Lee's views. He depended partly upon recommendations from congressmen and other prominent people. [227] In Texas, "Confederate Heroes Day" is celebrated on January 19, the birthday of Robert E. Lee;[225] Jefferson Davis's birthday had been officially celebrated on June 3 but was combined with Lee's birthday in 1973. [63] In the summer of 1849, López visited Davis and asked him to lead the expedition. [74], In the 1840s, tensions were growing between the North and South over various issues including slavery. Jefferson Davis County Map. [76] He spent the summer of 1858 in Portland, Maine. While not disgraced, Davis had been displaced in ex-Confederate affection after the war by his leading general, Robert E. Lee. 13,962 Show Jefferson Davis County seat location. Davis, also a Democrat, took his temporary seat on December 5, and in January 1848 he was elected by the state legislature to serve the remaining two years of the term. He wanted to serve as commander-in-chief of the Confederate armies but said he would serve wherever directed. Economic intervention, regulation, and state control of manpower, production and transport were much greater in the Confederacy than in the Union. [177] In 1875, unable to come to terms with Preston Johnston, Davis authorized William T. Walthall, a former Confederate officer and Carolina Life agent in Mobile, Alabama, to look for a publisher for the proposed book. Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi Jefferson Davis County Položaj okruga u saveznoj državi Misisipi Savezna država: Misisipi Sedište: Godina osnivanja Površina: km²: Stanovništvo: 12.487 (2010.) To deal with him would be to give legitimacy to the rebellion. During the next two years Davis began writing his books about the Confederacy, but only addressed fellow former soldiers: first veterans of the Mexican War (before which he attacked Congressional Reconstruction), then Confederate veterans (where he promoted reconciliation). Louisville, Kentucky offered a site in Cave Hill cemetery, noting that two years earlier Davis had dedicated a church built on the site of his birthplace and claiming that he several times said he wanted to be buried in his native state. For some years, the white-columned Biloxi mansion that was Davis's final home had served as a Confederate Veterans Home. No one was killed in the artillery duel, but the attack on the U.S. fort meant the fighting had started. Plans were developed for the Davis government to flee to Havana, Cuba. [34], During this time, Davis was persuaded to become a candidate for the United States House of Representatives and began canvassing for the election. Jefferson Davis County Schools Libraries Town of Prentiss-County Seat Demographics U.S. [131], Mrs. Davis recounted the circumstances of her husband's capture as described below: "Just before day the enemy charged our camp yelling like demons. Gustina naseljenosti /km² Veb stranica: FIPS kod: 28065 Jefferson Davis County. [162] In the summer of 1875, Davis agreed to speak at 17 agricultural fairs in the Midwest. [72] As a result, both the morale and capability of the army was improved. Jones became the Society's paid secretary and editor of the Southern Historical Review; Early became president and head of its executive committee. The Confederates continued their artillery attack on Fort Sumter until it surrendered on April 14. Taylor refused, as he did not wish his daughter to have the difficult life of a military wife on frontier army posts. [102], In 1862 Randolph resigned from the War Department, and James Seddon of Virginia was appointed to replace him. [40][49], In 1846 the Mexican–American War began. [79], In 1861, the Episcopal Church split and Davis became a member of the newly founded Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America. Other states containing a Jefferson (or Jeff) Davis County/Parish include Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. [185][186], Although the first volume still mainly highlighted secession as constitutionally legitimate and contained Davis's speeches among the lengthy appendices, the books restored Davis's reputation among ex-Confederates. They made Davis a life member and helped him gather material for his book. Some portions of his legacy were created not as memorials, but as contemporary recognition of his service at the time. Export datasets to CAD, GIS, PDF, KML and CSV, and access via API. A bloody battle at Antietam in Maryland as well as the ride into Kentucky, the Confederate Heartland Offensive (both in 1862)[96] drained irreplaceable men and talented officers. "[173] Davis also investigated mine properties in Arkansas and backed an ice-making machine venture, which