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Strictly-speaking, there is still a similar amount of high frequency roll-off to the SE530 but the response stays stronger and cleaner right up to the roll-off point. I found myself slightly underwhelmed by the sizeable-yet-intimate presentation of the SE530. The new version, therefore, is not a must-have upgrade for SE530 owners but those buying a Shure product now will clearly be better off with the SE535. T20i is a lot bassier (even without the +bass filters) and more v-shaped in terms of frequency response. Need to sound a few grand to beat them TommyB. The manufacturer's reputation for professional-grade products oozes out these. How does the Shure 535 compare to Dunu 2002 (or Dunu 2000)? For audiophiles who want the absolute best sound quality, the 535s can certainly do a job as everyday earphones. And I know some of these things I’m mentioning can be added aftermarket to other headphones, but it is nice to get it all at once simply, and some of these can’t be added after. I ended up getting the EarSonics SM64. The SE535 are an advanced design. Build Quality (4.5/5) – With the SE535, Shure has beefed up the construction of the flagship earphone, integrating the nozzle into the housing molds and foregoing the modular cable for a detachable single-piece design. First post & bit of a noob but hoping you can help me out. The 535s are the upper-middle end of Shure’s SE sound-isolating earbud line, which starts with the $90 SE112 and goes all the way up to the $999 SE846. Shure SE425 Headphones Review. Shure SE535 Series Earphone Reviews. Wear Style: Over-the-ear, Accessories (5/5) – Single-flange (3 sizes) and triple-flange silicone tips, Olive foam tips (3 sizes), porous yellow foam tips, cleaning tool, ¼” adapter, in-line attenuator, airline adapter, and hard clamshell carrying case I have been using Klipsch i7 for the past year but the left ear recently went out (seems to be a recurring issue with Klipsch) and I am currently seeking a replacement universal. The restitution is cruelly flat, the soundstage completely compressed. I am currently considering SE525, AF180, ATH-CK10 (may be too flat), and W40 (may be too warm). Chose SE215 and switched to SE535 Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2016 Color: Bronze Verified Purchase Write a user review Ask for a user review. I don’t disagree with anything you say here, but I think there is a bigger picture, which in the comments you do mention. It also carries more air and, unlike the SE530, can make claims to sonic balance. It retains the power and authority of the SE530 but sounds slightly less forward, mainly due to the greater treble presence. It may be better if you’re looking for a flat/neutral IEM but then you have lots of other options that don’t cost as much, such as the Audio-Technica IM02. They have twin mid/bass drivers and a dedicated tweeter per side and can dig deep when the music demands. It sounds great, though. Our Verdict. SE535 Inclusions. All SE535 color options include your choice of either both Bluetooth and 3.5mm communication accessories or the SE535LTD comes with a light grey standard 3.5mm cable. The bass is flat and well-extended. The SE535 earpieces are similar to those of the SE530 where Shure introduced the contoured mould which is made to sit inside the outer ear. They can be hard to find these days but are fantastic for the price. What would you recommend that has a bit more warmth and richness, without losing any of the soundstage (or even gaining a bit)? Hello, old friend. These are very flexible in their use cases. Also, the SE are supposed to be a little better. I ended up going with some RHA T20’s in the end as the sound quality was up another few notches compared to the flares. Shure replaced them with the SE535s (an unexpected surprise). Dislikes Price. HEDD Audio HEDDphone Review – Coup d’etat, PW Audio Monile: Colour Me Bold – An In-Ear Monitor Cable Review, Introducing Meters Music Level Up (gaming) and OV-1-B-CONNECT Headphones. Shares. The build quality has undergone the largest improvement, with the modular cable dropped in favor of a fully detachable system. I think it’s less warm than the SE535 and not as unique, if that makes sense. Strain reliefs are again extremely beefy and the cable is much thicker than average. Unfortunately I’m nor familiar with the Klipsch i7 but from what you’re describing I definitely wouldn’t go with the CK10. Bass quantity will be lower but the bass quality of the SE535 is very hard to fault until you get down to the sub-bass region, where it runs out of steam. But these puppies will set … The Bluetooth receiver is a let-down. If you like this Video, You can check our website: , and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. There’s also the Sony XBA-H3, which is tuned similarly, but with that you get neither the isolation nor the musician’s monitor form factor. