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. No, ‘tis the sore hurt of my loved brother that takes me back of my own will to the city; my Haemon groans from the wound of an Inachian spear; scarce out of the dust of battle, from between the lines – the Argives had already seized him – but I waste time; go, cheer his distress, and tell his bearers to spare him and carry him gently; I go to find Aëtion who is skilled to join up wounds and recall the life-blood’s ebbing stream.” He breaks off and speeds away in the other’s breast confusion reigns and a dark cloud of woe; he wavers uncertainly between devoted love and harsh, discordant fears; but Fate impels him to believe. illic arma et equos, ibant quibus ante superbi. i.e., Juno. Such a tremor as falls on those whom the brand called forth from heaven has smitten, seized now the warrior, and in one spasm voice, sight, and blood all fail, and as he still attempts a groan his charger unbidden wheels him round; ‘mid a whirl of dust the troop flees back. And now the hero’s left hand has been cut away, though Amphion bade them use no violence, and the boy is dragged along by his hair with face upturned. Old and young alike are in the grip of one universal terror; the old men pray for death, the young flush with ardour and grow pale by turns, the houses rock with the shriek of women’s wailing. 22. excubiis, positaeque vices; dux Martis operti In the eighth book of Statius' Thebaid the Argives meet to appoint a successor to the dead seer Amphiaraus (275 ff.). [474] Not yet had they entered the barred gates of Thebes, when the Argive band, flushed with their nocturnal triumph, leapt forth into the plain; over weapons and prostrate bodies and earth befouled by heaps of slain, and blood still warm with life men and horn-footed steeds go rushing: the heavy hoof crushes the limbs, and a rain of gore bathes and clogs the axles. What design hast thou, that is weightier than war? Meanwhile from the summit of the walls the Greeks perceive Thiodamas returning, nor conceal any more their joyous outbursts. [616] Creon, sad at heart and mourning as yet only for his country and the common fate, stood by the stern altar of the prophetic seer: when with the shock of a sudden blow, as if a flung lance had pierced his breast, he heard, near dead with horror, and knew Menoeceus was demanded. 145, vi. agmina et immeritas ferro decrescere gentes. Book 1. standards and northern triumphs—Rhine twice subjugated, Hister twice brought under obedience, Dacians hurled down from their leagued mountain, or, earlier yet, Jove’s warfare warded off in years scarce past childhood. [756] But the devoted Menoeceus stood on a chosen part of the wall, sacred already to behold, and majestic in mien beyond his wont, as though suddenly descended to earth from heaven above, bareheaded and manifest to view; he gazed down upon the lines of warriors, and stilled the clamours of the field and bade the war be silent. BOOK 11. Tell me, my son, I entreat thee, why is thy look so fierce? Just as they were, with dust and sweat and blood still caked upon their limbs, they turned to go, scarce heeding the farewells that would stay them, but shaking off the embracing arms and hand-clasps of their friends. Begone! What gods are ye, who have turned again to Argos in her distress? They divide the approaches, and in every gate there stands a fierce ensign-bearer, raising high for all to see their sufferings or their joys.15 Dreadful is the sight within, scarce Mars himself would rejoice to behold it; Grief and Fury and Panic, and Rout enwrapped in blinding gloom rend with many-voiced discord the frenzied, horror-stricken town. Dared these beleaguer Argive gates, and keep watch on heroes?” So spake he, and drew his flashing sword, and with swift hand passed over the doomed lines. Whence came this love of death? Even so at Amphitryon’s son did his Lydian mistress24 laugh, when putting off the bristling hide he marred the Sidonian raiment with his vast shoulders, and wrought confusion in the distaff and smashed the timbrels with his hand. JamesManasseh! The third and last volume features Books 8-12 of the Thebaid (pp. The plain stretches unsightly with a vast quantity of blood. What then will ye bring home to your country, yet Arcadians? Far stretches the plain, a vast unsightly sea of blood; there they leave their arms, and the steeds whereon before they went so proudly, and the corpses deprived of their pyres and the neglected limbs. i.e., Juno, daughter of Saturn. Obedient to command, the bright goddess leaves the pole and wings her way down her long arc to earth. Calpetus, lying on the cold ground beneath his trusty chariot-wheels, scared with his heavy breathing his Aonian steeds as they cropped their native grass: his mouth o’erflows with liquor, and his slumber wine-inflamed grows agitated; lo! Their choice falls on Thiodamas son of Melampus (277–9); he, however, is … Does the vigour of our race still survive, and seeds of courage endure in spite of adversity? 26. Children weep, nor know the cause of their weeping, but stand aghast and tremble at their mothers’ sobs. 399-435 and 436-41). Dare with me, goddesses all: whether that madness of his was sent from deepest night and the Stygian sisters dogged the banner of Capaneus and forced him to the assault against Jove, or whether ‘twas valour that brooked no bouds, nor headlong love of glory, or utter destruction’s appointed doom,28 or success that goes before disaster and heaven luring to ruin in its wrath. This it is that inspires my father’s frenzy at the joyful altars, this the flames and the fibres demand, this doth Apollo urge: they call for an earth-born one on behalf of our country’s common life. Thebaid, Volume II Books 8-12. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Thebaid Liber viii. Nor does he fail the enterprise: “Whence of a sudden comes so late the favour of heaven? Antigone & Argia Theseus & Burial of the Dead. . Fierce Capaneus fastens his heavy sword on Actor, not deigning himself to go by stealth against the foe, or to follow where heaven leads. Thebaid Books 7, 8, and 10: Aristeia by Patrick Yaggy, 9781300157489, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. – that ancient, lying tale of Thebes? [837] Now earthly battles grow mean in her hero’s eyes, he is tired of the endless slaughter; long ago have his own weapons and those of the Greeks been spent, his right arm grows weary, he looks up to the sky. should perish and innocent peoples be diminished by the sword. His brother. ; see n. on l. 780. i.e., Parthenopaeus. The threshold is guarded by shady Quiet and dull Forgetfulness and torpid Sloth with every drowsy countenance. But when he marked her gait and habit as she turned, and beheld Manto on a sudden rise from earth into the clouds, he was astounded. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. But restore to the Tyrians by my death their temples, fields and homes, children and wives; if I, your chosen victim, have pleased you, if I heard the prophet’s oracle with no panic-stricken ear, and took it to my heart ere ever Thebes believed it, reward Amphion’s town in my stead, and reconcile, I pray, the sire whom I deceived.” So he speaks, and with his glittering blade tears at the noble soul that long has disdained its body and grieved to be held fast, and probes for the life and rends it with one wound. Night-time Foray Sacrifice of Menoeceus Battle & Death of Capaneus. Thebaid: Bk. BOOK 10. Amphion, the commander of the Theban band, had drawn nigh in haste; no long delight had he of his late bloodshed, when he saw the ground a heap of countless bodies, and whole race in the death-throes of one universal doom. The Thebaid has been thought by many to stand second only to Virgil among Latin narrative poems. The divine augury reveals a night fruitful in achievement and well fitted for glory-winning guile; Valour meets and beckons us, and Fortune implores our arms. 207, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 2004. And what glory is there in overthrowing a fortress built by a feeble lyre?” Therewith he falls with foot and hand upon the masonry, and fiercely destroys the jointing and the flooring that would stay him; connecting bridges fall, the stone curbs of the covering roof give way, and again he uses the dismembered mass, and hurls down rocky fragments on temples and on houses, and now he is shattering the city with its own fortress-walls. THEBAID I Fraternas acies alternaque regna profanis decertata odiis sontesque euoluere Thebas Pierius menti calor incidit. So gathers at nightfall a herd of ravening wolves, whom over all the country-side hunger that brings reckless daring has starved with long privation: already they are near the very sheep-folds, hope unfulfilled and the feeble bleatings and juicy scents from the pens torture their throats; at last they break their claws against the cruel stakes, and bruise their bodies and blunt their unfleshed fangs upon the doors. ceu mare per tumidum viduae moderantibus alni, This is a new translation of the Thebaid of Publius Papinius Statius, an epic poem in twelve books, completed in about AD 90. Semele. Thebaid definition, the ancient region surrounding Thebes, in Egypt. Death of Opheltes, Funeral of Opheltes 19th Dynasty. Theseus & Burial of the Dead. BIC Classification: DCF. Statius: Thebaid. If I have not disgraced thy commands and have borne thy instancy, come often to me, often deign to take possession of my mind. contenti rediisse, petant: dat tessera signum "The Thebaid of Publius Papinius Statius is an epic poem in twelve books, completed in about A.D. 90. Fraternas acies alternaque regna profanis decertata odiis sontesque evolvere Thebas, … The shining stars gave way before her, and those fires that she herself had fixed in hevaen22; already she treads the earth nor is her countenance far distant from the sky23; but it pleased her to change her aspect, and she becomes sagacious Manto, that her speech might have full credence, and by deceit puts off her former mien. THEBAID BOOK … Therefore the Tyrians are emboldened to keep watch no more on their own camp, but rather on their foes’ retreat, lest haply they seek to return with all speed to Mycenae; the watchword gives the signal to the sentinels, and posts are set; Meges by lot, and Lycus at his request are leaders of the night’s enterprise. 7. 664, and to the fact that Hercules was connected both with Thebes and Argos (Lerna) by descent. Lo! The Thebaid or Thebais (Greek: Θηβαΐς, Thēbaïs) was a region in ancient Egypt, comprising the 13 southernmost nomes of Upper Egypt, from Abydos to Aswan. [137] Himself too he bestirred both swift progress and his wind-torn temples,10 and filling his mantle’s folds with the chill dark air is borne in silent course through heaven, and from afar swoops down in might upon the Aonian fields.

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