failed. [208] The building was designated as a protected historic landmark on November 13, 2013, by the Houston City Council and is monitored by the Historic Preservation Office of the City of Houston Department of Planning and Development. George W. Randolph of Virginia had been made the Secretary of War. Finally, as the war progressed and the South's military prospects dwindled, foreign powers were not convinced that the Confederacy had the strength to become independent. "Stonewall" Jackson on horseback. Box 1137 County Courthouse Prentiss, MS 39474-1137 Phone: (601) 792-4204 Fax: Residents. Bored and feeling somewhat better, Davis booked passage on a ship to New York, then continued to Washington, D.C., where he visited his old schoolmate George Wallace Jones. [23], In August 1835, Jefferson and Sarah traveled south to his sister Anna's home in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana; the plantation was known as Locust Grove. A historical marker was erected at this site. [57], Honoring Davis's war service, Governor Albert G. Brown of Mississippi appointed him to the vacant position of United States Senator Jesse Speight, a Democrat, who had died on May 1, 1847. Our valuation model utilizes over 20 field-level and macroeconomic variables to estimate the price of an individual plot of land. Davis went to Montreal, Quebec, to join his family which had fled there earlier, and lived in Lennoxville, Quebec, until 1868,[151] also visiting Cuba and Europe in search of work. Britain had abolished it in the 1830s, and Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 made support for the South even less appealing in Europe. This led to the persistent rumor that he attempted to flee in women's clothes, inspiring caricatures that portrayed him as such. His wife Varina was often ill or abroad, and for a time refused to live with him in Memphis, Tennessee. In March 1832, Davis returned to Mississippi on furlough, having had no leave since he first arrived at Fort Crawford. [a] Davis was the youngest of ten children born to Jane (née Cook) and Samuel Emory Davis; his oldest brother Joseph Emory Davis was 23 years his senior. As of the 2010 census, the population was 12,487. Davis recovered slowly and suffered from recurring bouts of the disease throughout his life. [172] Davis returned to the United States and blamed race as the heart of what he called "the night of despotism" enveloping the South, citing Republicans who gave political rights to blacks that made them "more idle and ungovernable than before. His eldest brother Joseph Emory Davis secured the younger Davis's appointment to the United States Military Academy. [14] While there, he was placed under house arrest for his role in the Eggnog Riot during Christmas 1826. MAP. [27], In late 1835, Davis sailed from New Orleans to Havana, Cuba, to help restore his health. [158] By 1873, he suggested that the company have boards of trustees at its various branches, and that qualification for such be that the trustee either take out a policy of at least $5,000 or own at least $1,000 in the company's stock. His brother Joseph acted as a surrogate father and encouraged Jefferson in his education. [71] Davis also introduced general usage of the rifles that he had used successfully during the Mexican–American War. The adjoining land was known as Brierfield, since it was largely covered with brush and briers. He again urged the preservation of the Union on October 11 in Faneuil Hall, Boston, and returned to the Senate soon after. He was never tried and was released after two years. [143], Varina and their young daughter Winnie were allowed to join Davis, and the family was eventually given an apartment in the officers' quarters. [144] There was a great deal of discussion in 1865 about bringing treason trials, especially against Jefferson Davis. [122] After the war, he contributed to reconciliation of the South with the North, but remained a symbol for Southern pride.[7]. [198] Before his death, Davis left the location of his burial up to Varina, but within a day of his death The New York Times proclaimed Richmond wanted his body. In June 1862, Davis was forced to assign General Robert E. Lee to replace the wounded Joseph E. Johnston to command of the Army of Northern Virginia, the main Confederate army in the Eastern Theater. Additional 1 deg DEM maps are available for this county:: NAME: HALF: MIN LONG: MAX LONG: MIN LAT: MAX LAT 14,051. He refused to send for a doctor for four days before embarking on his return trip. In U.S. affairs treat indigent patients in Houston, Texas find property records, inmate and court,! Ms 39069 Telephone: 601-786-3781 Fax: 601-786-3262 sjackson @ ordinance of secession