geek no brainer driver

Standard Shafts … Our 46” length standard-driver golf shafts are made with similar engineering and materials as our championship long drive shafts, and these shafts also offer higher ball-speed for more distance, and a lower ball-spin rate for a boring ball-flight with less dispersion. Shaft Color. Do a google search . Geek Golf No Brainer Driver. Geek Golf No Brainer. ... All-in-all, it's probably no better for me than any other driver available past or present, but with the accuracy and flight, it's a very good unit for my current courses. Length. World Long Drive: Best Drives of the 2016 Championship | Golf Channel - Duration: 2:26. Price: $279.00. Every Geek Driver has a theme; a union of an idea, with paint, and an often-unorthodox name. For all you GEEK'S out there...they are releasing a new driver called the No-Brainer. Martin Stecher Golf 10,129 views. 2nd Place: Steve Clement Legends Division with a Geek No Brainer 6. I hope the pictures speak for themselves but e-mail me with any questions. Fixed Price $ 149.00 CRAZY LONG! Open Division TV Finals: Geek Golf had 3 Team Members in the Open Division TV Finals: Josh Crews with a Geek DCT 4, Ryan Cooper with a Geek DCT 6, and Justin Young with a Geek DCT 5. TOO HOT FOR THE USGA! Plays at 45” This is a great driver designed by the legendary Steve Almo. GEEK GOLF NO BRAINER ORANGE WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPION PGA DISTANCE DRIVER HEAD New. From muscle cars (Geek No Brainer) to music (the nearly available Pink "Floyd the Driver" under the Fugazi brand), Steve Almo finds inspiration in places far outside the golf industry. Sometimes the name of the company is a clear indication of what it makes, so obviously, this one has been set up to offer maximum customization and adjustability with each driver. geek no brainer driver, geek no brainer driver 12 degree, geek no brainer driver review, geek no brainer driver reviews, geek no brainer review, geek no brainer reviews, geek no brainer vs dct, google search geek golf, no brainer driver, no brainer golf drivers, what shafts fit the geek no brainer. Inspired by Muscle Cars, the Geek Golf presents the NO BRAINER!!! Home; Golf Shafts. BUY IT NOW…Select Club Head Only or one of the Complete Driver Options. Flex. 1:35. Probably the best design I have ever done! 12* shafted with a V2 stiff shaft. sdandrea1. The NO BRAINER is the club for you! TIRED OF YOUR DRIVES BALLOONING AND ROBBING YOU OF DISTANCE?. Assembly. If you “buy it now” I’ll throw a pro v 1 in the box >Shipped with USPS First Class.

Description; The Muscle Head of the Geek No Brainer is a bit heavier, which gives a slightly slower swing speed. Loft. I'm going to keep gaming it until I'm bored or it fails me. Geek Golf No Brainer Driver. INTRODUCING THE BALL BREAKER NO BRAINER! US Seller. You will be amazed . TRY ONE OF OUR GEEK NO BRAINER LOW LOFT. Grip. .860 TREATED FACE. TV Finals: George Slupski Senior Division with a Geek No Brainer 6. -Geek Golf. Longhitting Driver Test Geek No Brainer HD - Duration: 1:35. Inspired by Muscle Cars, Geek Golf Introduces A True Muscle Head…The No Brainer!!! Geek No Brainer, MCS 75 Blue shaft.

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