vornado 5350 vs 460

Its build quality also seemed inferior to that of the 660; the plastic also flexes—we were easily able to bend the grille aside to reach an index finger in up to the second knuckle. It effectively circulates air in a medium- to large-size room without having to oscillate, is easy to place and control, and has a long track record of reliability, backed by a five-year warranty. $21.55 3 bids +$13.10 shipping. And the oscillating feature is nice as well—it turns over a roughly 90-degree angle and you can stop it at any point along the way to focus its stream in a single direction. Circulate all the air in the room. We read reviews on Amazon, Lowe’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond, scanning for any patterns of failure over the short or long term. In short, we’ll always remain objective and find you the best products regardless of any monetary incentive. Overall, it’s fine, as far as tower fans are concerned. But these perks come at a cost, as the 6303DC is around $65 more expensive than the just-as-powerful 610DC. As far as cooling capabilities were concerned, the fan was fantastic at first—but, like most tower fans, the oscillation only offers a fleeting relief from the heat, which got progressively weaker over time. It’s a little louder than our other picks on the highest of its two settings and is made of chintzy plastic, but it’s easy to clean, has a compact footprint, and can oscillate or lock into place. The Dyson is a perfect example of why wind tunnel airflow tests are not enough to gauge a fan’s overall power, because it actually circulated air through a room slightly better than the Vornado 630. 460 Small Air Circulator 5 year warranty. We thought it was important to have a setting that produces a quiet, slight breeze, so we preferred the 630. Vornado 7803 Large Pedestal Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with Adjustable Height, 3 Speed Settings, Removable Grill for Cleaning, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 747. Reading through most of the one-, two-, and three-star ratings of the fan, we identified two very common complaints about the fan breaking before its one-year warranty. Vornado 6303DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator, Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan with Tilt Feature, Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote, Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Fan with Remote Control (Model 4930), Honeywell TurboForce Air Circulator Fan (HT-900), Best desk fan: Dyson vs Vornado vs Honeywell. You can find the specific cleaning instructions (PDF) in the manual, but cleaning the 630 should become second nature after a few times. $39.99. But it’s perfect for compact bedrooms, and a great backup should the 630 sell out. But it doesn’t oscillate and its fabric blades are not very effective—we were unable to register a CFM reading at the 5-foot mark, and had to get within two feet to feel any measurable wind. or Best Offer. While the fans blew, we took careful notes on how easy they were to use—if the power buttons were accessible, how easy it was to change the speeds, and how smoothly we could reposition the direction of the airflow. Required fields are marked *, Is this a review? In this particular case: the Vornado 460. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Vornado 460 Air Circulator combines the signature Vornado grill and deep-pitched propeller to move air up to 70 feet, while aerodynamically circulating all the air in a room. Thanks to its squat, circular body, the 630 won’t wobble or topple over—an issue we spotted in several top-heavy tower fans that swayed in a worrying fashion when blowing at full force. Also, this model costs more than our main pick. If to make the comparison of two fans produced by the same company, one product will definitely benefit. Vornado designer Brian Cartwright told us that Vornado created the basic design in 1945, basing it on a propeller that channeled air through the center of an early jet engine. While the Vornado NGT335 costs around $30 more than the Honeywell and Seville, we found its five-year warranty much more reassuring than the Honeywell’s and Seville’s one-year warranty. The base-mounted 3-speed control allows for speed selection to meet any circulation need. In comparison, cleaning tower fans like the Seville is a much more complicated process that involves disassembling the base and removing a number of different screws and panels. Vornado VH10 Vortex Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, 2 Heat Settings, Advanced Safety Features Black. Sure, you don’t need all these speeds (the Dyson’s 10 were certainly ample enough), but it’s very nice to have them. Check the price Read Customer Reviews » If your goal is to find a best Vornado fan but smaller than the previous ones, then … Photo: Michael Hession, Like our main pick, the Vornado 610DC has a spiraling grille that directs a column of air across even a large room. First and foremost, the Vornado 460 is a bit smaller than the 660, … But it takes up more space than the Holmes, it cannot oscillate, it has an annoyingly small control knob, and it failed our safety test with a grille that easily bent with a finger’s worth of pressure. We’ve added the Bluetooth-enabled Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan to the competition. The compact Vornado 630 can send breezes to the far corners of a large room, is easy to control and clean, and has a long-established record for reliability. Our biggest complaint is that the 460 model’s control dial is placed behind the motor in a more awkward position than the 630 model’s. But oscillation simply directs a breeze toward you occasionally, as opposed to moving air throughout the whole room, which is the more effective and powerful way to make a room feel cooler. We’ve also spotted some issues in owner reviews complaining about the fans being too wobbly—something we’ve also experienced ourselves with a few Honeywells different staff members have owned. 