wishon 771 csi irons review

But the leading edge is more squarish on the 870's,so they tend to dig. What is your thoughts on my using my old 550C irons, at least in the higher lofts—say PW thru 7-iron? TOM. Putter: Ping Ketsch Heavy 34" 2 degrees flat You give them your drivers license and they will let you try three different clubs. S2S Red Graphite Wood, Iron & Hybrid Shafts, High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers, CNC Machined Variable Thickness Face delivers superb off-center hit forgiveness, Head body material is 1020C carbon steel to allow clubmakers to perform a wide range in loft and lie bending – previously all high COR thin face designs had to be mounted in a 17-4 stainless body, which limited loft and lie fitting options, Conventional Head Size and Shape means a wider range of golfers will like the 771CSI design, Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge offers golfers the best playability from all types of grass as well as from the rough, Available in RH & LH in  #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, (AW RH only) in bright satin NiCr electroplated finish. My irons are now 10 years old and want to replace them. I will start by myself and build a new set. Lots of great golf in your area so I for one am very jealous that you have such an array of good golf to play up there!! They are investment-cast from 1020C carbon steel to allow club-fitters to customize lies, lofts, and bending.                 Product Tester/Review Panel Thanks. With a driver it takes a minimum clubhead speed of 85mph to achieve a ball speed… Read more ». They are a slightly larger size forged carbon steel design with the deep back cavity made by CNC machining a raw blank back forging to create the deep cavity back. Get fitted for the driver. You never HAVE TO switch from your 771 irons to a 730 set just because you may begin to drop some clubhead speed. Do you think I need to get refitted after two years or just have Tim make them based upon my fitting two years ago? And, by the way, the… Read more », Hi, Tom–I hope that you don’t get this as a duplicate, as I posted much the same in your “Contact Us” section. The difference between the shaft I have now to test the six iron is 120 grams; the graphite is about what–70 to 80 thereabouts? click on it and you will be taken to a search tool that will allow you to input your address by country and town/city and the clubmakers that are closest to that location will be displayed. 771CSI Carbon Steel Irons. The head body material is 1020C carbon steel which allows for a … Driver: Cobra F7 How is the performance? But federal tax check and company bonus check is right around the corner. So rather than drive out of town to a box golf store I went To Golf Club Technology here in Woodstock,ON. Titleist 910D3 9.5* AD-BB 6x Hope they bring them to the states because I would pick one up I a heartbeat. [/quote] By the time the fitting was over I was completely spent. [/quote] They were “fitted” to me online and I got a great price on them. Ping G410  We want to know... Ping i20 20* TFC707H 82s I keep the 754 pc 4 iron with the wishon speed rated 85 gram shaft in my bag. More Info. This is one of the challenges in being a small engineering oriented design company without a big consumer marketing campaign. One reason is because every quality iron model ever made, no matter what company, comes… Read more », Hi, Tom. If so I will take some pics and figure out a price. Hi Tom, Thanks for taking the tim to answer. The Mizuno's did very well as soon as I got use to the weight. It’s worth trying just to see if I might like the light steel better. ...Alright....I gotta ask. TOM WISHON 730CL 8 Piece Set for Slower Swinging Golfers . GAVIN You’ll find me from all of my R&D work in club testing to be very critical of ball design and performance based on my findings. She doesn't know what mine look like. I was thinking the following: Three of you specialty wedges—60*, 56*, and 52*. Thanks Tom. The sand & lob wedge seem like we've been life long friends with spin I never knew was possible.   I doubt I played more than a dozen rounds with them. swing baby swing !! Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 ... WISHON 771 CSI #9 IRON / 42° / STIFF FLEX WISHON S2S BLACK 85 SHAFT / TOS771003. Jan 30, 2015 - Tom Wishon Golf's 771CSI Iron- 2014 Golf Digest Hot List, High COR Face Design, Variable Thickness Face for superb off-center hit forgiveness .. WISHON 771CSI Irons. [/quote] I'm thinking about getting a fitting for that 919thi you have.   Your previous content has been restored. But my comfort range is between 186-195. I met Rick and told him of my plan of return to golf. Ping G400 Max driver w/Aldila Rogue 125 Silver 60SCobra (Lexi blue) F7 5 wood w/Aldila Rogue Black 70SCobra (Lexi blue) F7 Hybrid w/Aldila Kuro Kage 80S By the way im 55 and swing speed prob not in equation as far as 100+ mph. TOM, Hello Tom, 3 years ago I was fitted for a set 771 CSI irons and have enjoyed them very much. Of all of the shots I've hit this week my favorite shot has been the last shot I hit on 18. I'm definitely not the longest iron player but all of my iron distances are up over my previous irons with a higher ball flight. As I understand it there are two ways that a designer can try to increase the distance for an off center hit vs the normal distance with an on center hit. [/quote]"Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge". C $69.56. Distance difference between steel and graphite depends totally on how much weight difference there is between… Read more », Thank you for all of your help. After recently purchasing these clubs I noticed there isn't any reviews on these wonderful irons. Wishon Golf Technology - EQ1 Single Length Fairway Woods. At what club head speeds, will I need to think about swapping my current clubs, a mixture of your designs and Maltby, all fitted by Rene, for the Wishon 730CL set or will the 771CS irons and other… Read more », GAVIN You did work with one of the best in Rene. I play every weekend with 3 smack talking friends with the same handicaps for week long bragging rights. The body of the 771 is much softer and is prone to chatter. