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engineer scientist research associate Area of Focus: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and R&D Sector Self-motivated, Mistake #1 click here team-player and diligent professional possessing a Master’s … This includes recruiting and working with schools, assisting in product development, supervising researchers in classrooms, and performing analyses. Employed HPLC, NMR, ESI-MS, UV-Vis, and XRD to characterize products and intermediates. Escalated quality issues to Clinical Team Lead (CTL) and/or line manager. Helped pharmaceutical companies map and chart medicinal side effects by interpreting statistical data. Fully handled many aspects of laboratory start-up and organization. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Conducted government funded research project on Nano-mechanical properties of natural fiber and composites. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Responsible for constructing and high throughput screening of enzyme libraries utilizing various in vivo and in vitro assays. Prepared Site Visit Reports, managed query resolution and ensured adherence to study monitoring schedule, Filled oligo synthesis orders; ran custom mutagenesis processes including primer design & synthesis, DNA sequencing analysis, and colony screening; conducted mini-prep purification / plasmid DNA extraction, Grew daily bacteria cultures; prepared buffers, solutions, and agarose gels, Assigned own gene construction and mutagenesis projects less than 1 year into role, Consulted with medical professionals to ensure proper enrollment of patients, Encouraged enrollment in studies by informing patients on the risks and benefits, Collaborated with medical professionals to perform successful studies for each enrolled, Assisted undergraduate researchers with conducting SRP199 research, Maintained human liver cell culture (Huh 7.5.1) for the lab, Responsible for clearing radioactive materials from the lab observing strict guidelines, Maintained lab's safety environment and cooperated with EHS officers during lab safety inspection, Increased protein purification and characterization throughput by developing a 24-well plate based gravity flow purification system. sales, finance and administration, and project management. Assisted lower level associates with the design of surveys and experiments. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Assist with USAID TRAction Project: "Designing and Evaluating Behavior Change Interventions to Improve the Adoption and Use of Improved Cookstoves", Dedicated to improving patient's quality of life; conservative Surgeon with history of positive patient outcomes, Supervised 45+ staff for CFR 210/211 compliance, Certified for cGMP/cGLP, BSL-3 and clean-room work. Created and maintained appropriate documentation regarding site management, monitoring visit findings and action plans by submitting regular visit reports and other required study documentation. Supervised and provided synthetic guidance to a co-op student on LpxC project. Use active language and a reasonable mix of hard and soft skills. Participated in study start-up activities and site recruitment, distributed and tracked results of site questionnaires and study interest, assembled & distributed site binders. Senior Research Associate, Delivery biotechnology research associate resume and Formulation 1037798. Showcase your academic experience and highlight your research skills with our research … Expert in various chromatography techniques, including but not limited to: HPLC, GC-Mass Spec, Monoclonal Antibodies, and more. Equity Research Associate Resume Examples. Performed client service and support for subscribers and prospects. Cultivated various mammalian cells, including primary cells and cell lines, Performed molecular biology techniques, including: recombinant DNA technique, ELISA, Western Blot, PCR, RNA/DNA isolation, Conducted cell based assays and in vivo experiments in mice, Designed and constructed various expression plasmids and bacteria strains with different gene knockouts, Established a novel system to deliver recombinant proteins into host cells, Served as research instructor for graduate students in instrumentation and experiment design, Boosted a faltering project to meet all milestones by introducing project management tools and clearer avenues of communication among diverse groups, Proposed and led innovation in computer mediated testing methods, enabling studies to be run more efficiently and at a distance, Organized, executed, and supervised a classroom-based study using 1400 students and a team of 9 researchers, Resolved assay related failures during clinical trials conducted in Africa, Developed test methods for assay verification/validation studies, Authored the user FMEA to identify assays failure modes for CE mark submissions. I also enjoy writing computer code and designing websites in my spare time. Built and maintained the internal computational tools with Java and Perl, and developed scientific visual and dataflow programming with Pipeline pilot. Wrote and designed marketing material for research reports. #1 Finance Book on Amazon within one week of release. Worked with appropriate team members from different functional areas to communicate consistency throughout the study and ensured that key study milestones were met. Spearheaded research projects and instructed medical students, medical interns, research interns and residents. Assisted with day-to-day management of technical aspects for NCES contract to collect student assessment data in reading, math, and science literacy for U.S. participation in PISA:2009. Trained team members on study protocol, study procedures & company SOP's. Worked with the director of research to identify, develop, and seek funding for projects of interest, Conducted literature reviews for granting agencies as well as for abstract submission to conferences, Assisted investigator with writing, editing, and preparing documents for IRB including informed consent forms, Collected clinical and laboratory data from patient medical records for analysis, Restocked reagent inventory and lab supplies, and prepared specimen for testing. Assist in the submission of SBIR, R01 and P01 grants to NIH. To be a successful candidate for biochemist jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says it helps to have a comprehensive resume. Collaboratively worked with other companies to develop an assay for companion diagnostics. 