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2020 Chongyang Festivel will be on October 25. In an ancient and mysterious book Yi The Double Ninth Festival is also a time when chrysanthemum blooms. Place the pan in the steamer and raise the heat under the steamer to high. Every the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar this day, people will do some cakes to celebrate this festive atmosphere. The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chong Yang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival. Repeat these two steps, alternating the brown and white slurries, until you have finished it all up; you should end up with nine even layers. It is a traditional folk holiday focused on good health and long life, with various festivities. It is said that the cake was originally prepared after autumn harvests for farmers to have a taste of what was just in season, and it gradually became the cake for people to eat on the Double Ninth Day. 重阳节英语作文:Double Ninth Festival The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival. The Double Ninth Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. It dates back to the Zhou Dynasty (the 11th century – 256 BC). It usually falls in October in the Gregorian calendar. There is no fixed ways for the Double Ninth Cake, but super cakes will have as many as nine layers, looking like a tower. . The word for cake, 糕 (gāo) is a homophone for height 高 (gāo) so eating cake is a way for people to gain some height without actually having to climb a mountain. Are you interested i… People found an astronomical rule in the spring and autumn period, as Antares usually appeared in the sky at the beginning of spring, and after that, it would be brighter and hung in the southern direction on the day of Summer Solstice. Hiking and drinking chrysanthemum tea or wine are some of the most popular things to do based on the original story behind the holiday. In an ancient and mysterious book Yi Jing, or The Book of Changes, "6" was thought to be of yin character, meaning feminine or negative, while number "9" was thought to be yang, meaning masculine or positive.. | So the "9" in both month and day create Double Ninth Festival, or Chong Yang Festiv China boasts diversified species of chrysanthemum and people have loved them since ancient times. All rights reserved. There is no fixed ways for the Double Ninth Cake, but super cakes will have as many as nine layers, looking like a tower. Each area … Today, people usually send chrysanthemum wine and Double Ninth Cakes to those elder people, to wish for them to live longer and healthier. In the Tang Dynasty, its surface was usually planted with a small pennant of multi-colored paper and bore at its center the Chinese character "ling" (order). Cover the steamer and steam the cake over medium-high heat for 15 minutes, adding more water as necessary to the steamer. Double Ninth Festival in China is a favorite holiday, not only because it honors the elderly, but also because of its delicious combination of sweet... Layered Desserts Asian Desserts Round Cake Pans Round Cakes 7 Layer Cakes Thousand Layer Cake Double Layer Cake Steamed Cake Chinese Food “Nine nine” is pronounced The cake was usually made of glutinous rice flour, millet flour or bean flour. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stir the brown sugar into the remaining slurry until the sugar is mostly dissolved. Just like the French eat galette des rois at Épiphanie, Chinese people eat Double Ninth Cake, drink liquor made from chrsanthemum flower, head to the mountains to pass the day as tradition. It will be 7th Oct,2019 , and 9th, Sept 2019 in lunar calendar ! Pour 1½ cups of the slurry into a bowl, and stir in the white sugar and optional extract. Double Ninth Festival has unique cakes for each region Although these pastries have been around for thousands of years, Double Ninth Cake may be much more difficult to locate outside of China, which is a perfectly good reason to make it yourself. People do so just to hope progress in everything they are engaged in. The ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese festival, the Double Ninth Festival (重阳节), which falls on Oct 17 this year. Climbing Mountain The Chongyang Festival, more commonly known as the Double Ninth Festival is a Chinese holiday that is held every 9th day of the 9th lunar month. When clear and refreshing autumn arrives and chrysanthemums envelope the world, it's time for the Chinese Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival. The Chongyang Festival—also known as Double Ninth Festival—takes place on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, and this year falls on Oct. 28. Cake also pairs well with chrysanthemum tea! In Chinese folklore, the number nine is the largest number - it's a homonym to the Chinese word jiu, which contains the