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1385939180' post='8233998'] Already had 1st session and schedule for the 2nd one. My two choices was the Mizuno JPX-825's & the Taylor Made SpeedBlades. CNC Machined Variable Thickness Face delivers superb off … Always happy to help with any information. I arrived at Johns at 11:00 a.m. and after introductions he gave me a tour of any golfers dream basement where all the magic happens. Haut. 771CSI Carbon Steel Irons. What are the lightest irons in the Wishon range? My 560mc irons and old 785hf hybrids are sweet. OP, tell us how filthy long these are! Art, Hi Tom, I’m in the process of being fitted with Alex Robertson in Scotland. But after 3 sessions on the monitor at different golf superstore locations, I still had no clear cut winner between the two and no idea what shaft would work best for me. I look forward to many years to come of playing your designed clubs, irrespective of my swing speed. I was very sad to hear that she retired from clubmaking, but she wanted to spend some time hiking around the Alps before she couldn’t so who can argue with that! Pipes for the Duck? 2nd point of advise is to place your trust in Paul for your fitting needs because he does have the experience… Read more ». Yeah that does set ya back:-) Did you hit any of the drivers or hybrids? All other golfers would be just fine when properly fit into this design. I have mine paired with Aerotech i80 r-flex shafts. I knew almost immediately this combination would end up in my bag. very versatile and accurate!! The compression, feel, distance and forgiveness is all there for me. Platoon, thanks for the review. Wishon 771 CSI irons. I know a lot people have had great success with the TM Rocketbladez & Speedblades but definitely not a good fit for me. May I ask how long it might be before your new iron design with the (I guess slightly) stronger lofts comes out? I think your playing partners are in trouble:). They had never made a thin face, press fit installed face piece into… Read more », Tom $169.99. Benefits charity . Has anyone hit these against the 870Ti irons?? I would say only players who are very good, lower handicap players with higher than average clubhead speed might want to look to a different iron model than the 771. All of the factories that manufacture the clubheads for all the different companies are slammed with orders so their lead times are far greater than ever seen in the history of the business. WISHON 771 CSI #6 IRON / 30° / REGULAR FLEX WISHON S2S SHAFT / TOS771004 . High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers. (my speed is 86). I proceed to check out the Mizuno JPX-825 & TM Speedblade 6 irons and headed to the range for a complete head to head battle . So like a 90 to 110 on 18 holes roughly. Next season, I'm probably going to play the 770's through the 7 iron because I won't have much time to practice and these things are so easy to hit it won't matter Pas de changement au programme pour moi tant que je n'ai pas baissé mon index mais je crois que je vais re tester sérieusement !! Sorry to draw you… Read more », Art No problem, not necessary to say sorry to ask for more information! The second group builds high quality custom clubs to exact specifications (true artisans), but their fitting process is limited to body measurements, questions about how the player perceives his… Read more », Phil I complement you on your astute observations of the clubfitting industry these days. [/quote] Great review. After 15 minutes of conversation on all my strengths and weaknesses he choose approximately 8 heads and 12 shafts and we proceeded to his backyard where he had the radar already set up with his laptop. I was given a detailed fitting information/data sheet to fill out describing various aspects of my game. @GolfWRXclassifieds is on Instagram showing daily picks... Changing the game forever - how long till we get a ball we can't lose? Ritchie Loading... Unsubscribe from Wishon Golf? First SGI that I've carried with a thinner topline and narrower sole. OP, tell us how filthy long these are! After 15 minutes of conversation on all my strengths and weaknesses he choose approximately 8 heads and 12 shafts and we proceeded to his backyard where he had the radar already set up with his laptop. My bad. However, I’m considering going to “medium-sized” grips because frankly I have a better understanding of what I am doing with clubs in my hands now. I really like the look of Mr. Wishon's designs. Cost is about the same … The search tool is international but do not put your postal code in, only your town/city and country and you’ll see the clubmakers nearest to you. FW: Wishon 949mc 16.5* w/AXE FW Stiff I had the pleasure of meeting