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But too much treble again. Being thin, it bends easily, especially near the jack connector – an issue when one uses them in the go with a DAP, as repeated bending may cause breakage. Usually in-ear headphones have either over-the-ear cables or more traditional, earbud-like downward-facing cable. Learn how your comment data is processed. But most of all, he loves music: electro, classical, dubstep, Debussy : the daily playlist. is the best model of the T-Series. Isolation is just average: the Tin Audio T2 can’t shield you from heavy noise and they’re far from reaching headphones such as the RHA CL1 Ceramic or the KZ ZSA, but they’re able to lower the noise enough to let you listen to music without cranking up the volume. Tin Audio T2 (400₺) (Kutu ve tüm aksesuarları mevcuttur) 16ohm 102db/mW 2DD sürücü Tangent DAB Table Radio (800₺) Danimarka menşei, Nostalji görünümlü ilk günkü gibi tertemiz. Not an usual choice, even more in a sub-200$ price range, which makes it one of the cheapest chi-fi options for a planar IEM. MMCX kablo yapısına sahip metal bir kulakiçi kulaklık. In 2017, they decided to lift the veil and become a real brand, with a small, but solid line-up. The Tin Audio T2 come in a faux leather box which holds the earphones, one pair of foam eartips, five pairs of silicone eartips, the detachable cable and a manual. Tai nghe Tin Audio T2. – Headfonia Lieven. The T2 is a great match with the Shanling M0 player. Hi Hitesh, They are priced at $49.99 and $59.99. Please note that you should write in English, and comments in other languages will be deleted. Tin Audio T2 Pro fans might prefer the more aggressive sound of the T2 Pro. I have the T2 Classic but they are too fatiguing for me,so i decided to buy the plus ,Is it a better choice ?? Visually it looks like a T3+, thanks to the starred faceplate and a new mirror-like finish. So what’s the difference apart from the pro in the name? The Tin Audio T2 are really clean in their presentation of mids: each instrument is portrayed as if it was the only one playing, and as a result instruments pop out of the scene and are rendered in the spotlight. They do everything just right and there’s nothing wrong with them that can prevent me from recommending you to get it and listen to them by yourself so you can fall in love with them, too. The TinHifi T4 is the best model of the T-Series. The voices are centered within my head, maybe direction forehead. He likes spreadsheets, technical specs and all this amazing(ly boring) numbers. Once properly driven, the Tin HiFi T2 sounded much more like a proper Chi-Fi IEM. Nice review! Overall there’s sparkle and air aplenty that make treble really enjoyable and rich. Drums and bass in Azymuth’s mythical Jazz Carnival is one example of a track where this is apparent: while bass gives rhythm and body to the track, the drums’ beating is clearly audible and does not mix with the bass; the resulting mix is really catchy and fun to listen to. As of today, the full line-up holds 6 models, here is a quick presentation. Because of these qualities, string instruments and brass instruments are rendered really well by the Tin Audio T2. Thank you! I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011. It sounds great, is built well, and comes with a detachable cable. However I wonder if there’s other good 3rd party tips that can replace t2 own foam. For those new to Tin HiFi (formerly known as Tin Audio), here's a quick primer. This accuracy is combined with lots of details everywhere and fast speed that leads to exceptional transient response. As they are great with a cable, I would say they are still great when wireless. I hear the T2 Pros are tuned to bring out highs even more so than the T2s. But today, we’ll review a new addition to the T Series: the TinHifi T2 Plus. Is it a treble thing? They have a good audio reproduction for in-ears and have a solid build. We didn’t receive them yet, but thankfully, we received the T2 Plus, even better! They use MMCX connectors so you can use one of the many Bluetooth cables with MMCX connectors on the market. No other clue is given. It is a bit smoother overall with the T4’s sonic edges trimmed. I tried cheap foam from AliExpress and they sound excellent too. Nevermind there is a 45% discount right now! Thanks for this review, it is very clear and full of details. TinHifi, formerly known as Tin Audio is an IEM maker with a strong experience in OEM/ODM. As a echo owner I really wanna try this Elise. Just did this to mine now. looks exactly the same. Tin HiFi, formerly known as Tin Audio is an IEM maker with a strong experience in OEM/ODM. The shape and size of the Tin Audio T2 allows it to be used in both ways, though it is never perfect. As I already mentioned previously, bass is a bit shy and even lacking at times. It has a good balance of high and low frequency. Tin Audio has made us a promise that T2 will be a huge improvement over the T515. Tin Audio T2 là sản phẩm đến từ hãng âm thanh Trung Quốc còn khá mới lạ với đa số anh em chơi tai nghe tại Việt Nam. Equipped with a ¢10mm CNT dynamic driver, the TINHIFI T4 delivers definition and detail with authority. Bass. Slowly, but surely, the TinHifi catalog keeps growing. Tin Audio wins my favour with the stock foam tips: they offer the best compromise between sound (as bass seems better and soundstage seems wider), comfort and isolation. Yes, I think they are that good! Budegt King With High Sound Quality The sound of TinHiFi T2 In-Ear is pure. A brief thought on the matter: while not necessarily a flaw per se, I consider the adoption of the MMCX standard less than ideal, given its inferior durability and resistance when compared to competing standards such as the 0.75/0.78 mm 2-pin connectors. They have more presence in the lower section, while keeping large focus on the upper region. Shozy Hibiki Mk2 review: like a fine whiskey, Best earphones, headphones, DACs, amplifiers, DAPs. Sadly, my budget is very low compared to my enthusiasm for quality listening. These earphones adopt a detachable design, its main body comes with 5N 8-core silver plated wire because of the soft and supple material which has been used. In stock on December 14, 2020. Thanks a lot for the review! Featuring a dual-driver configuration with one dynamic 10-millimeter woofer and one 6-millimeter tweeter per ear, the Tin Hi-Fi T2 IEM delivers a clean, clear sound. It sounds like heaven with my Shanling M0 and with InAirs foam tips. Well, it seems like the hype was well worth it, as the Tin Audio T2 are truly brilliant. Tin Audio T2 In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphone; 3 pairs of silicone ear tips Hi Manoj, Enough to replace the T2 pro? Made of aluminium, they’re roughly 1 cm in diameter and are two-toned: the main cylinder is darker, more like gunmetal (which is actually leadbelcher in modern terms) than aluminium, while the protrusion and its corresponding ring that goes around the cylinder are lighter in colour. You will receive an e-mail confirming they manually adjusted the price, then you will be able to pay the discounted amount. This gives the sound overall coherence and does not create unwanted, fatiguing peaks. Dear Riccardo, If I’m looking for a neutral signature IEM under $40, would you recommend these or anything else? TIN Audio T2 in Ear Headphone Double Dynamic Driver 2DD Neutral Sounding IEM in Ear Monitor, Balance Sound HiFi Earphone Metal Shell Headset with MMCX Connection 4.2 out of 5 stars 278. It is not enough to envelop and absorb the listener, but it is fast and full of impact so it makes the rhythm section especially involving and enjoyable. Soundphile Review: headphones reviews, earphones reviews, IEMs reviews, speakers reviews, Bluetooth speakers reviews - and more. It delivers a lot of value at an affordable price – but what’s more important is that it sounds like a much more expensive product, with a refinement and general quality that is way beyond the average level at this price point . That's what I'm planning…, Disclaimer: the TinHifi T2 Plus was sent to us, free of charge, by, Based in Guangdong, China. Thanks so much for the tip. The five different types of silicone eartips, though, can satisfy a wide range of people as they come in two basic shapes (conical and larger/flattened) that can adapt to many ear canals.

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