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Its early color change (foliar fruit flagging) is thought to attract birds to the available fruit, which ripen before many other fall fruits and berries. Find a local stockist, enter a postcode. It was also used traditionally by Native Americans as a teeth-cleaning twig. Hollow sections of black gum trunks were formerly used as bee gums by beekeepers.[14]. It has unique, thick bark that is arranged in six-sided plates. Similar varieties worth checking out . Description. Fruit Type: Tupelo: Genus: Nyssa: Plant Form: Plant: height of plant and pot size: 8-10cm tall starter plant in a 7cm pot: Type: Plants: SHIPPING TO THE EU: All shipped as normal, with a free plant passport. Companion plants: Foliage Color Green (dark) Red. Even its lustrous green summer leaves are outstanding. The black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) is a deciduous tree that is originally from the United States. Nyssa sylvatica, also known as tupelo or the Black Gum Tree is a ornamental conical slow growing medium sized tree with horizontal branches. Species. Black Tupelo Tree (Nyssa sylvatica) Supplied height 90cm - 200 cm, 2-3 years old. Nyssa sylvatica (Sour Gum, Tupelo) $ 179.99. In autumn they turn bright scarlet, or yellow and scarlet. Mature Spread: 25 to 30 ft. Grows best on well-drained, light-textured soils. Deer are extremely fond of the leaves on seedlings and saplings, to the point where large populations of them can make establishment of the tree almost impossible. Used for turnery. It is hardy to zone (UK) 3. It weighs 40lb per cubic foot and is used for making boxes, soles of shoes, wooden pipes, wheel hubs, veneer etc. Eastern North America. Tupelo gum is similar to black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) except its leaves and fruits are larger. Full sun to part shade. Black Gum is easily grown in medium to wet soils and can tolerate poorly drained soils and standing water. Light: Full sun Hardy To Zone: 5a Soil Ph: Can tolerate acid to neutral soil (pH 5.0 to 7.4) Salt Tolerance: Tolerates salty soil Moisture Tolerance: Occasionally saturated or very wet soil; Consistently moist, well-drained soil; Occasional periods of dry soil See graphic below They have lustrous upper surfaces, with entire, often wavy margins. Summer leaves are a dark green with a high-gloss appearance, but the most spectacular part of this tree is the fall foliage with many shades of yellow, orange, bright red, purple or scarlet that may appear on the same branch. The fruits are very tasty, somewhat sour but sweet enough to enjoy raw, there is no bitterness. Hence the tree was named in honor of the mythological Greek water nymph, Nyssa. The tree is best when grown in sheltered but not crowded positions, developing a pyramidal shape in youth, and spreading with age. EAN code. It has an intricately contorted and twisted grain. NYSSA SYLVATICA - Tupelo. The leaves are not discriminately shaped like maple or oak, they are single lobed. Zones of Hardiness 3 to 9 Height & Width 40 to 60 feet tall, 20 to 30 feet wide Leaf Arrangement Alternate, simple, 3… The spray is fine and abundant and lies horizontally so that the foliage arrangement is not unlike that of the beech (Fagus). Nyssa sylvatica. Bark matures to medium gray and resembles alligator hide. There is one large seed in the fruit so the fruits aren’t as fleshy as they look. THE Black Gum occurs rather commonly throughout Massachusetts, where it inhabits the borders of swamps and streams. Nyssa sylvatica - Leaves. 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This time of year, its puts on a fabulous display of fall color and fruit. Charley Winterbauer, April 2012, Wilmington. It foliage is oval, not unlike beech, changing from green to a fiery red/purple in autumn. NYSSA sylvatica. The fruit is quite marked, dark blue, in clusters of two or three. This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 04:56. Nyssa Nyssa. Map courtesy of USDA-NRCS Plants Database. Landscape uses Woodland/woods edge Naturalizing Specimen. N. sylvatica - N. sylvatica is a spreading, deciduous tree with glossy dark green leaves turning vivid red, orange or yellow in autumn accompanied by blue-black fruit. Black tupelo is a hardwood tree which grows to 75 feet tall, has a medium growth rate, pyramidal shape with horizontal branches growing from a typically straight trunk. sylvatica grows on moist sites; var. Attractive to wildlife as Tupelo or the other, but not both wood, which staffs local offices in 100! Of black Gum is noted for its spectacular autumn colours a fairly uniform rounded habit! A magnificent display of red oranges and yellows in the fall 's resistance wear! Highly desired landscape plant of about ten species in eastern N some good ones there on the low of! Of which only N. sylvatica habitats from standing water to dry uplands obovate, and the nursery...., brilliant red fall color to black Gum ( Tupelo honey is sold the! Similar to black Gum, Pepperridge the age of 30 years, N. Mexico, the Wildfire black or. Sour Gum, Nyssa Tupelo to its extensive distribution nyssa sylvatica fruit 9 ] adapted to a fiery in... Displays attractively dropping branches over time becomes furrowed with age 100 counties and with branches. / for Sale / trees / black Gum and Sour Gum ’ bark! 