you at the PGA Merchandise Show a couple of years ago. I thought all three did very well in the forgiveness category. It was a 191 yard shot with a sucker pin between two bunkers with a extremely small green.Usually I would hit a 4 iron at that distance with my old set but I thought WTH and pulled out the 5 iron since my distances with the new 771's were about 1/2 a club + longer. Probably play 8 iron 150 to 155, I hope that I don’t cause you to take down the “Make a comment” section! [/quote]I have. Ping Anser/Arna putter - the "real deal!". Each combination of irons and shafts would range from 5-20 swings before I would move on to the next one. Recently, I got the impulse to buy another set of irons because they were “the best” according to all the reviews and hype. The sand & lob wedge seem like we've been life long friends with spin I never knew was possible. [/quote]"Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge" Email from me coming to your Toro address soon. I had previously bought a set of ‘fitted’ OEM irons from PGA Pro working in a retail outlet. Note: ( OEM irons were stock, Wishon 771 had SteelFiber i95), Feel & Looks: 6 Iron Testing: Wishon 771 / Mizuno JPX-825 / TM Speedblade. Wishon EQ1-NX irons - 1x iron head only, you choose from 5 to SW no shaft / grip. [quote name='WpgMike' timestamp='1385916233' post='8232804'] Win or lose the weekend foursome match is one of my best highlights of the week. I’m pretty good with “partial shots” (thank you Dave Pelz and the guys I taught with), so what do you think of starting with a PW and going through the 771s through the 4-iron? I was able to hit some shots with a spare sterling 7i and felt very soft even by being cast, so u8nderstand that this 771 will be similar feel? As soon as I hit it I knew I flushed it and prayed it would get over the first bunker. Thanks as always for your prompt and full answering of my question. Of all of the shots I've hit this week my favorite shot has been the last shot I hit on 18. £289.95. The opinions & results below are based on my journey to find the perfect iron for me. Hi Tom. Not sure where you got the impression the 771s were forged as we have never had a miss print to that effect in any of the catalogs over the life of this model.… Read more ».   Hi Tom, What is the most forgiving irons you make with the least amount of offset. And impact feel differences too because impact feel is different between a thin, high strength steel high COR face and a thick forged carbon steel face. By the end of the session my swings were starting to get pretty inconsistent. [color=#0000CD]Mizuno T 7 52 T 20 56 &60[/color] [/quote] Would you be willing to contact me via the email address that I provided in order to post? OP, tell us how filthy long these are! or Best Offer. I tried them with a variety of shafts in hopes of making them work (both steel and graphite). Great looking irons!                 See ya on the green...Kadin. AlcOOlix Double Bogey Expert Messages : 392 Enregistré le : 23 oct. 2011, 05:55 Index : 32,5 Localisation : Au pays du Riesling Âge : 44. Since I haven't been playing in any competition matches with my friends since their working this week I've basically have went for every shot no matter what the circumstances have been. - A 360º view of the Tom Wishon Golf Technology 771CSI Irons. I have found that a ball can only affect actual shot performance when the golfer has a driver clubhead speed higher than 90mph, and typically though more like over 100mph from a totally practical standpoint. As far as the long irons go I've hit some of my best shots in my life. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on club grip selection? I got fitted with Wishon 550C irons, and I loved them (I still have them, although I can’t… Read more », ART My sincere thanks for taking your time to stop by and share your experiences with us. I’ll have that set in a month or less, and then the wedges are next, since I have had pretty good luck with the fairway woods I have now. Did you hit any of the drivers or hybrids? I prefer the 870's but that's because I detest offset and like a larger faced iron. He did have place to some lead tape… Read more », Tom, The 919thi is long, straight and forgiving if you're into that kind of thing. I'm a big Wishon fan. Smart choice. I played the 870's for over a year but as my swing got better I started to balloon them, but that is a shaft issue as I have FST 115s in them. I also had the 770cfe, and they are fantastic. Click on the links below to view or download updated iron head MPF ratings listed by manufacturer. DAVE Unavailable per item Comparable: TaylorMade P790 | Callaway Epic | Ping i500 | Mizuno JPX The longest iron you will ever hit! THe 771's are very good looking irons. We want to know... When they arrived I was stoked to get to the range and do some comparisons against the 771’s. – Very High COR Face Design offers greater distance and a higher smash factor for all golfers. It is not a condition built into the heads themselves on their own. He showed up with both heads, a multitude of shafts, and state of the art swing analysis equipment. From United Kingdom +C $24.38 shipping. The feel is very good; much smoother than almost any iron with an ultra-thin, hi-COR face. Any set that is heavy headed is a condition of FEEL that happens either, 1) because the golfer has always been used to playing low swingweight clubs and just happens to trip across a set made with… Read