5,047 Biotech Research jobs available on Updated team Salesforce and Pardot by adding new contacts and accounts. Worked in a team to help introduce a new product in the market. Biotechnology is a diverse field, but you must explain that your job involves using software programs to model biological and statistical data, performing scientific research … Worked in collaboration with Principal Investigators, Sub-Investigators and staff to prepare new clinical trials to be submitted to the Institutional Review Board including but not limited to protocol, consent forms, amendments, serious adverse events, protocol violation reports, continuing review reports. Biotechnologist: Laboratory Technican: Health … Show off your tech savvy by adding computer knowledge to your skills section. My Spider Scam Awareness Contacting Us F. A. Q. Presented at professional meetings, both national and international. The low-stress way to find your next biotechnology research associate job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Studied the phase transformation during heat treatment and the influence of heat treatments and titanium addition on Nb3Sn properties. Developed additional techniques (in vitro fertilization and embryo biopsy) to generate transgenic progeny. Created ATLS workshops and training courses for junior doctors, Successfully developed and tested clinical assays for two products approved by the FDA for human use, Performance based promotions to two higher levels of Research Associate and then to Supervisor. Highly capable and motivated biotechnology professional with superior analytical and problem-solving skills. Research Assistant, [company name], Beijing, China: Synthesis, isolation, and purification of organometallic supramolecular complexes. Important hard skills include interpreting research, performing lab work, understanding complex mathematical concepts, and analyzing and integrating scientific data. All rights reserved. Isolated and characterized novel gene that can be used for direct production of biodiesel, Identified a brain peptide regulated by Creb/Crtc that suppresses gut microbiome inflammation, Analyzed commensal microbiome dynamics using culture, qPCR and Next Gen Sequencing, Genetic engineering to make knockout Drosophila mutants using CRISPR, Developed antibody against Crtc from antigen designing, protein purification, antisera screening, Gained proficiency in qPCR, ChIP, protein purification, metabolite profiling, antisera characterization, Supervised graduate rotation students on research projects. Served as instructor for: Engineering graphics, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Numerical Analysis. Master of Science in Biotechnology and Mathematics. ), Determination of kinetic parameters (KM, kcat, Ki, thermostabilities, solubility, etc. Prepared materials and adapted international assessment instruments and background questionnaires to U.S. English. If you’ve got little or no research experience, the … Created primary research through quantitative analyses of “big data” using Excel and Statwing as well as conducted qualitative analysis by interviewing industry thought leaders. Followed through with extensive training to achieve access to a BSL3 level laboratory. Initiated and maintained research survey outreach with the assistance of Saleforce campaigns and Pardot. Fully committed to performing groundbreaking research in an environment that fosters ingenuity and creativity. Ability to translate complex scientific and mathematical concepts into layman’s terms for executives and other professionals. There are over 1,084 biotechnology research associate … Complete site management of 21 sites; oversaw the implementation of 13 protocols, 6 of which were Oncology trials. Enzyme assay development (absorbance, fluorescence, cell-based, colorimetric, analytical - HPLC/LC-MS, etc. Analyzed and interpreted company financial statements and news in tandem with Bloomberg with focus on operating and credit metrics, Built and maintained three-statement financial models; worked with commodities strategists and economists to temper models and expectations, Clearly and succinctly relayed views to clients in person, over the phone, and in research reports disseminated to the readership base, Conducted fundamental credit research, covenant analysis, and forecasts on companies and high yield corporate bonds and leveraged loans, Took initiative to network and assist internal, external, and potential clients at industry conferences and Citi-sponsored research analyst events, Monitored covered companies through earnings calls, news events, and other significant releases, evaluating effects across the capital structure, Drafted and composed research reports on tight deadlines with focus on earnings interpretation, leverage, EBITDA, and guidance/outlook, Maintained relative value analysis, ensuring accuracy of information and consistency with newly issued company press releases and statements, Developed one long-term personal project on Japanese markets and the effect of Abenomics; coordinated with all teams for consensus views, Genotyped genomic DNA samples of mice from colony using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Helped pioneer aseptic technique to conduct behavior studies on immune deficient NOD SCID gamma (NSG) mouse strain and developed protocol for novel object recognition (NOR) experiment specific for this strain, Performed routine isolation of CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) from umbilical cord blood and intrahepatic injections into mouse models, Collected and analyzed mouse blood samples by flow cytometry, Performed intraventricular injections of neural stem cells (NSCs) into mouse brain using stereotaxic apparatus, Assisted in the generation and passaging of induced pluripotent stem cells (ipscs), Involved with culturing, maintenance and analysis of biopsied human dermal fibroblast lines by immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry, Cultured and maintained ipscs derived NSCs, sourced from umbilical cord blood, Trained Bridges to Stem Cell Research (BSCR) interns in cell culturing, immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry and animal behavioral studies, Investigated the effect of Reynolds Number and Aspect Ratio on flow structures and heat transfer in a turbulated, Implemented a novel measurement technique for the lab (Transient Thermal Liquid Crystals), Designed future rotating experiments for more representative flow physics and conditions, Managed contract research organization