my cat is scared of me

My cat is constantly staring into one corner of my room. Due to allergies, I couldnt keep my 2 cats in the home I was living in. Whereas the female has always been more shy and scared which is the reason why we adopted them both( we originally only wanted her). My 2 cats have been boarded, at 3 diffrrent homes, the whole 9 months, and a few … If you already have one or more cats and you bring a new cat home, the reaction of your old (or resident cat or cats), may simply be to avoid the new cat. Everyone else he hisses at and runs away. There are a few simple things you can do to make your cat feel more comfortable before a visitor comes into your home. My cat is scared of me ever since I boarded her... by: AnonymousAutumn About 9 mon5hs ago, I moved outta state. Before we actually get to the issue of "my cat is scared of something I can't see", it's a good idea to talk a bit about the behaviors of cats in panic mode. If a cat is upset and … He hid under my couch for the first 6 months, but every day I laid on the floor and sang to … A naturally timid cat may be afraid of many things and spend a lot of her life in hiding, while a naturally confident cat will be less fearful and will usually recover more quickly from scary events. He puts up with my husband because he gives him treats. When your cat appears calmer, engage him in an activity that he truly likes, such as chasing after a fishing pole toy or batting around his crinkle cat toy. Has your cat undergone changes in its behavior and now shows fear? In general, cats are a scary creature of god. My cat is a black British shorthair who is five, but I've had him about 3 years. Watching for Fear to Turn to Aggression Notice if your cat's hair is bristling. But … What to Do When Your Cat Is Anxious or Scared. Get Ready for Guests. She is starring at me and is liking her lips every 30 sec. Little kitten is afraid of me. My cat comes running, jumps on my left shoulder and gives me lots and lots of kisses as if she wants to say “you’ll be okay!” Reply May 10, 2018 at 2:23 am Cats are territorial by nature. my cat is 9 years old and she suddenly got afraid of me, hiding under the bed etc. I have 2 cats one is tame and one is a scared cat, we have just moved house and I managed to move one of my cats into a cage but the scared one ran away before I could put her in her cage so she is still at the old house but won't came out of hiding and she is scared of the new tenants . If your cat is staring at you and he is crouched down with his tail tucked under his body, or if he is hiding behind a piece of furniture, this is an indication your cat is fearful. Why is my cat suddenly acting so afraid of me - Answered by a verified Cat Vet. Scared Cat Help Your Nervous Cat If you think you have a scared cat, or a depressed or nervous cat then you could be right, cats can suffer from stress and anxiety just like the rest of us! Your current cat probably doesn't hate your new cat, she's probably just scared of him. I have a rescue cat who was found in a deserted house with 14 other cats. I adopted him when he was a bit over a year old. However, if a cat is calm and friendly with his family but afraid of visitors, it’s often because he didn’t have enough experience meeting new people when he was very young. ). Why would my cat suddenly be afraid of me? She is a very very loving cat usually. Although this behavior is very frustrating for the human companion of the cat, we must understand that fear is a natural You want to understand and take care of your cat. This is the prime socialization period, which we’ll call the socialization window. User Info: lllPride. Jan 30, 2016: Scared cat NEW by: Katie Hi there . Notable Signs Of Terrified Cats. It can make them get defensive, paranoid, and hide from you. For example, one cat may confront a strange dog by hissing, spitting, and puffing out his fur to make himself look big. She brought her son of 15 months, and a 4yr old male cat she got from Second Chance two weeks prior to moving in. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If you are wondering Why Is Your Cat Scared All Of a Sudden, this article will help you to figure out.. I have a cat that I found in my dad’s 1973 Cadillac El Clasico engine, five years ago. i hit my cat, and now he's afraid of me. Lie on the couch with you. Your cat might feel threatened. A frightened cat can be afraid of many things and spend much of its life in hiding, while a confident cat will usually recover more quickly from situations that cause fear or stress. Here's the story, My niece moved in with me about three weeks ago. Five years later, he's now the biggest lap cat. Make sure that she has lots of cat items. If your cat is an adult and is already afraid of new people, it’s going to be more of a challenge to help build her confidence around strangers, but progress is possible. sleeping in my bed with me, coming to sit on my lap, follow me around, etc. … Proper socialization is key to raising a confident cat. The first thing to understand is knowing the reason behind the fear and why she acts scared, avoidant or skittish. She can’t look at any of us in the eyes, she constantly runs away when she sees … Havana Cat; Ashera; Your Cat is Sick. Scared of me after 1 1/2 years, will this timid cat behavior ever end? spooking my cat Such as the following: 01. Scared Cat. He was 3 weeks old and he was found with two baby possums. This is mainly applicable to younger cats that may not have experienced this particular illness before. I got him from a animal shelter and he seemed very scared of humans and would lash out at people. Cats can develop a fear of people they don’t know for many reasons. As you can imagine, I now have four scared cats who hide really well (or peer out from the shadows, hissing) until food arrives, and then they might come out for a bite if my back is turned. To this day, he will only come to me. It was probably about a month total that it took him to fully accept me and start lovingly interacting with me (i.e. The first issue could be an illness. We moved about 3 weeks ago … Kitten social development mainly occurs between 2 and 7 weeks of age. If you have a multi-cat home, you can bet there is … Cats react to sickness and injury in different ways, and some cats react by hiding away while they heal, recover, or go through their pain or sickness in the safety of a cocoon-like environment. It’s always the same corner, plus he’s scared and just moves away when I try to pet him and assure him everything is okay. More Words of Wisdom: | Dealing with a scared or aggressive kitty? Why would my cat suddenly be afraid of me? So me and my family have had our cats for 7 years. My female cat won't let anyone but me near her, while her brother is cool as a cucumber with almost everyone. Has it even attacked you? If you know what a scared kitty looks like, you could avoid adding unwanted stress and possibly pinpoint the trigger. Q: Two weeks ago I adopted a 10-year-old Torti-Siamese cat. The worst reason for your cat suddenly seeming scared of you is if they are experiencing illness. Every cat has a different character and behavior that is shaped by her breed and her experiences as a kitten. Why Is My Kitten So Scared? Territorial dispute. Companion felines have unique personalities, and some are just more outgoing than others. There are several reasons why your cat may suddenly be afraid of you. She will lie beside me in bed, come to me if I call her and let me pet her but she will not let me pick her up. lllPride 7 years ago #1. Illness. I have befriended feral cats on the street, after months of patience and feeding and sweet talking, so I know this is possible, no matter the age of the cat. I've showered the cat in love, and have been taking care of his every need. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. At the time, I felt like he'd never acclimate. when she left to go drink she ran away from me. The male had always been fine, very cuddly and not scared at all. This does not “reward” the fearful behavior, contrary to … You just brought home a new cat, and your old cat wants her dead. And every time I move my hands around her she runs and hides under the bed (she seems afraid that I will hit her or something). As much as they are cute and adorable, at the same time, they fear a lot. Your cat is scared , he’s scared of you, he’s hiding . He is scared … My female feral cat is sound asleep on my lap as I type this. Try Comforting Your Cat. If you see signs of anxiety, follow these tips. The cat is a social animal, although to a lesser extent than the dog. Most of us are aware of how fear and anxiety can impact on our own lives and physical health. Neither will let me pick them up, but they will lay on my lap or stomach. When your cat is having a moderate or severe fear response, it is okay to attempt to comfort or soothe your cat. It's all up to her though. - Has a new cat arrived in the family and seems to always be scared of you? If your cat is scared suddenly, I am confident there must be a reason you aren't aware of it.. These past few months she’s seems to have gone worst. Why Is My Cat Scared All of a Sudden?

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