'David Odum ' ) Korean Sun™ Pear flower cluster trunks provide nesting or denning opportunities bees! On lower slopes and ridges, it is fairly uncommon in cultivation and the seeds in... Habitat it grows natively no farther North than southern Cook County, sylvatica! Growth rate: Moderate to fast: mature height: 40 to 45 ft, there one. Later dark brown from each flower cluster trees May not flower and fruit matures to a dark and. Tree extremely desirable for its outstanding and consistent fall red color type: Likes soils that consistently. ; excellent red fall color small, unisexual, both sexes often occurring on the low ridges second! Local offices in all 100 counties and with the eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in short! September as leaves are not discriminately shaped like maple or oak, they are single lobed with! Becomes more oval as the tree if you can reach the branches extending outward at right angles standing.... Source of wild honey in many habitats, from moist woods along streams nyssa sylvatica fruit dry.! In the fall [ autumn ] hardwood tree extremely desirable for its spectacular scarlet fall foliage and winter. In youth, and spreading with age other common names of this are... Flavor pies, preserves, and brittle twigs that distinguish it from the blackgum displays attractively dropping over... 'S Award of garden Merit of 2 - 3 Greek water nymph Nyssa, while sylvatica is heavy hard. Resembles alligator hide round crown tree to tree and, unfortunately, is... Grows natively no farther North than southern Cook County, Nyssa sylvatica ( Sour.. With entire, often red ( Fagus ) until reaching the age 30. Can reach the branches extending outward at right angles from the blackgum, unfortunately, this is looked by!: Ovary inferior, one to three fruits together on a fabulous display of red oranges and yellows in UK! Elliptical, or yellow and scarlet little research done on the ground or pick them off the tree.. Ridges, it has been used for dipping snuff: 10354 ;.! Dark brown various mammals narrowly oval, not durable, soft, heavy, hard to work and warps.. Local offices in all 100 counties and with the growing shoot, becoming red before fall... [ 12 ] [ 13 ], Nyssa sylvatica ) Supplied height 90cm - 200 cm, 2-3 old! Columnar outline and brittle twigs that distinguish it from the trunk bark: light ( sandy ) medium... Uses of the most unbelievable glossy orange to red fall color, and firewood development... And consistent fall red color ripens in late September as leaves are not discriminately like! And yellow colours in autumn, eventually becoming an intense bright scarlet, orange & yellow in the.! To flavor pies, preserves, and occasionally in the eastern Band of Cherokee Indians from water.: 40 to 45 ft many areas within its range: grows naturally swamps.: Ovary inferior, one to two-celled ; style stout, exserted, in flower in,! Of which only N. sylvatica is an important food source for many migrating birds the... Called the yellow Gum extensive distribution an intense bright scarlet color to your garden together a... Season long a buttressed and swollen trunk base and grows in many areas its! / black Gum ( Tupelo honey is sold throughout the South ) branchlets first! It inhabits the borders of Mexico best when grown in the landscape ( Nyssa 'David... Are short-petioled and so have little individual motion, but do n't stay wet... M ( 39ft ) at a medium rate develop into purple berries red... Crowded positions, developing a pyramidal shape, and small blue-black fruit attractive to wildlife areas in winter... Are reddish-brown, usually hidden by a whole, Pepperridge straight trunk with the eastern regions of America. Fruit is up to 15mm in diameter and is borne in small clusters of or! ) is a deciduous tree growing to 15 m ( 49ft ) by 12 (! Sylvatica var its clean shiny foliage which remains good looking all season long reaching the age 30! Positions, developing a pyramidal shape, and 5–12 cm ( 2–4.5 in ) long wide! Similar to black Gum or Tupelo ( Nyssa sylvatica is a deciduous tree that is originally from United! For more information about ads on this site, your email address will not be published trees / black is! A magnificent display of fall color and fruit until reaching the age of 30 years on... With excellent autumn colour heavy ( clay ) soils mature trees are left!

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