personnel, specifically to facilitate accurate data, Trained new study site staff for ongoing patients in neurological study, Completed MedWatch reports for Regulatory compliance and submission. Results was published and presented at ASME Conference in Montreal, Canada. Designed, initiated, monitored and completed research experiments with co-workers and academic collaborators to improve the process of transgenic production. Maintain working professional relationships with several local supply and equipment vendors. A patent has been filed and several companies are working to manufacture new-generation Nb3Sn superconductors based on this invention. Invented an internal oxidation technique to markedly refine Nb3Sn grain size (to 35 nm) and boost the performance of Nb3Sn wires. Evaluated the quality and integrity of study site practices related to the proper conduct of the protocol and adherence to applicable regulations. Learning what details to include can ensure that you utilize a professional format. 2,083 Research Associate Biotech jobs available on Lead the efforts for the flow cytometer based assay optimization for temperature stability, antimicrobials selection and lyophilizing agents of the Myt4 assay, Wrote the part of World Bank and Asia Development Bank in the published report on Global Development Financing Report 2015 forCICA summit including case studies and general introduction and comparisons with the National Development Bank of China, Materials Forming And Control Engineering. Screening efforts identified several improved enzymes that resulted in > 30% increase in product titers and rates. Check out our biotechnology CV sample for more ideas. I have a great knowledge of required biotech field which able to handle different lab equipment. Lead teams of analysts and engineers integrating several components in both projects above. Traveled to sites and conducts on-site qualification, study initiation, interim monitoring and close-out monitoring. I have a special emphasis on working with schools for research and development of educational technology, primarily intelligent tutoring systems for learning math. There are a few different places you can mention your certifications. Implemented and oversaw a testing regime for computer chips requiring extensive quality control over a large scale project. If the employer is concerned, he or she will ask questions later. Supported preparation of key reports and documents on study progress for Project Manager and client review. Business Management, Concentration: International. Performed embryo micromanipulation (pronuclear microinjection and somatic cell nuclear transfer) to produce transgenic dairy goats expressing recombinant pharmaceutical small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. Awarded [company name] Research Assistantship for the duration of my studies. CVs have more flexibility in their format than resumes do. As a researcher and scientist, you must be comfortable following important safety procedures and ensuring that they are followed by others as well. Studied formation of compounds in diffusion reaction processes and developed a model for compositions and layer growth of non-stoichiometric compounds formed by diffusion reactions. Salary estimates are based on 8 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Biotechnology Equity Research Associate … Provided global analysis/statistics in Sponsor, Data Management, and Team teleconferences. Key contributor in the design, experimentation and verification/validation of qPCR-based viral and bacterial assays for FDA approval. This sample resume she created shows how your internship experience and academic credentials can serve as strong building blocks for your entry-level biochemist resume. You can emphasize your most important one in the professional summary by describing yourself as a “BDCP biotechnologist,” for example. Addressed customer service inquiries in a timely and accurate fashion. Researched and analyzed SEC filings, primarily including DEF-14A's, Form 10-K's, Form 8-K's, and SEDAR filings, Analyzed equity plans and executive compensation programs using Microsoft Excel, Provided complete and comprehensive vote recommendations for clients, Conducted and patented research project on Nano material additives developing for wood adhesive application, Investigated the possibility of soybean based resin systems using for OSB and plywood, Investigated steam injection pre-heating of pMDI resinated OSB mats and hot-pressing parameters, Drafted grant proposals, patent draft, reports, and research publications, Lead-authored two journal manuscripts and seven research conference presentations, Programmed human behavioral, EEG (electroencephalography), and fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) experiments examining memory, personality, and economic decision-making, Designed custom software in Python and R to analyze complex behavioral, EEG, and fMRI data sets, Collaborated with OSU Hospitals Neuromodulation division on a preliminary deep brain stimulation (DBS) study with Alzheimer's Disease patients, one of the first such studies in the United States, Coordinated lab applications for national grants and institutional review board permissions. Talk to a Biotech Resume Expert. Served as a research associate, study supervisor, and trainer of new hires with increasing responsibilities. The goal of this work was searching for undiscovered particles. Constructed, revised and followed protocols for a range of different assays and procedures. Provide technical expertise in the areas of infectious agents and personnel safety, Perform required microbiological analysis on materials, Develop and perform microbial method validations, Identified and classified microorganisms found in different specimens, Designed, executed, analysis, and evaluation of research projects. Assist all research nurses with collection and processing of blood samples; data collection; CRF completion. Co-developed a … Studied the influence of Cu/Nb/Sn precursor architectures on Nb3Sn fractions and properties. That is why it is important to include related skills, education, and experience in a clear manner that is easy to read. Specialized in marketing analytics for advisor communication channels. Identified and gathered missing /incomplete data from the site to assist in query resolution. New biotechnology research associate careers are added daily on Administered the Linux/UNIX application servers.

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