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I am looking for an upgrade since it just broke out of the warranty. I’ve never tried a Flare Audio product, but if they sound best to you then they are definitely the ones I’d stick with. The Shure SE535 are very expensive. I recently heard the se535s, and I really liked it’s sound signature. Isolation (4/5) – As with most ergo-fit monitors, the SE535 isolates quite a lot with longer tips such as the included triple-flanges In the case of the SE530/SE535, the changes touch mostly on construction and performance. The cable is thick, heavily rubberized and detachable which makes them feel like premium in-ears. The listening environment was very poor though along with the seal I got from the buds I tried them with.So currently sticking with the flares so far, how do you think they compare to the 535’s & T20’s??? The build quality is decent. Soundstage and midrange would be two areas where the SE535 has a small advantage. not the detailed sound I’d heard about in so many reviews. If I were you’d I’d start with figuring out what you’re after in terms of sound – whether you’re interested in moving in a more accurate and neutral direction from your SE215, or you want something equally smooth and bassy, or you’re looking for more liveliness and excitement in the form of brighter treble (the SE215 is not exactly tops for treble presence), and so on. There was a problem. Also a huge plus and, again, the sound isolation is critical there. All user reviews for the Shure SE535. Hello joker! With a wired connection, from a smartphone or DAP, the musical restitution acquires a little more space and vitality, and therefore seems more balanced and precise. I have tried some flare R2s’s which sounded much better, I may even keep these ones! They have twin mid/bass drivers and a dedicated tweeter per side and can dig deep when the music demands. In the end the superior performance of their closest peers such as Grado's GR10 was enough to knock the Shures down, but there’s still much to love. Other than a tiny bit of speed and recovery, the SE535 is mostly identical to the SE530 at the low end. Do people on these forums realize how common early hearing loss is for headphone users? Shure SE535 BT2 Wireless Sound Isolating Earbuds, High Definition Sound + Natural Bass, Three Drivers, Bluetooth 5, Secure In-Ear Fit, Detachable Cable, Durable Quality - Bronze $325.99 Get the deal Durability is rarely a concern with Shure headphones, and their rugged designs are often foldable for portability. If you have something over £400 to spend on a pair of earphones, cost be damned, then the Shure SE535s are without a doubt the … The SE535s are still a great pair of luxury earphones, but rivals have caught up. I’m not a big fan of the SE425 but I don’t know if I’d call it muddy. 535 and 535se if I understand right. About 2 weeks ago, I broke my wax filter for SE535 while cleaning. They are also a touch more critical of poor rips and recordings than the SE530. I njoy good bass and i listen to quite a variety of music. Find the perfect headphones here, the most comprehensive source for unbiased, trustworthy, and lab tested headphone reviews, including travel headphones, ear buds, over-ears, and more. The earphones themselves feature a removable audio-only cable, and you can purchase mic-and-remote cables separately from the manufacturer. THe only way we'd say the MIE2s were more comfortable is if you hate looping the headphone cable around the back of your ears. Shure SE535 ⭐ review. The 535s are the upper-middle end of Shure’s SE sound-isolating earbud line, which starts with the $90 SE112 and goes all the way up to the $999 SE846. The SE535 is a tiny bit warm but overall it is balanced, with mild roll-off up top. Under $100, you could go with the Ultimate Ears 600 or Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3. Hi Joker The top end is where the SE535 deviates most from its predecessor – the treble is more prominent in the overall soundscape of the newer earphone. For Thanks for your help. The SE535s are still a great pair of luxury earphones, but rivals have caught up. Visit our corporate site. To my ears, the mids from the SE535s appear much closer to the listener than the treble and bass, which is good for acoustic music but can make instruments seem more cramped when listening to orchestral music or similar. Shure SE535 Earphones Review By Bill Henderson / February 12, 2011 February 12, 2011 / Reviews / Audio, Video, TV , Earphones , iOS / 15 Comments The Shure SE535 earphones are a … Additional lightning and USB-C cables are available for premium connectivity for iOS and Android devices. I’m running the red SE’s. I think the comparatively less-prominent mids also allow more detail to come through. If you don’t mind losing the isolation you can also consider the Sennheiser IE80, which has a very wide soundstage for an IEM, and can sound quite warm (the bass on it is adjustable). An example use case for the Bluetooth cord is when doing dishes. This is a review for the Shure Se535 noise Isolation in ear monitor (IEM), it will be difficult for me not to be biased while making this review, since these are one of my favorite earphones in the world, I’ve been using Shure earphones for nearly 9 years now, starting with the Se530 PTH, Se315, Se425, up to the one I’m reviewing now which is until recently was Shure’s … There are three types of earphones; those that look good, those that sound good, and those that look and sound awful. The SE535s ($499 USD) are similar enough to the SE530s that one could be forgiven for thinking that they’re basically the same earphones. This is going to veer off topic, but I would also like to know what you think of the UE Reference Monitors. Shure SE535 review These earphones are pricey, but they're also brilliant By James Rivington 22 February 2011. Some further thoughts in case anyone else wants a comparison between SE535s and SM64s: I’ve found that the SM64s have slightly stronger bass presence (just the right level; the SE535’s bass always seemed a bit lacking). SE535 Professional Sound Isolating™ Earphones deliver spacious sound and rich bass through triple high-definition drivers in a durable, discrete design with detachable 3.5 mm audio cable.

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