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c) 1.08 250+ Aviation Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are the main areas in Aviation? Question2: What is the requirement to become a Professional Engineer (PE) in the field of Aerospace? We need to design a supersonic fighter with afterburner which has maximum Mach number of 1.8. View Answer, 9. Torsional stress in … Basic Aircraft Flight. 8 Tips To Make A Textbook Traffic Pattern Every Time, What To Expect On Your Private Pilot Checkride: The Oral Exam, Your Guide To Flying Commercial Steep Turns, How To Pick The Best VFR Cross-Country Checkpoints. a) Slow down the incoming air b) Increase the mach number of incoming air c) Increase lift by wing d) Increase lift curve slope of tail b) 12000 unit 8. Become a better pilot.Subscribe to the Boldmethod email and get real-world flying tips and information direct to your inbox, every week. 1. Understanding how to listen to and find other aircraft in the airspace around you is critical to being able to operate a drone safely – especially when operating in the vicinity of an airport. Participate in the Sanfoundry Certification contest to get free Certificate of Merit. 2 Based on: Top 10 aircraft interview questions and answers Updated To: Top 80 aircraft interview questions and answers On: Mar 2017 3. c) NACA flush inlet All questions and answers are randomly picked and ordered every time you load a test. d) 183.129 b) 0.1 Read this guidance and understand how to write a effective essay answer in your exam.Click on the links to view the answers of these module 7 Essay questions. EASA part 66 module 1 consist of basic to intermediate level of mathematics. a) 1.548 Unreliable ILS Signal Causes A Missed Approach. 6. To practice basic questions and answers on all areas of Aircraft Maintenance, here is complete set of 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. View Answer, 7. Get Boldmethod flying tips and videos direct to your inbox. a) 2D ramp inlet Can You Identify These 8 Cloud Formations? View Answer, 2. Keep studying, and you'll have these questions down in no time... Want to be a pilot? Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes. If You Go-Around On A Visual Approach Under IFR, Do You Need To Contact ATC Immediately? Quiz: Basic Aircraft Aerodynamics. Following diagram represents _____ View Answer, 5. Quiz: 6 Questions To See How Much You Know About VFR Sectional Charts, Quiz: 6 Questions To See How Much You Know About IFR Weather, Setting Up The Perfect VFR Arrival To An Airport: Boldmethod Live, How To Find Cloud Top Heights For An IFR Flight: Boldmethod Live, The Top 3 VFR Questions We've Gotten This Month: Boldmethod Live, When Can You Go Below MDA Or DA On An Instrument Approach? What is the use of inlet section? View Answer, 4. Best Pilot Interview Questions and Answers: The following mentioned are few common aviation interview questions and answers. When a radar sweeps around, the signal bounces off all aircraft and sends a "blip" back to the controller's scope. All Rights Reserved. B. B757, B767, A330. That page can then be viewed by others who may have the same or similar question. This quiz is part of the enrollment procedure of our virtual airline. More Aviation Quizzes. This set of Basic Aircraft Design Questions and Answers focuses on “Propulsion – Jet-Engine Integration-2”. b) total dynamic pressure Question3: When can one deviate from any flight rules and regulations? When this sweep hits your aircraft, the transponder sends an extra signal back to the controller, and he sees the code that you have selected on your transponder. Because of that, the aircraft … Calculate the approximate value of length at which supersonic after burning engine could be design in such a way that thrust at takeoff will be 29800 unit and maximum Mach number will be 2.12. View Answer. View Answer, 6. A) 193.7 B) 122.9 C) 118.675. 0. a) Slow down the incoming air At which diameter we should design a supersonic after burning engine for a fighter which will have thrust at takeoff 150000 Unit and bypass ratio of 0.7. What was its name before being renamed O'Hare International Airport in … Why Does CG Location Affect Your Airplane's Performance? b) Flap d) lift to drag ratio b) Flush inlet As you burn fuel during the flight, your maneuvering speed (Va) _________. Improve your pilot skills. c) Flash inlet Components such as windshield wipers operate using a capacitor. Question 4: (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 21, area 2) What is the CTAF frequency at Garrison (D05)? a) 0.8 c) Increase lift by wing © 2011-2020 Sanfoundry. b) 160.78 unit By. the main parts of an aircraft. This will allow the aircraft to turn and uses the ailerons effectively to bank the aircraft by minimum use of rudder. Question2: What is the body which issues the licences? d) Increase lift curve slope of tail b) False To practice basic questions and answers all areas of Aircraft Design, here is complete set of 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. Typically, diffuser length is about eight times the diameter for supersonic application. View Answer, 14. AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE Interview Questions for freshers experienced :- 1. why aircraft body is made of aluminum and Why refrigeration is done inside aircraft?

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