auspicious meaning of "a long and healthy life". In Chinese, gao (cake) has the same pronunciation with gao (height). Line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper and spray the inside of the pan lightly with oil. So, on the ninth day of the ninth month every year since ancient times, the Chongyang (or “double-nine”) festival has been celebrated. Share this cake with your elderly neighbors and family  with some chrysanthemum tea and have a happy 重陽節! In Chinese culture, nine has long been regarded as the number of yang (阳), making the day of the festival one of two yang numbers, while “chong” in Chinese means double - thus creating the name of the festival, Chongyang. In the Ming Dynasty, imperial families customarily began to eat the cake early on the first day of the 9th lunar month to mark the festival, and the common people usually enjoyed it with their married daughters, which was basin-sized and covered with two or three layers of jujubes. These rice-cakes are called “gao” – which is a homophone for “height,” linking them to the practice of climbing mountains: ascending to great “heights.” It dates back to the Zhou Dynasty (the 11th century – 256 BC). The Double Ninth cake in the Song Dynasty was usually made with great care a few days before the Double Ninth Day, its surface covered with colored pennants and inlaid with Chinese chestnuts, ginkgo seeds, pine nut kernels and pomegranate seeds. Since then, the Chinese have been celebrating the Double Ninth Festival. The day is a public holiday in the city. Also, because "Gao" (cake) shares the pronunciation with "Gao" (high, tall), people hope to get a higher position in life by having Gao on the Double Ninth Day. All Chinese festivals have their own legend, so of course the Double Ninth Festival does as well. The special food of the Double Ninth Festival is a cake called Double Ninth cake, or chrysanthemum cake, or flower cake. Mix the rice flour and water together until it makes a smooth slurry. This year, it falls on October 7. This is why some call it the Chrysanthemum Festival. After mid-autumn festival , Double Ninth Festival is coming soon. Starting with the brown sugar slurry, pour ½ cup of the slurry into the cake pan, moving the pan around so that it even coats the bottom of the pan. The most popular food to eat during the Double Ninth festival is cake. //]]> One of the lesser-known (to foreigners) Chinese holidays is the Double Ninth or Chung Yeung Festival (重陽節). It is on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, thus the name. That's why it called double nine festival. People do so just to hope progress in everything they are engaged in. When the devil came out from the river, he stopped because of the fragrance emitted from the dogwood and the chrysanthemum wine. The five seasonal festivals to drive out evil originate in Yin and Yang philosophy. Also, people will drink chrysanthemum wine. Many young people also accompany the elderly on outings, or prepare some delicious food for them. Turn off the heat, remove the cake, and let it cool to room temperature. Activities, including autumn outings, sightseeing and mountain climbing, are organized during the festival for older, retired people so that they can enjoy nature. The Double Ninth Festival英语作文_英语_初中教育_教育专区。三一文库( 〔The Double Ninth Festival 英语作 文〕 重阳节是我国的传统节日,如今又被赋予了新的含义, 传统与现代巧妙结合,成为人们尊老助 On the eighth day of the ninth lunar month, the immortal told Hengjing that the next day the devil would appear and he was to go back to get rid of the devil and the disease. On the Double Ninth Festival, people will eat Double Ninth Gao (or Cake). Although it is a popular holiday celebrated in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, it is only a public holiday in Hong Kong and Macau. The Tang Dynasty poet, Wang Wei, wrote a famous poem about the Double Ninth Festvial, and a popular Chinese movie, The Curse of the Golden Flower, starring Chow Yun Fat, has a plot centered around the Double Ninth Chrysanthemum Festival. On the Double Ninth Festival, people hold many activities in celebration, such as enjoying the chrysanthemum, inserting Zhuyu, eating Chongyang cakes, and drinking chrysanthemum wine, among others. Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form. If asked what lies ahead, she will not reveal the future, believing that everyone should face their destiny head on. The ninth day of the ninth month is the day that has two Yang numbers, and 'chong' in Chinese means double which is how the name Chongyang was created. var oTime = new Date(); Double-Ninth cake comes off as indifferent and cold to everything around her. The Double Ninth cake is also known as “chrysanthemum cake” or “flower cake”. Cake also pairs well with chrysanthemum tea! It was a nice festive present for relatives or friends. //

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