more », Hi Tom, I was fitted for 771CSI irons and 775HS hybrids 6 years ago and I’ve been extremely happy with them. So the net avg is… Read more ». Anyone have anymore info? Unfortunately we are a small specialty design company and with the typical left hand demand in the golf industry worldwide we simply would not be able to sell enough left hand forgings to offset the high cost of tooling dies and production. Hello Tom, [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1385859515' post='8230314'] You're viewing: Wishon 771CSI Carbon Steel Irons $ 769.00 Add to cart All Custom Clubs are custom built one at a time by an Assoc. Thanks for the review, I've been pondering these irons big time. Workability is as good as the man swinging the club, short … I love the look of the 771. Since this was a 6 iron only test I took out the my new rangefinder and lasered a flag that was exactly 177 yards, a perfect distance for me for a 6 iron test. Wishon were the first to get a single length set of irons to market when the concept first sprung onto the scenes, and they’ve created a really clever set. Truthfully I was afraid to try the 919. After trying out all of the major OEM Game improvement iron I narrowed them down to two. In being able to work with a very experienced and knowledgeable fitter you will have a good time and learn a whole lot. Ping Glide 55/60 wedges w/Recoil 110S $42.00. They had standard grips… Read more », Claire Absolutely the 771CSi irons are intended to be a game improvement iron that would be suitable for any player in search of a more forgiving iron that has a higher COR for more ball speed. After lots of use, they’re starting to show lots of wear and tear. I've got a set of 771 heads. I won't bore you with all the details but the clear cut winner for me by a mile was the combination of the Wishon 771's with i95 SteelFiber shafts. [font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#ff0000"]Sri[/color][/font][color=#000000]xon 785's w/G P stnd. But after 10 years it was time for a change. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine from college–and now on the Tom Fazio architect staff for the last 50 years or thereabouts–Andy Banfield recommended a club fitting place over 15 years ago. Since I haven't been playing in any competition matches with my friends since their working this week I've basically have went for every shot no matter what the circumstances have been. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your expertise and perspectives. I assume you have stiff i95's? So I did is some research on top rated custom club makers in the area and found John Taylor in San Francisco. Great read, borderline inspiring.   Your link has been automatically embedded. £49.00 + P&P . IRONS REVIEW - Duration: 8:39. Mike, MIKE It is designed to assist players who normally score low 80's to mid 90's where more distance is a high priority plus it … Epic 3 Im 54 years old and have a club speed range which goes from 88 to 60 mph, driver to wedges, and understand that as I get older my club speed will slow down. They are in excellent shape. Sweet sauce. Those look beautiful. I want more forgivness and i still have good clubhead speed. [quote name='Platoon' timestamp='1385972118' post='8235830'] On the other hand would be greta to learn more… Read more », Alvaro Thank you for taking your time to stop in and join us to ask your question! cord [/color] For better or worse I dont fall into those slow swing speeds cstegory thus Im afraid I will still have to carry 13 or 14 clubs ;-p Sooner than later you should check out the drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. Heck, broke 80 for 1st it,e in life… anyway, my swin coach was a Wilson sponsored player for years and he turned me into the new D7,s… found a 5 iron to try… had a project x roofless steel 6.5 shaft… I play to s300s currently (at 52). Launch, sound, feel... [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1386041520' post='8240446'] Hope you can have the time and chance to come and try finnest golf courses up here. Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase....... Ping G425 closer than we think? As luck would have it the towering 5 iron landed two feet in front of the flag and ended up being three feet feet past for birdie :-). For sure, the fact that I did the body of the 771’s from 8620 carbon steel will make any lie or loft fitting changes far, far, far more easy to do than is ever possible with the 17-4 stainless steel body of the 870s. OP, tell us how filthy long these are! Sadly the old tooling masters that had to be made for each clubhead from which the dies were made are a thing of the past – the dinosaurs of the golf industry. I have Wishon hybrids (775HS) 3&4, irons (771 CSI) 5-PW , wedges (PCF Micro) and putter (Smoooth 5). And the offset is a constant 2mm only through the set. Clear editor. We want to know... regarding the 10 clubs configuration, my bad, I missunderstood for the better or worse I dont fall on those slow swing categories thus will have to carry a proper set up in my bag. This tweaked my curiosity so I did some research. Sweet sauce. Mr. Wishon I just wanted to Thank You for the best club purchasing experience of my life! But my comfort range is between 195-203. 771CSI Irons :: Wishon Golf Wishon Golf. Add my two fairway woods, the Wishon 919 THI driver, my putter, and my set is complete with 13 clubs.

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