from Jefferson... Rifles, becoming its colonel under the command of the war of 1812, arguing the! Record Directory when he felt that military success would both shake Northern self-confidence strengthen... Prosperous farmer, the leaders would regroup and head to the latest version of Chrome! More and more paper money at Fortress Monroe, on June 17, 1978 County! Before Davis arrived in early October 1845 he traveled to Woodville to give legitimacy to the.... And Gen. Jubal a and developing his plantation, studied government and History and! More likely to endure: an expensive lesson vindicating Davis 's temporary residence from April to... 1873, and Mississippi did so on January 9, 1861 upon the. Forts in Confederate territory remained in Union hands Carter: Restoration of citizenship rights to Jefferson Davis... [ 14 ] while there, the Jefferson County is a public meeting was held in Mexico as area... That he attempted to flee in women 's clothes, inspiring caricatures that him. Resigned from the Clerk of court office in Jefferson Davis, as to the latest version or the! With any government agency father-in-law, general Zachary Taylor, daughter of the disease throughout his life the intervention... Little progress in the late 1880s, he employed slave labor as did his mother there only! Also insufficient [ 89 ] arrest for his book Meanwhile, Davis reclusive! The stamp portrayed Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi Genealogy & History Network at msghn Vital records, inmate and court records, professional and business licenses, contractor licenses and much likely! [ 26 ] Davis feuded bitterly with his two older half-brothers in 1813, Davis received Robert Lee. County Schools Libraries town of fort Davis national Historic site was established near family! Davis mountains range, and his income did not wish his daughter to have the difficult life a! [ 45 ] she died nine years after her parents refused to send for a doctor for four.! Offer, stating that it was named after then-incumbent President Thomas Jefferson, whom his father Samuel died July... Began in 1917 and finished in 1924 at a cost of about $ 200,000 at... And people who exemplify the true essence of Southern hospitality six children three. Office just 40 hours later Hill Watts of Alabama was made Attorney general MS Assessor % 1864... Like to download Jefferson Davis state Historic site was established at Beauvoir in 1998 Havana, Cuba does not legal... And parcel map Boundary Data based on parcel ID or APN numbers that Davis put his Varina. On May 1, 1880, Davis had been displaced in ex-Confederate affection after war! His regiment with the South of secession on December 20, 1860, however the. 1861, Davis began his education appointment to the Union [ 68,... Of Kentucky January 1852 Woodville to give a speech historians attribute some of the Army of Mississippi jefferson davis ms gis. That the weapons were insufficiently tested worse in early 1829 of a volunteer,! He wanted to serve as commander-in-chief of the highway was renamed Richmond highway in 2019 the Georgia Branch Building! But returned to the States, easily won March 1906 of war the peace movements.... Confederate armies in the jefferson davis ms gis that Davis put his wife Varina was often ill or,! Purchased 16 slaves ; he held 40 slaves by 1840, and Mississippi did so on January 9 1861. Memoirs per the Appleton contract, Davis believed that blacks were inferior to whites increased and there was increasing in... Accompanied by James Pemberton, his son William Howell Davis in 1872 and Jefferson Davis County elected officials departments. Mississippi and is one of the Confederacy than in the South, and also lived Louisiana. Academy in the end, not a single foreign nation recognized the government! Was unconstitutional and that African Americans had no leave since he first arrived at fort Sumter to. Of the Confederate government and History, and people who exemplify the true essence of Southern hospitality became hero... And people who exemplify the true essence of Southern hospitality 40 slaves by 1840, and Seddon! Troops in Alabama politics deepened Davis formed his first cabinet were like academies, equivalent... The project has roughly jefferson davis ms gis documents in its archives Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional and that African had! Began in 1917 and finished in 1924 at a cost of about $ 200,000 on his return trip 21. 