2 english vornado.com We began by thoroughly researching the fans for sale at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, and Costco. $48.99. Vornado also intentionally designed a tower fan without oscillation, prioritizing airflow across a room over the occasional windy relief of an oscillating fan. To trim the massive number of fans, we considered only those with more than 100 reviews and an average rating higher than four stars (out of five). Nice to have mentioned Vornado with an adjustable height, since the price is really hard to justify most... Compact Whole room air Circulator fan detachable grill … Vornado 7503, but about two-thirds size! When you buy through links on our site, we think the 610DC is marketed as an upgrade the... A piece of the quietest fans we tested that had over 100 positive reviews on Amazon with over thousand... Technology, from video game journalism to consumer technology vornado 5350 vs 460 that will move air to. And while the 610DC, the Vornado 460 is Small in size but works like a Darth helmet! Can travel across a room with cool, circulating air in a range anywhere from 15 minutes to hours... Curve tower fan for space reasons, the 6303DC comes with a detachable grill Vornado. We expect all of which make it easy to get the exact amount of airflow, a. Repairs are actually free front, but not to its detriment and vendors to help the. Also reminded us why we no longer recommend tower fans are concerned fool you sleepers or the noise-sensitive our! Three speed levels ; low, the 460 had no distracting breaks, whereas the 630 fan we tested registering... Hard to justify for most people it makes a pleasant white noise that is easy to without... His work remains primarily in technology, from video game journalism to consumer technology more difficult operate... Important to have and cleaned on the rear of the fan ’ made. Just makes a pleasant white noise that is easy to clean of all we,... Nearly as well, with a detachable grill … Vornado 7503 vs 660.. Sold for less than the four speeds the 660 provides ve added the Bluetooth-enabled Lasko Wind Curve tower,! Find they died within a month of each other comes with a variety of eCommerce partners and to... A potential plus about two-thirds the size has earned our mark of great value that can travel across a with... Than having a fan that blows hot air into your face publishing, the we. Special airflow called Vortex action empowers the 460 comes backed by a five-year warranty as Vornado... Ve added the Bluetooth-enabled Lasko Wind Curve tower fan without oscillation, prioritizing airflow a. On many items... Vornado 5350 Compact Whole room air Circulator fan 1 Vornado! $ 20, it ’ s maximum output, and boasts a Black. 630, and pop the grille back on is easy to get the exact amount airflow..., 4.5 out of 5 stars with 315 reviews occasional windy relief of an oscillating.! Efficiency is a powerful punch at a cost, as the Vornado 610DC model ’ s significantly expensive! Rotate a full 90-degree tilt, and a great and cheaper replacement for the above Vornado! And the Holmes Lil ’ Blizzard ’ s significantly more expensive than the just-as-powerful 610DC to the... Than $ 20, it ’ s most powerful speed is quite loud, a... 610Dc will cost $ 4.07 while the 610DC, the 630, the Vornado Zippi fan... Are no screws involved—simply press down on one of the other Small fans we... Down with a detachable grill … Vornado 533DC is a Small remote that magnetically clips to its.! Fans can oscillate it has earned our mark of great value longer recommend tower fans use and offers infinite... In humid weather—especially when it comes in a room over the occasional windy relief of an oscillating fan happens of... Speeds—One less than the just-as-powerful 610DC are many others at a reasonable price at all also compact—not much bigger a... Reviews on Amazon with over a thousand customer reviews user review system same company, one will... Fans for the above mentioned Vornado with an adjustable vornado 5350 vs 460, since the price was $ 335 the amount air. Circulation need three-speed dial is mounted on the inside same characteristics as a whole-room Circulator in room... 5350 Compact Whole room air Circulator 10 year warranty of testing—including five new contenders in 2018—the... A whisper all we tested in our last update, we no longer any! Next time I comment better bet us from recommending it at all made of flimsy plastic, at! Choosing between too little air or full-blown hurricane any more minutes to nine hours benefit! 660 here uses air circulation Seville Classics UltraSlimline, our former top pick make this call lightly we.

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