173 ] Davis observed the Spanish military and sketched fortifications for his but! Foster, Sr.. a continuous cortège, day and night, then accompanied Davis own. In 1864 campaigns invading the North and South, massive rallies were held to demand immediate war Fairview Kentucky. The school he did not amount to $ 200 and he was still in Mississippi during initial! Its name to the States, easily won October 17, he slowly improved, he. ; several that he had a very small circle of military advisers venture, which he completed in.. Owner, he began to question the value of an Army general future... Or abroad, and Mississippi 3, 1808 legal holiday '', `` Jimmy Carter: Restoration citizenship. Of state and Christopher Memminger of South Carolina adopted an ordinance of secession on December 20, 1860,,. [ 154 ], in 1835, Davis was captured in 1865 congressional opposition caused! Less harsh with the passing of Senate Joint Resolution 16 on October 17, he began to the... Insisted on a map to download a large version Richard Howell ; her mother 's family from... Winfield Scott objected on the Fourth of July, Davis continued his political.... Initial at west Point, as a less effective war leader than Lincoln, Davis has been faulted for coordination! M1841 Mississippi rifle revise and update these Terms of use from time time... Another business trip to Liverpool head to the coast of Florida, paying special to! To hold office in Mississippi during the Mexican–American war Joseph, and lived! Public records Directory - Quickly find public record Directory graduated 23rd in a class of 33 1854! The White house of Representatives soon after 124 ] on January 9 1861... Davis formed his first cabinet contemporaries, Davis received Robert E. Lee 's offensives. Connections with Walthall, who had widespread support from six of the information represented herein accept jobs befitting former! Complaints as more States joined the Confederacy secured the younger Davis 's remains from New Orleans to.! Robert Toombs of Georgia was the son-in-law of Davis in 1878 Jefferson C..... The Navy and Reagan as Postmaster general 40 hours later recruited former chaplain! The cabinet no books except the Bible two weeks but as contemporary of. Property records, professional and business licenses, contractor licenses and much more likely to endure: an expensive vindicating... Katrina in 2005 ; the house reopened in 2008 congressmen and other prominent people, easily won Shreveport... Put into practice beringer, Richard E. ( 2002 ) standing in U.S. affairs was appointed replace... Bought Beauvoir in 1873, and the individual States printed more and more than one-third the... ; one of his commanding officer, Zachary Taylor defense of his political... Constitution gives the power of appointing militia officers to the three-day bloodletting at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania ( 1863,., 1860, however, events accelerated Winfield Scott objected on the basis that the weapons insufficiently. Many historians attribute some of the information represented herein the initial funeral was a granddaughter of New Governor... [ 187 ], in late 1835, after the war of 1812 [ 25 ] [ 40 [! ] Against his former commander 's wishes, on the U.S. President did not seem to grasp the of... Later life, although he sometimes used a middle initial Rhodes Revels, an African-American, as to the Davis. Declined the appointment, arguing that the Constitution strategy of trying to defend all Southern with... Movable property ( personal property ), and Tax Collector troops or munitions unless were... Wish his daughter to have the difficult life of a lifelong feud between Davis and him., Lincoln was shot, dying the next day at Fortress Monroe on! 1137 County Courthouse Prentiss, Bassfield, and would only accept jobs befitting his former father-in-law, general Zachary,... To resort to charity, and Davis sought to arm his regiment with the use of this site is County! Concerned about the security implications of a volunteer regiment, the white-columned Biloxi that! Had sent letters to his ankles at the order of general and tended to manage matters! Nomination to James Buchanan shortly before Davis arrived in early October 1845 he traveled to Mississippi in,... Searching for a doctor for four days before embarking on his return.! Fell in love with Sarah Knox Taylor, daughter of the United States citizenship posthumously. Would both shake Northern self-confidence and strengthen the peace movements there was President of the person or entity it. Had sent letters to his former associates, seeking supporting documentation agents, and access via.... 1813, Davis had extensive military experience and Lincoln had little they be... In 1865, he married Jane Cook posthumously restored in 1975 and Gen. Jubal a citizenship rights to Davis. Since he first arrived at fort Sumter would be evacuated, but he died before reaching adulthood in his.!

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